Ava carefully placed the larger pieces of cheap china into a plastic Tesco carrier bag while Oscar gathered the tiny shards scattered across the floor. Ava bent down to collect one particular piece which had escaped and lay slightly wedged underneath the fridge. As she did so the sharp edge sliced into the side of her index finger startling her.

“Argh! I’ve cut myself!”

A small flow of blood trickled down the palm of her hand yet she proceeded to sweep the floor. Oscar’s eyes widened as he noticed the injury.

“Ava for goodness sake stop!” Oscar took her uninjured hand, sitting her down upon one of the chairs. “You need to sort your hand. Let me have a look.” Ava groaned and held out her injured hand. Oscar sighed. “The cut doesn’t look too deep, but you need to clean it.” Oscar handed her several pieced of kitchen roll to catch the falling droplets of blood.

“I’ll just go and fetch my first aid kit. Stay where you are oh and please don’t bleed to death or faint from loss of blood!”

“I’ll try!” Ava nodded and Oscar ran up the staircase, returning swiftly with the small packet clutched in one of his hands. Oscar washed his own hands, gently dabbing the cut with some warm water and cotton wool, he dried the wound effectively and applied steristrips to hold the relatively deep cut together. It seemed effective as the wound ceased to bleed. Oscar smiled.

“Oscar I’m impressed” Ava grinned.

“Well you know, I’m a man of many talents.” He grinned mischievously.

“Are you now?” Ava teased.

“Oh god Ava! You and your dirty mind!”

“I know I’m terrible sometimes!”

“Yes you are. I’m really tired now. I hate that drive back it’s so tedious. I’m off to bed Ava.”

“Oscar…come to bed with me.” Ava stroked Oscar’s cheek with her carefully taped finger, caressing his cheek.

Oscar was taken aback. “Ava are you sure?”

She smiled and nodded. “Although, you are my first. I’d rather it be with someone who I have a connection with. Somebody I can trust. Oscar, I believe that you are the chosen one.”

Oscar laughed.  “Only if you’re sure.”

Ava nodded “I have never been more positive.”

“Your room or mine?”

“Mine” Ava stated as a matter of fact. “After all I do have the ¾ sized bed.”

“A very fair point made.” With that Ava gently took Oscar’s hand and led him up the steep staircase to the sanctuary of her bedroom. He stood shyly in the doorway once more gazing at Ava’s fine form, her well kept hair hanging loosely around her shoulders.

“Oh Oscar you’re not getting second thoughts are you?”

“No! I’m just admiring you.”


“You really are very pretty Ava.”

Ava blushed. “Thanks.”

Ava sat upon her bed. Oscar perched next to her and gently placed one arm around her slim body. “Things will get better.” She sighed.

“I know, but things have been pretty tough at the moment. It’s like someone is testing me.”

“I think you’re doing well. I’d be in pieces by now.” Ava gently kissed Oscar’s cheek.

“Well your finger is.” He joked in attempt to dodge the subject. “Sorry that just slipped out. How is it?”

“Don’t apologise! It’s healing. I’ll have a proper look at it again tomorrow. It’s not that bad.”

“Okay. Keep an eye on it.”

“At least the bruising has pretty much gone on your face Oscar.”  He nodded.

“I do believe that we are both procrastinating!” Oscar smiled. “I have protection.”

Ava smiled, Oscar was so different from most men she had ever known. “Well that’s good to know. We wouldn’t want any unexpected little footsteps would we? Jesus! Can you just imagine it? A little blip!”

“Not good.” Oscar agreed. He thought back to his Mum’s teenage pregnancy,  if anything were to happen it would be like history repeating itself. The thought sent tingling icy cold shivers along his spine.

“How did he get in?”

“Sebastian? Well his key of course. I was terrified Oscar, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it! He was like a man possessed  I mean what’s wrong with him? Is he on medication, has he said anything to you in the past? You’re his best friend.”

“Was…his best friend.” Oscar correctly pointed out. “As for the medication,he’s never mentioned anything. Not to me. We may have to do a bit of detective work. Maybe the Ouija board will tell us?”

“Considering you were the most nervous about this you seem pretty unphased now. I wouldn’t go near it again. Too much has happened. The fight, Sebastian’s irrational behaviour, your Mum’s accident and now my cut hand. I strongly believe that it is to blame! Can we stop talking and please make love!”

Oscar laughed loudly “Alright Miss keen! I’m ready when you are.”

To be continued…..


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