Ava felt the sensation of Oscar’s cheek gently lying upon her stomach, he stared at her with hopeful eyes. “Can I have a massage? I believe you half promised me one in the bath last night.” Oscar stared at a sleepy Ava, with his gentle eyes and cheeky smile.

“Now you just expect these things! I think you are becoming a little too spoiled. You’ll be wanting breakfast in bed next, oh wait no you’ve already had it before. Okay fine and when you are fully better you owe me one in return!” Ava laughed.

“Sure, just say.”

“Where do you want me to massage?”

“My head, it feels like it’s been smashed with a sledge-hammer.”

“Okay, I’m just a bit wary about the stitches though.”

“Avoid them.”

“How do they look? Bad?”

“Not too awful they’re neat at least. Your head will soon heal.” Ava grabbed a small spare cushion, placing it under Oscar’s head, beginning to gently message his temples. Oscar sighed, deeply relaxing into the message.

“That’s actually amazing!” Oscar mumbled, his  brow furrowing ever so slightly. “You must be a secret healer or something. You’re a woman of many talents.”

“Yes that I am. Especially in the boudoir Oscar.” Ava grinned.

“Hmm yes indeed.”

“Oscar. I haven’t had my period this month.” Oscar gasped, his once calm closed eyes flashed open. He gazed up to stare at Ava’s face hovering over him, their expressions identical.


“I missed it. I’m on the pill, but that shouldn’t affect anything.”

“Have you done a pregnancy test Ava?”


Oscar sighed slightly nervously. “Well why ever not? Get a test which tells you the baby’s sex.”

“Woah woah woah! Hold the phone. I tell you I’m potentially pregnant. I expect you to storm out or something and instead you seem well, excited. You’re right, you did hit your head harder than you thought.”

“Oh woman of little faith! Ava listen to yourself. I’ve been thinking, when I haven’t been concussed. After university I’d love to move in with you. I do believe that you’re the one . We just need to get you a pregnancy test, it will confirm it. You have nothing to worry about, my Mum is too drunk half the time to even have an opinion and your Aunt Olive, well she’s come round you’ll see. She’s a really decent woman. When on earth did it happen?”

Ava laughed rather sarcastically. “Oscar please do the maths, you’re a very intelligent guy. Probably when you had sex with me the night before the morning you were attacked.”

“Ava. You’re period is  only a few days late . Women don’t normally go around saying that they’re pregnant until maybe 12 weeks or something. Just wait a while, it’s probably just a false alarm. If it isn’t well, we’ll just go from there. At least you’ll have finished 3rd year and then you can just have a gap or something okay. Calm yourself.”

Ava rolled her eyes. “Since when do you know so much?”

“My Mum was so young when she had me. Yes she’s pretty screwed up now, but she coped as a teenager initially. She was only 17 or something. I will be here to support you even if things don’t turn out in the long run and as we have already said, it may just be a false alarm. Just buy a few pregnancy tests and go from there.”


To be continued….


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