Oscar jumped with a start, an obvious yet important thought crossing his mind. He shook Ava awake who was bundled in her duvet like a cocooned caterpillar. “Ava are you on the pill?”

“Hmmm what?”

“Are you on the contraceptive pill?” He repeated.

“Yes why?”

“Well we didn’t use a condom! Shit! Sorry I just panicked for a moment there. How irresponsible of us!”

“Oscar relax. I’m your first aren’t I?” Ava stared at him with glossy eyes, making Oscar feel slightly uneasy, Oscar nodded honestly. “Right and you’re my first. So we needn’t worry about STI’s. If you must know, yes I am on the pill and have been for two years to control my heavy periods. There I’ve told you. God that was embarrassing!” Ava sighed, hiding her flushed cheeks with the duvet.

Oscar was flooded with relief. “Thank god. If you were to fall pregnant I couldn’t forgive myself!”

“Well I’m not. Stop worrying.”


“What time is it?” Ava mumbled. Rolling onto her front, her slim arms tucked under the pillow.

“Ten past six. There’s no point falling back to sleep now. I’m getting up Ava.”

Ava nodded and laid her head back against the pillow in attempt to grasp some more sleep.Oscar who was still naked, walked to his room to fetch a towel and his dressing gown. He showered quickly; the citrus shower gel rapidly reviving him. He closed his eyes, basking in a pleasant reverie, completely oblivious to his surroundings as the warm water soothed his skin. With no warning the lock-less bathroom door creaked open. Oscar wrapped himself in the shower curtain to hide his modesty. It was Sebastian. Oscar was hit by a wave of nausea and fear, for a moment he thought that he might faint, but he did not. Oscar stared at him like a frightened, trapped rabbit.

“My god! Where have you been? What are you doing here?”

“Coming back to collect what is mine.”  Came the slurred reply.

“You’ve already collected your stuff now leave!” Oscar demanded, fully under the impression that Sebastian was drunk. Sebastian laughed coldly. He stood there unshaven and unkempt; his once immaculately kept hair greasy and knotted. “And you seriously think you can make me? I’ve knocked your lights out once, don’t make me do it again. Now where’s Ava?!”

Oscar’s eyes widened. He grabbed his dressing gown, balanced upon the wicker wash basket and put it on still partially hidden by the white shower curtain. Dare he get out of the bath? The bathroom door was all that lay in protection between Sebastian and Ava who was still sleeping gently upstairs, completely vulnerable. Sebastian still stood there staring awaiting a reply, like a preying owl, his body language threatening, his creased clothes starting to hang off his starved frame.

“I would like you to leave the house now.” Oscar’s tone was calm, although his inner self was shaking like a leaf, it was no help that cold water droplets from his hair ran down his back.Oscar made the hasty decision to exit the bath and stood in the door way of the bathroom, preventing Sebastian from leaving the room. “Don’t lay a single finger on her!”

“How’s your Mum Oscar? Still drinking herself to death? Oh and you do realise that Ava is with you purely out of pity!”

Oscar shook his head “You’re unbelievable! You make me sick!”

With no warning Sebastian grabbed Oscar’s shoulder’s forcing him backwards. Oscar slipped upon the plastic bathroom floor,his bare feet still wet from the shower. He  fell, striking his head very abruptly against the porcelain sink, a far greater force than Sebastian’s previous punch to the side of his face . He slumped, unconscious onto floor of the bathroom. Sebastian taking no heed to what he had just done, quickly left the room in search for Ava.

Ava who had been awoken by the commotion,pulled on her clothes and peered over the top of the banister un be known to Sebastian or Oscar. She saw Sebastian’s shape pacing downstairs and placed a hand to her mouth. What was he doing? He was still lingering like he was looking for something?  Where was Oscar? A window slammed somewhere, Sebastian had gone she was sure of it. Ava ran over the carpet frantically in search of  Oscar, only to notice his flaccid, pale form lying beside the bath.

To be continued………….


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