Ava shook him fairly abruptly. No response. “Oscar, can you hear me?” Ava hastily checked his breathing. Nothing, a feeling of panic filled her system. Ava would have to breath for him and swiftly performed two rescue breaths watching his chest rise and fall. Much to her relief Oscar coughed and a small hint of colour returned to his white cheeks, he breathed gently, his eye lids flickering open. Oscar’s eyes filled with tears as he recalled what had just happened. Ava held his icy-cold, trembling body as he wept.

“What the hell happened to you?!” Oscar did not reply for a moment.

“He must be here still” Oscar whispered.

“How? How did Sebastian get in?”

Oscar shook his head. “What did he say to you Oscar? Did he hit you?” Ava demanded. Oscar looked at her, the image of her face doubled in his concussed mind. His stomach churned in knots, Oscar was overcome by a tidal wave of nausea.

“I’m going to be sick!” He blurted. Ava helped him crawl a few paces to the toilet where he violently vomited in the bowl, his empty stomach retching. After time he eventually stopped. Ava held him as any ounce of energy Oscar had left seemed to have evaporated.

“So tired.” Oscar mumbled. Ava’s heart jumped. Was he concussed? One of the sure signs of concussion was sudden tiredness. She pulled back a piece of Oscar’s hair to reveal the large bruise which was appearing.

“Thats bad!” She sighed. “I can’t let you do that. This time I really have to get you to A&E. Sickness and tiredness? I’m convinced you have concussion! God what’s happening to us? I think we’re cursed. I’m going to get you some clothes and then I’ll drive your car and take you to the hospital.” Oscar nodded in reluctant agreement and closed his heavy eyes. Ava shook him.

“Don’t fall asleep!”  Ava returned with a bundle of clothes and his car keys, helping Oscar to pull them on while he was still sat upon the closed toilet lid.

“Can you stand?” Ava asked desperately, understanding the urgency of getting Oscar to hospital as quickly as possible.

“Sebastian’s still here.” Oscar mumbled.

“He wont be. We need to report him this time. Are you alright to stand?”

“I’ll try.”

Oscar ever so slowly got to his feet. Ava held his waist, placing his free arm around her neck. He held onto the bathroom door handle for support. Oscar’s car was carefully parked upon the pavement, Ava helped Oscar into the passenger side. He sat there so silently and waxy- pale, Ava squeezed his hand for some reassurance.

“We’ll be there soon.” She  glanced at Oscar’s tired face for a moment. “Oscar what day is it?”


“Good” Ava nodded. “When’s your birthday?”

“I don’t know.”

“What? Okay now I’m worried. Can you not remember?”

“No my mind has gone blank.”

Oscar lay his head against the passenger window and closed his eyes, he wanted to sleep more than ever at this moment in time. “Oscar! Stay awake!”

“I’m struggling to”

“Oscar what’s your Mum’s name?” Ava asked trying to get some sense from him.

He thought once again “Ava”

“Shit, I think you’ve hit your head harder than I initially thought, thank god we’re here.”

Ava climbed out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to help Oscar. He gratefully accepted the assistance. They walked slowly through the A&E entrance and up to the admission desk. The tired receptionist gazed at her.

“Hello can I help you?”

“Yes we are self-admitting.”

“Okay can I take the patients name and date of birth”

“Oscar Setterfield  12/6/1992”

“Okay thanks and address.” Ava stated it nervously, giving more details about the happenings.

“Okay. You have a temporary case note number. Just be seated and you’ll be seen shortly.”

Ava nodded and led Oscar to the small clutch of seating where a few other people were waiting. Much to Ava’s relief, A&E was relatively quiet tonight and a friendly nurse was soon at their side.

To be continued…


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