“Can we wait a moment?” Oscar questioned. “There’s things that I should have told you. I’ve really regretted being secretive. I’ve kept things quiet about my mum more than anything else. I think you know pretty much everything about me.”

“Only share this information if you want to. I mean if you feel that you’d like to talk.”

“I do, I really need to.”

“Okay I’m ready to listen.”

Oscar sighed deeply,proceeding to speak. “Okay here it is. Well, as you know my Mum had me when she was 17. She and my Dad were forced to  marry, but in the long run it didn’t work out and he left us about 7 months ago. He really has issues. He’s been in and out of rehab. We’ve lost contact with him, well I have. I’m convinced Mum knows where he is, but she just won’t tell me anything. Since then Mum has been in a bad place, she needs help but is refusing everything. I’m really worried about her, especially since her fall. My neighbours are saying that she’s okay, but I’m not convinced and I think the fall was due to her drinking. She won’t even answer my phone calls Ava. I’ve tried about 5 times today. I feel so helpless! ”

“Oh god Oscar. I didn’t know you’d completely lost contact with your Dad! I knew about the rehab part.”

“Yeah it’s probably for the best.”

“Do you think things would have been different if your Dad had been around in the past 6 months?”

“I don’t know. Ava you have a go now. It’s your turn after all Sebastian and I have tried getting messages from the Ouija board.”

Ava shrugged “That’s a swift change of topic Oscar! Don’t you have any other family members you can contact? I mean even write to. My Auntie Olive is old fashioned, but we write to each other all the time.”

“I’ve said all I want to say for now.”

“There’s more?!” Ava yelped.

“Yes, but can we not talk about it anymore tonight.”

Okay. Do you reckon the Ouija board will work with two?”

“Probably. Ava I think we forgot to do something the first time we did the Ouija board. Isn’t there something that you’re meant to say?”

“Along the lines of what?”

“I don’t know. But whatever was moving the planchette didn’t say goodbye did it?”

“Shit. Should we have asked it to?”

“Probably. I’d rather do some research into this before I take my turn Oscar. I’m not being a wimp but I feel like I need to tread carefully. The university library is open for another few hours. I doubt there will be much there.”

Oscar nodded. “I should have thought about that. There’s the general library what time’s that open until?”

“Not as late. Grab your coat Oscar we have to go.” Oscar obeyed. The pair took hands and marched swiftly to the old fashioned library stationed near the town hall. It was due to close in two hours, still it would give them ample time. They arrived at the building , darting swiftly down one of the isles.

“What category would it be in?” Oscar asked. “Surely they don’t have books on black magic and such.”

They searched for over an hour but nothing suitable caught their eye. “How about this? It’s a journal on Ethnography” Ava pulled the large dark coloured book from the shelf noisily placing it upon the table.

Oscar looked puzzled. “It that about culture, cults and such?”

Ava nodded. “I think so; it’s probably our best bet.”

Ava carefully leafed through the many pages in attempt to reach the index, at last a suitable one was found.

“Right according to this it’s all about our perception of things. Nothing much is known about how divinatory information is represented. For example when we did the Ouija board. It’s probably all rubbish Oscar. I think we’re letting ourselves get a little bit carried away don’t you? We should stop now.”

“Ava! Please don’t give up that easily! Here I’ll take over and you can do the note taking. There’s a lot of information to break down. Right in a nutshell divination is the process of gathering credible information which is not available to normal perception. The client has to ask a question. The object produces a pattern which is supposed to give credible information according to the clients question. I don’t understand. We didn’t ask the Ouija board a question. Maybe we ought to?”

Ava scribbled down all the details upon her note pad. “Yes we should ask it a question, something about Sebastian. Maybe we should ask the board why he’s behaving so strangely lately?”

“Hmmm perhaps. Right here’s some more information. There’s something here about a study, hang on. The University of British Columbia believe they may have unlocked the secrets of an ancient trick and have found a way to study second consciousness. The participants were blindfolded and accused the others of moving the planchette when it was just the one person moving it. We were probably just subconsciously moving it ourselves Ava.”

“I really don’t know Oscar, I just don’t know.”

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 16

  1. “Grab your coat Oscar we have to go”… Love this line… reminds me of a 30’s movie.

    Don’t those two know how to use the catalog search at the library or a computer?

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