“Its getting late I want to go home Oscar.” Ava sighed.

“Okay. This was your idea though.”

“I know.”  Ava agreed “I’ve found part of what I wanted to. I want to ask the board some more questions. “

Oscar and Ava crept home quietly hand in hand, sticking to the safety of the pavements. The beaming street lamps overhead lead their way through the darkness.On entering the house they took great care not to slam the front door. “Oscar I think it should be your turn. Is there something that you’d like to ask?”

“Yes.” The pair paced rapidly back to the house discarding their coats over the armchair. They seated themselves at the table with the Ouija board placed in front of them.

“Erm is my Mum Janet going to be alright. Is she okay now?” The planchette jerked to the letter ‘F’ hovering over the consonant for a moment.  It scratched to ‘A’  F-A-L-L-E-N. Oscar froze for a few seconds.

“Ava what’s it saying? Does it mean something along the line of ‘oh how the mighty have fallen?’ or is it just stating the obvious. Like she’s fallen over or something?”

“I really don’t know Oscar!”

“Shit. This isn’t good. I’m going to ring her quickly. She probably wont appreciate it but I have to put my mind at rest.” Oscar dialled his home phone number , he could hear the echoing but no one was answering.

“Something’s up” he sighed. “She normally does take a while to answer but never this long. I’m really worried now. It’s a reasonable enough time still. I’m going to call my next door neighbour she has a spare key.”

He rapidly found their contact details, carefully dialling the number. A chirpy middle-aged voice answered the phone.

“Hello Rosemary speaking!”

“Hi it’s Oscar. Sorry I didn’t wake you did I”

“Hi Oscar. No, no I’m still up. Is everything alright?”

“I really hope so. I just haven’t heard from my Mum in a little while. Have you seen her at all?”

“I saw Janet yesterday morning but haven’t seen her since. Shall I go round and check that she’s okay?”

Oscar breathed a deep sigh of relief. “Please Rosemary, I don’t want to sound paranoid and I hope it’s not too much trouble. Mum will probably be really annoyed that I’ve got you to do this!”

“Don’t worry about it my dear. I’ll grab a torch and quickly nip round now. Stay on the end of the line.”

“Okay thank you.”

He heard the sound of Rosamary’s echoing footsteps as she paced along the flag stoned path and the familiar noise of his rusty front gate which he’d meant to grease before he left for university. Oscar heard the bell ring and waited.

“She’s not answering at the moment Oscar. She may be out.”

“Could you try the garden? She sometimes smokes out there”

“Okay hang on.” There was a brief pause and then…. “SHIT” Oscar gasped “R-Rosemary what’s the matter?” The line was still connected but Oscar wasn’t receiving an answer.


“I’ve found her, she’s fallen at the bottom of your yard. It’s not as bad as I initially thought Oscar, she’s sprained her ankle but I think she’s been out here for a good few hours.”

“Oh god! Is she drunk? Has she been drinking?”

“I think so, she smells strongly of alcohol. I’ll help her inside she doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment but I’ll call you back Oscar.”

Oscar felt a lump rising in his throat. “Alright. Thanks. Oh god!”

“What’s the news?” Ava inquired.

“Mum’s fallen, she had a sprained ankle and she’s drunk. Rosemary thinks she’s okay but she’s not sure. She’ll call me back anyhow.”

“God!” Ava’s mouth widened. “The Ouija board spelt out fallen! It was like a prediction.”

“It was probably just a co-incidence.”

“What like last time? Oscar I’m not convinced. The Ouija board knows things!”

“Perhaps. I hope Rosemary calls back quickly.”

Rosemary called back within 15 minutes. “Oscar as far as I can gather your Mum is okay. I’ve bandaged her ankle, I’m pretty certain it’s not broken. She’s asleep in her own bed. I’ll stay with her just in case. But I wouldn’t worry I think she’s going to be fine.”

“Oh thank god!  I can’t thank you enough! ” Oscar exclaimed

“Glad I could be there to help. I’ll call you back soon.”

“Okay thanks! Bye.”

Oscar turned to face Ava. “Jesus! I’m lucky I’m blessed with such lovely neighbours. She says Mum is going to be okay. She has no other injuries except for her sprained ankle. How the hell did the Ouija board predict that? It knows things that we can’t possibly predict. It could potentially be very useful. It warned us about Sebastian. ‘Watch’ remember?”

“Yes, yes how could I forget? ”

To be continued…..


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