“Okay try and rest. Close your heavy eyes and get some sleep. I’m not worried about you sleeping, now that we’re in good hands. I know it’s not comfortable but it will do you good. Are you warm enough?”

“Yes. Ava are you okay? You look exhausted.”

“I’ll be just fine” Ava reassured.

“I’m too scared to go home what if he’s still there and tries to hurt us again?”

“Oscar, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’re safe in A&E anyway, I imagine that hospitals have a good level of security.”


“Is there anyone you want me to call for you? Your Mum?”

“No!” Oscar begged “She’s the last person you should tell.”

“Oscar SHE is your Mum. Janet will want to know.”

“No Ava, you really don’t understand. I know you mean well, you have such a kind heart. The last time I saw her Mum made it clear that there was no way that she wanted me there. She doesn’t love me as I’ve said before. I want her to.”  His voice was tiny, tinged with a bitter feeling of emptiness.

“She does love you, she must! Alcohol messes with people’s minds you know it does. If she was sober she would act differently and speak with more sense. I know she would.”

“Drunken minds speak sober thoughts.” A sparkling tear trickled down his dry cheek.

 “We need to get you home” Ava coaxed. “In an hour or so you should be able to go. Don’t dwell on that thought, things have a way of sorting themselves out you’ll see. Do you want some more water?”

“No thanks.”

A smiling Ellen poked her head around the semi closed curtain. “Sorry I’ve just come back to do your blood pressure again and neuro obs.”

A teary eyed Oscar returned the smile “Thanks for looking after me.”

Ellen nodded and rolled back Oscar’s sleeve, waiting for the observation machine to beep once more. She smiled, satisfied with the reading. “That’s far better; your blood pressure has increased as has your temperature. Have you had anymore dizziness?”


“Well that’s really good. Doctor Smith has done a neat job” she stated glancing at the neatly stitched and dressed wound upon Oscar’s head. “We’ll keep a close eye on you for the next hour or so. So long as you don’t feel unwell then we can let you go. If you encounter any further problems such as nausea and dizziness then you must let us know. Don’t worry we’ll give you an information booklet explaining everything.”

“That’s good.” Oscar smiled. “I’m still really tired.”

Ellen nodded. “You can sleep, but Ava I need you to wake him every couple of hours. Oscar you need to rest, preferably in bed for the next 24 hours. Take things easy for the next few days, don’t over exert yourself and of course no driving. The booklet is written in more depth.”

The following hour passed, Oscar’s condition had stabilised, his lead filled legs making  it almost impossible for him to walk. Upon being discharged from the hospital, Ava spotted the small line of red wheelchairs carefully parked on the corridor near the enterance. Holding firmly onto Oscar’s arm she sat him down in one.

“There I’ll push you out to the car.”

“I weigh a tonne” Oscar smiled.

“Yes. Yes you do, but it’s far better than having you fainting in the hospital entrance!”

Oscar laughed. They were soon to arrive at his car. Ava carefully placed the break down on the wheelchair and gently helped Oscar into the passenger side.

“How do you feel now?”

“I could sleep for a week, but the nausea has gone thank god! ”

“Oscar, do you know where you are?”

“Yeah, we’ve just left hospital and now you’re taking me home”

Ava sighed, mostly out of relief. “Okay yeah that’s right. You seem orientated enough to me. I’ll soon have you safely in bed again, don’t you worry.”

Oscar nodded and lay his head against the window dozing quietly. “Oscar we’re here now!” He awoke drowsily and stretched. Were they really? Oscar thought. The journey had felt like an age. Ava couldn’t recall how much of a mess was made in the bathroom. Was the rest of the house going to be alright? She fretted, praying that Sebastian had not returned in their absence. Ava made the hasty decision to leave the sleepy Oscar in the car while she went into the house to investigate.

To be continued….


7 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 29

      1. I hope that you find “Planchette” interesting ! I have written other fiction pieces too. It’s very early days but I love blogging! Thanks for the comments!

  1. thanks for the visit to my blog 🙂 i read this particular episode of “Planchette”, and you know its really good and makes me wanna read the rest of it… 🙂 why don’t you publish your works as a book? 🙂

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