“Where is he anyway?”

“Sebastian? Don’t know, don’t care. I heard his loud music earlier when I was trying to do my uni work, talk about distraction! Still, I didn’t dare to say anything to him.”

 “No I wouldn’t either. Right we shall leave him be then. I’m most certainly not up for another argument!”

 “ Coming back to the subject of your Mum Oscar, if I were you I think I would have been on the next train home!”

 “I know you would, but I see little point. Mum is going to be okay. Personally I’m almost certain that she’d refuse to see me.”

 “You think so?”

 “I’m pretty sure, yes.”

 “Sorry Oscar, that was a little bit insensitive of me.”

 “No matter.” Oscar sighed rather sadly.

 “Ava, I have an inkling to why Sebastian has behaving like such of a moron. He really does like you, you can’t say that it was because he was drunk that night! He was making eyes at you all of last year!”

“Jesus Oscar! Do you really think I wish to be associated with scum like him! Yes his Father is rich which might be appealing to some, but not to me! There’s far more to that boy than actually meets the eye. In the minuscule time we’ve been back we’ve already learned that he’s deeply unhappy and violent. If he dared to make a punch at you imagine what he’d do to me. He’s a disaster waiting to happen!”

“Perhaps, but my life is a mess too! He seems to have so much materially; the latest clothes. In that sense he wants for nothing! It just goes to prove that money cannot buy happiness ”

 “Yes your life may be tough at the moment, but you’re different, you’re such a strong person Oscar, don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. You’ve been through so much shit of late, but yet you have coping mechanisms and now you’re stronger than ever before. I’m proud to call myself your girlfriend.”

Ava kissed Oscar tenderly on the lips, running her fingers gently through his hair. “I still really want you to go and visit your Mum Oscar. Even just for the weekend, to give yourself a peace of mind. I can probably cope with Sebastian; I have a tonne of work to do this weekend. I fully intend to just lock myself in my room and get on with it if I’m honest.”

 “I don’t know Ava. I’d be worried about you.”

 “Oscar you NEED to go home! Even just briefly.”

Oscar sighed, as always Ava was right. “All right just for the weekend. Two days.” Oscar agreed reluctantly. Ava smiled. “Thank god! You’ve finally seen sense. Now go and pack your bag! The quicker you are the more time you’ll have with her.”

“Okay Ava! But please promise that you’ll be careful around Sebastian.”

 “I solemnly swear.” Her voice was sincere and reassuring.

Oscar ran upstairs and grabbed a small suitcase, throwing in a few items of clothing. Luckily he had ample petrol to get himself to his destination. Ava who now stood in the kitchen, handed Oscar a packet of sandwiches and a flask of coffee. She smiled softly at him. Oscar kissed her.

“Ava I don’t know what I’d do without you. You really are a gem. I can’t thank you enough for all your support.” He threw his arms around her holding her tightly. “Now remember avoid Sebastian at all costs and just be safe. I love you!”

Oscar grabbed his bag and placed all his belongings upon the back seat of the car, setting off on the tedious journey home, shuddering as he recalled the hideous traffic jams when he returned after the summer. He tooted his horn, Ava waved a little sadly and pulled her cardigan around herself more tightly as she stood upon the pavement gazing into the icy fog  hanging in thick plumes in the chilly air. Why did this have to happen to Oscar? She didn’t understand. Oscar focused carefully on the motorway, filled with feelings of anger and grief, perhaps it had been a bad idea to leave his Mum this year after all, he cursed returning. This year was going from bad to worse he thought. Little did he know that more misfortune was etched upon the horizon.

To be continued….


One thought on “Planchette- Part 18

  1. Well, this is not the Ava I’ve been reading about later on in the story… which is a little weird to do reading the latest chapters and then going back in time and reading these earlier ones. I like Ava so much more than the boys. I understand Sebastian, but that does not condone his actions, but I understand him. Oscar I do not care for… and I am sorry to say that at the risk of the author’s wrath.

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