Much to Ava’s dismay, it was not a false alarm. She was indeed pregnant. She sat upon the cold bathroom floor in tears surrounded by the array of pregnancy tests all with the same reading. Positive. Meanwhile, Oscar lay resting in the bedroom, his concern growing as he gazed up at the flaking paint upon the shabby ceiling. Why was Ava taking so long? She had only gone to the toilet and that was over half an hour ago he thought. Oscar slid off Ava’s luxurious bed, leaving the gentle confinement of the room. Oscar  rather hesitantly knocked gently upon the bathroom door. No answer. He tried again with no luck. Oscar decided upon peeping through the tiny key hole cautiously in attempt to catch a glimpse of Ava.



Oscar was washed with realisation . “It was actually positive?”

“Yes Oscar.” She sniffed.

“Okay, please unlock the bathroom door. Ava what’s the use of you sitting in there suffering alone?! Come out.”

“Go back to bed, you shouldn’t be up.”

“Unlock the door NOW!” Ava jumped out of her skin at the sudden aggression in Oscar’s voice, which was so far from his usual self. As the bathroom door lock clicked open , he immediately caught sight of Ava’s pale tear-stained face and the positive pregnancy test in her trembling hand. “Please, please don’t leave me!” She begged in a desperate, tear choked voice.

Oscar swallowed.  “I’m not leaving anyone. This is my fault too. It happened in a moment of passion I guess.”

“I’ll- I’ll have an abortion!”

“Don’t you DARE! Absolutely not. No I don’t agree with abortions. Not unless the baby was deformed or having it was going to harm you .”

“I can’t have a baby! Not now!” Ava wailed.

“These things do happen” Oscar coaxed. “We need to think rationally about this, by the time the baby is born well, you’ll at least have had time to finish university so that’s a positive. I don’t know much about babies I’ll admit, but you have to think about this with a clear head. Now is not the time, you haven’t got over the initial shock.”

“Oscar I really don’t think the news has sunk in! You’re still concussed.”

“I’m fine. I’m just tired, I can think straight, now anyway. We need to get you out of this bathroom. Come on.”

Oscar gently scooped Ava up in his arms, carrying her downstairs, placing her softly on  the sofa. He fetched her duvet, covering her. She trembled with the shock of it all. “You’ve looked after me enough this year Ava. It should have been the other way around. Now it’s my chance to repay you. I’ll make you some sweet tea; it will help with the shock.”


Oscar paced into the kitchen and brewed the kettle. His head still spun Oscar placed both his hands upon the kitchen top to steady himself, bowing his head until the dizziness passed. Ava, sensing that he was taking a little longer than usual, grew anxious.

“Oscar are you okay?”

“Yeah , I’m coming.”

As slowly as a snail he walked into the living room placing the drinks down upon the small scratched coffee table. “Yours is the one on the left. I put extra sugar in.”  He smiled weakly and sat down upon the sofa next to Ava, nestling under her duvet.

“You’ve turned very pale again Oscar, be careful. Do you feel sick?”

“No just a little spaced out.”

“Have a nap, refresh your brain. I’m sure that you will feel so much better for it, concussion symptoms can linger for ages, be kind to yourself okay?”

“Alright, stop worrying about me. You need to worry about yourself now Ava and the baby. Things will work out in the end you’ll see. Do you want me to put the TV on?”

“No Oscar, I just want you.” She nestled her drawn face into his chest. “You’re really cold.” She observed, placing his hand in hers. “Here have some more duvet.” It was true, Oscar felt particularly unwell , but the aching which filled his body was over ruled by anxiety, the worry that they were still not safe.

To be continued…..


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