Ellen swiftly returned “Confusion can be quite common after a head injury, but it’s better to be safe.” Ava nodded in agreement. Oscar’s blood pressure appeared to be stable for the time being.

“You do have concussion” Ellen stated bluntly. “It’s an injury to the brain after a strong impact to the head. Do you have any pain or dizziness at the moment?”

“My head is pounding. Was I in an accident?” Oscar inquired his mind still hazy, yet he was filled with a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Ava nodded, patting his shoulder. “Yes, you struck your head against the bath when you fell Oscar. You stopped breathing for about 30 seconds. I was so frightened. Do you remember anything at all?”

He closed his eyes, appearing to be scouring his whirling mind for information.“I’m trying. I’m really sorry, where are we again?”

“Hospital, you’re in A&E.”

“Sorry. Someone was trying to hurt me, I remember that much.”

“They did hurt you.”


“Yes, it was him.”

“Everything seems so unclear, so blurry. Every recollection I have is hazy.” Oscar shook his head, frustrated with his lack of recollection .

“Don’t worry about that, you’re safe now.” Ava gently coaxed.

“I’m glad you’re with me Ava.”

“So am I.”

Ava smiled, pointing to the tall gentleman who had just entered the cubicle. “Look the doctor is here to see you now.”

A middle-aged man with neatly cut salt and pepper hair pulled back the cubicle curtain and smiled politely at the pair of them. “Hello I’m Doctor Smith. I’m here to examine the injury and to make sure that there is no foreign matter remaining in the wound. We need to make sure there are no underlying injuries.”

He pulled the curtain across, glancing over at the nurses’ station. Doctor Smith washed his hands, pulling on a pair of latex gloves. He slowly and carefully examined the cut upon Oscar’s pale face. “It looks clean, the nurses have made sure of that.”  Had they? Oscar had absolutely no memory of that moment, it was like someone had wiped his mind completely like a chalk board for the past hour or so.

“The wound looks fairly deep, although it’s only quite small. It will need stitches. After that we’ll keep you under close observation for the next few hours and then we may refer you to a neurologist depending on your progress. The bruising may take a while to reduce, but again that is only normal.”

“Okay. Thank you” Oscar nodded politely. “. Am I alright to have a drink?”

“Of course” Doctor Smith nodded. “But just drink water for now.”

Ava eyed the water cooler in the corner, kissed Oscar’s cold cheek and paced over to fetch two cool cups of water. She herself was very thirsty as A&E was desperately hot, Ava felt practically parched. She handed one to Oscar.

“Drink it slowly.” Ava instructed. “Take gentle sips.”

“Yes Mum.” The cheeky glint had returned to Oscar’s eye. Ava felt that it was a good sign. “It is lovely to see you smile again Oscar.” Ava patted his hand. “How are you feeling now?” Oscar hesitated for a moment.

“Refreshed but I feel like I’m in all of a muddle. Why are we here again?”

Ava moved herself closer so that she might whisper in his ear. “Sebastian hit you. You struck your head badly on the bath.”

The recollection returned to Oscar, the image of an unkempt and wild Sebastian appearing without warning, just standing there in the bathroom with his twisted, unstable mind. Oscar turned a little paler. “I remember” Ava hugged him. “Thank god. I’m so sorry, sorry for everything.”

Ellen returned to them to repeat Oscar’s blood pressure. Much to everyone’s relief it had risen quite considerably, now within the normal range. Ellen smiled. “That’s so much better, your temperature has risen as has your blood pressure. Your blood pressure is far more stable now. How are you feeling?”

“Not too bad thank you, I’m very tired but at least I know where I am now.” Oscar smiled and told Ellen correctly.

“Wonderful. There may be no need to refer you to a neurologist. We’ll keep you in for a few more hours just to check your progress, but you’re doing just fine.”

It was true, Oscar stared at the ceiling while his doctor carefully attended to the wound. He felt blessed that he was still living, still able to be with Ava. But the pair could not help but worry about the where abouts of the uncouth Sebastian.

To be continued….


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      1. I understand. Too many writers are in a rush to publish and I just want to tell them to slow down. They don’t do themselves or the reader any favors by publishing work that isn’t ready

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