Alone, Sebastian paced back and forth across his bedroom carpet sensing the slightly prickly sensation of the cheap synthetic material underneath his socks. ‘How on earth did last night actually happen?’ He cursed. ‘I remember so little of it all. Oh what have you done Sebastian? Now Ava hates you and she has been drawn even more closely to that little cretin’

It was true; Ava and Oscar made a conscious decision to avoid Sebastian’s company at all costs, sticking together like superglue. Sebastian eyed his watch lying upon his pine wood bedside table; the screen had indeed been cracked straight down the middle in last night’s fight. ‘Perhaps the board does speak sense after all?’ He wondered. It was as if he and Ava had shared the same thought. As Sebastian crept downstairs Ava and Oscar stood engaged in conversation, attentively drying the dishes after dinner, the bruising still very apparent upon Oscar’s face. ‘Since when do they do EVERYTHING together?!’ He cursed. ‘They sit together in every single lecture, cook together and probably even sleep together!’  He shuddered at the thought, sinking into the saggy sofa and spreading himself across it lazily.

“I can’t believe my Rolex is broken!” Sebastian sighed in an attempt to sound exasperated. Ava was in no mood to show sympathy.She spun around, a tea towel still tightly clutched in one hand. “Well you should have given that some thought before you punched Oscar then shouldn’t you! My god I could slap you so hard right now Sebastian. I want you out of this house, if it was up to me I’d have you thrown out! I suggest you keep your head down and mouth shut. How dare you even speak to me after you knocked my boyfriend unconscious last night!”

Sebastian appeared to be infuriated. “Just try me! You have no proof!”

“Oh I’m sure we could find some CCTV footage somewhere Sebastian!”

Fire danced in Sebastian’s eyes. “Doubt it!” he smirked.

Oscar shook his head in disgust. “You’re so changed! What on earth is wrong with you?”

“Yeah well it’s better than being you. Living in your sad little existence and having a Mother who doesn’t give two shits about you!”

Oscar felt the tears pooling in his eyes. “How would you ever know? You haven’t lived my life!”

“I don’t” Sebastian snarled ” but I’d say it’s a pretty good educated guess! I’d say she drinks to forget. To wipe all her memories of you!”

Ava filled with anger, flew at Sebastian in a fury, slapping him hard across the face. Sebastian let out a cry, opening his mouth to stare at her like a codfish. Ava was prepared to strike again, she lunged forwards once more but Oscar intervened, grabbing her waist, pulling Ava close to him. “Don’t Ava!” Oscar was crying, he barely ever cried. Sebastian had just confirmed the truth. It was true his Mother Janet didn’t love him anymore, she hadn’t done for a long time.

“Get out of here!” Ava yelled. Oscar sank into a chair, too overwhelmed by bitter tears of sorrow to speak, burying his head in his hands.

Baby please don’t cry!” Ava begged, cradling Oscar in her arms. “Everything will be alright soon enough, you’ll see.”

Oscar flicked the salty tear away from his cheek with his slim fingers. “It’s not that. Everything Sebastian has just said confirmed the truth. My Mum hasn’t loved me for a long time Ava. I’ve just been trying to convince myself otherwise, instead of facing the facts.”

“Oh Oscar, some people just don’t express  feelings clearly. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. Of course she does!”

“Ava she spends about 95% of her time intoxicated with alcohol. She doesn’t drink to forget only about me, but the majority of her life too. She has only told me bits and pieces but what I can gather it wasn’t a particularly happy one.”

Ava nodded. “Do you want to talk about it? I swear on pain of death I won’t tell another soul.”

“Okay. But can we wait until Sebastian goes out? He has some kind of club that he goes to at about 7pm”

“Yes. Oscar we need to really stick together now. Sebastian is dangerous, everything about him; his unpredictable behaviour and the words coming from his mouth. They’re like poison ! I want to do the Ouija board again soon, please Oscar I need to know what it has to say.” After a few moments Oscar had composed himself to nod his head in reluctant agreement.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 15

  1. somehow i can see she is inviting trouble! after watching too many horror movies, and hearing to real life ghostbusters oujja board is not one of the things i am going to try 🙂

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