Planchette- Part 32

Ava placed a reassuring hand upon Oscar’s shoulder. “Did….did you just have a flash back?”

Oscar turned a shade paler, nodding hesitantly. “Yeah. I guess my last sentence was a trigger. I can recall what was said now. I told Sebastian that he made me feel sick, he stated that you were just my girl friend purely out of pity. He was like a raging lunatic. I think that was when he pushed me.”

“My god! Right let’s stop talking about it now. You’re becoming more agitated. You need rest, complete rest and this isn’t helping you, not one bit. Just one more thing I should ask; before we left for A&E you said that you thought Sebastian was still in the house. How sure were you on that fact?”

“Really did I? Oh god I don’t know. I didn’t hear him leave but then I’d probably blacked out at that point or was confused. Don’t worry I doubt very much that he will still be here.”

“Lord now you have me worried. Okay I don’t want to leave you alone. You’re probably less likely to have a bad dream if I’m here, but I do need to finish this assignment.”

Oscar groaned. “God I forgot! Oh no!”

“Don’t worry, considering what you’ve been through over the past few weeks, I think it’s very excusable. It’s okay, stay in my bed. I’ll just work at my desk and I’ll keep an eye on you.”

“I’m going to do brilliantly this year aren’t I? ” Oscar sighed sarcastically.

“Stop fretting!” Ava snapped. “Your health is more important than that stupid essay! If push comes to shove I will do it for you.”

“You really don’t need to do that. You’ve done enough favours for me already.”


“Yes hmmm. It’s funny hmmm can mean so many different things can’t it?”

“I suppose so. Now try to sleep for a bit longer. 3 hours sleep is nowhere near sufficient enough for anybody, let alone someone who is suffering from bad concussion. I’m really tempted to join you, my bed looks really inviting.”

“So first you steal my bath and now you want to steal my bed too.”

“I think you’ll find it is MY BED Mr Setterfield and MY ROOM so I shall do as I please.”

“Well you put me in here.”

“Yes, yes I did because your room is ridiculously cold. I can always kick you out later.”

“Or join me?” Oscar smiled softly, his eyes wide and pleading.

“I may join you for a cuddle in a couple of hours, but I have to work now. I’ll only put this small desk lamp on so that the bright light doesn’t keep you awake. ”

“Alright. Ava don’t stay up too late.” Oscar’s voice was filled with a disappointment, but he lay his head back against Ava’s pillow once more, snuggling under her  thick duvet listening to the sound of Ava’s biro pen scribbling away upon her notebook.  An age seemed to pass, when eventually he sensed Ava’s slim body lying beside him. Sleepily, he placed an arm around her waist and in return she held him close, kissing his troubled forehead, gently draping herself over him in attempt to comfort him .

To be continued………


Planchette-Part 31

A huge flight of stone twisting steps out in the open stood in the middle of a darkened setting. Was it a field? Where on earth am I? He thought. Oscar’s unconscious mind was unsure. He climbed the steps ever so carefully, feeling the cold and uneven texture of the stone beneath his bare feet. Oscar’s trembling hand glided up the hand rail. The steep climb he had just endured left him breathless. He paused momentarily, catching a glimpse of two silhouetted shapes at the very top. Ava and Sebastian. Oscar stared at them with panicky eyes his heart going into over drive. Ava strutted towards him, her lip curled and mocking, so out of character. She laughed coldly.

“I don’t want anything more to do with you and your problems any longer. Sebastian is all I need now, I can rely on him completely. Now Leave!”

Sebastian stepped forwards maliciously, grabbing Oscar’s shoulders as he had done previously,  forcefully thrusting him down the stairs. Oscar as a last resort tried to grasp the banister but missed, plummeting headlong down the staircase. Oscar writhed, his head moving jerkily from side to side in the bed, his arms and legs thrashing casting the blankets covering him to the floor. He let out a desperate cry, awaking abruptly his brow covered with dew droplets of sweat.

“Oscar! OSCAR! Christ are you okay?”

He stared at Ava with weary, semi-sleeping eyes, his chest rising and falling rapidly. “B-bad dream” Oscar mumbled.

“Shit. I thought you we’re fitting or something! I think you have a temperature.”

“No, not a fit. Just a  nightmare. Sorry I scared you.”

Ava took a baby wipe from the packet she kept on her bedside table and dabbed Oscar’s scorching brow, wiping the remainder of the sweat droplets away from his face. “It’s okay. Do you want to tell me what happened? I think you should. Was you know who in the nightmare by any chance?”


“Did he hurt you?”


Ava cradled his shaking, clammy body. “Well you’re awake now. I’ve got you. Take deep breaths and slow your breathing right down. That’s it, that’s it.” She coaxed.

“How long have I been asleep for?

“Not long enough, um 3 hours?”

“Oh really it felt like an age. Did you tell my Mum in the end? On the phone I mean? ”

“No, you should tell her yourself.”

“I’d really rather not Ava!”

“Fine, but you do need to in your own time. Would you like another drink? You need to keep your fluids up. How’s your head?” Ava placed an arm gently around Oscar’s neck, planting a gentle kiss upon his cheek.

“My head’s still aching. Yeah another drink would be good. I feel a bit warm, so just some water would be nice please. I feel mean making you run after me like this!”

“Oscar I’m not running after anyone. I want to take care of you.”

“Thank you and I you.” Oscar sighed.

“Now, I’ll go and get you some water.”

Ava left Oscar’s side to fetch his drink. On her return he was asleep once more. She shook him gently.



“Sorry you were asleep.”

“No just closing my eyes, my head really hurts.”

“Okay. I’ll go and get you some ibuprofen, it will help and you can wash them down with your glass of water.”

Ava returned with the tablets “You’re not allergic to these are you? ”

“No , don’t worry I’m fine.”

She popped two pills into Oscar’s hand and handed him the cool water. He took them slowly in his hand shaking ever so slightly.

“In A&E we really should have told them the full story. The truth. The police should be involved. Technically there is a psychopath on the loose.”

“I know”

“What did he look like and how did he get in?”

Oscar hesitated. “Maybe through a window or something. He looked so odd. I remember it quite clearly now. Sebastian was rugged and unkempt, so unlike him and he stank like he hadn’t washed in a good few days at least. God knows where and how he had been living. I’d say he was sleeping rough, he looked like he’d lost weight.”

“You’re right it’s not like him at all, he was pretty obsessed with his appearance.”

“I know.”

“Oscar do you think he was on something?”

“On drugs? Possibly. He’s so changed. In fact he makes me sick.” The last three words of the sentence triggered the memory of the night he was attacked. The terrifying vision of Sebastian’s wild, psychotic eyes flashed before his very imagination. Ava was un-nerved by Oscar’s sudden vacant expression, she stared at him with large glassy eyes, filled to the brim with tears of concern.

To be continued…….

Planchette-Part 30

Ava darted into every single room, ensuring each window was securely locked. She gingerly tiptoed into the bathroom, eyeing the bath which was still blood-stained, feeling physically sick as she recalled the memory of an unconscious Oscar lying slumped beside it. Ava decided upon cleaning the bathroom later when she had Oscar safely tucked up in bed. She walked outside, opening the passenger side of the car and stroked Oscar’s pale cheek. “Oscar I’m going to help you into bed now okay. I’d ask you if you wanted me to run you a bath, but due to the current state of the bathroom I’d rather not. It might scare you half to death!”

“It’s okay. I’d really like a bath. Is there a lot of blood?”

“A fair bit yes.”

“Will it come off?”

“Yeah of course. I’ll clean it” Ava felt slightly nauseous.

“Thanks and sorry.” Oscar smiled weakly.

Ava scrubbed at the smeared dried blood which had decorated the side of the bath like a slaughter house. It was indeed a scene of crime and Ava had just rinsed away the evidence. Still, she took no heed of the fact. Oscar was quietly seated upon the closed toilet lid wrapped once again in his dressing gown, attempting to avert his eyes, but could not. He sighed deeply.

“I should be doing that, it’s my blood after all. I have to admit, staring at it is making me feel a little queasy.”

“Don’t worry it’s nearly all gone now, there’s just this last little bit.”

“Okay.” At last the red specks were gone, Ava used the shower head to swill away the bleach. She turned on the hot tap and added bubble bath, watching the luxurious bubbles grow in size under the strong pressure of the water. Ava tested it for temperature.

“There, you can get in now.”

Oscar carefully lowered himself into the water, supporting his body on the thin sides. “Thanks. Ahh, yes that’s perfect. I need this bath so much.”

Ava laughed. “I’m so tempted to get in there with you.”

Oscar smiled. “Then why don’t you?”

Ava laughed “Are you serious?”

“Yeah! Join me.”  His eyes glinted, Oscar’s  mouth spreading into a wide Cheshire cat smile to reveal his white teeth. Ava slid out of her clothes, hanging them on the small hook behind the door and climbed into the bath beside Oscar who had already made a space for her.

“Thank goodness you’re so slim!” Oscar laughed.

“Well you’re hardly fatty Arbuckle are you!”

“I suppose. I really need to sleep.” Oscar sighed.

“I know baby. Rest your head on my shoulder.” Oscar did so, sensing her gentle breathing against his damp cheek. Ava smoothed his hair, taking careful attention not to touch the head wound.

“Hmmm that’s so relaxing.” He sighed, closing his eyes for what he thought to be a couple of minutes. “Hmm wha-  !” Oscar opened his eyes abruptly, after sensing a gentle tickling sensation upon his left arm.

“Ava what are you doing?”

“Washing you!” she smiled. “I plan exit this bath sometime tonight. The water is starting to get cold. We are never getting out of here if you keep falling asleep.”


“Shhh. I’m nearly done now. I just need to do your back.”

“Oh okay. How on earth did I sleep through that? ”

“No idea! Lean forwards now.”

Oscar obeyed, holding onto the while porcelain bath sides to support himself as Ava gently washed his pale skin. “Hmmm that’s lovely, so relaxing. It feels almost like a massage.”

“I’d love to give you a massage” Ava smiled. “It might help you to sleep better. Once you’re back in bed, there will be no more getting out for a day or so. I need to take care of you, like they said at the hospital you need to be careful and take it easy for a few days. Okay you’re done. Let’s get out now.”

“Yes boss.”

Ava pulled the plug and got out first before helping a rather shaky Oscar to do so himself. She wrapped him in a large bath towel and wrapped herself in her own dressing gown.

“It actually feels like you’re looking after me, like my Mum.” Oscar cleared his throat awkwardly. Ava held him to her fingers intertwining in his soft hair. She changed the subject hastily.

“I’m going to put you in my room. It’s bigger. I have a pile of work to do but that way I can look after you and do this assignment at the same time.  There’s no way I’m leaving you alone, just in case.”

Ava placed Oscar’s arm around her neck and led him into her bedroom. He slowly dried himself still feeling ever so slightly light-headed as he sat perched upon his bed. She handed him a pair of soft track suit bottoms, he slowly pulled them on and sat upon her bed. Ava pulled the duvet over him.

“There you are. Sleep now, you’re exhausted I can tell. I’ll unfortunately have to wake you in an hour or so just to check that you’re alright.”

“Yeah that’s fine.”

“Now get some sleep.” Ava kissed Oscar’s forehead, he soon drifted off into a deep sleep, plummeting into dreamland eventually ending up in a bizarrely augmented dream.

To be continued….

Planchette-Part 29

“Okay try and rest. Close your heavy eyes and get some sleep. I’m not worried about you sleeping, now that we’re in good hands. I know it’s not comfortable but it will do you good. Are you warm enough?”

“Yes. Ava are you okay? You look exhausted.”

“I’ll be just fine” Ava reassured.

“I’m too scared to go home what if he’s still there and tries to hurt us again?”

“Oscar, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’re safe in A&E anyway, I imagine that hospitals have a good level of security.”


“Is there anyone you want me to call for you? Your Mum?”

“No!” Oscar begged “She’s the last person you should tell.”

“Oscar SHE is your Mum. Janet will want to know.”

“No Ava, you really don’t understand. I know you mean well, you have such a kind heart. The last time I saw her Mum made it clear that there was no way that she wanted me there. She doesn’t love me as I’ve said before. I want her to.”  His voice was tiny, tinged with a bitter feeling of emptiness.

“She does love you, she must! Alcohol messes with people’s minds you know it does. If she was sober she would act differently and speak with more sense. I know she would.”

“Drunken minds speak sober thoughts.” A sparkling tear trickled down his dry cheek.

 “We need to get you home” Ava coaxed. “In an hour or so you should be able to go. Don’t dwell on that thought, things have a way of sorting themselves out you’ll see. Do you want some more water?”

“No thanks.”

A smiling Ellen poked her head around the semi closed curtain. “Sorry I’ve just come back to do your blood pressure again and neuro obs.”

A teary eyed Oscar returned the smile “Thanks for looking after me.”

Ellen nodded and rolled back Oscar’s sleeve, waiting for the observation machine to beep once more. She smiled, satisfied with the reading. “That’s far better; your blood pressure has increased as has your temperature. Have you had anymore dizziness?”


“Well that’s really good. Doctor Smith has done a neat job” she stated glancing at the neatly stitched and dressed wound upon Oscar’s head. “We’ll keep a close eye on you for the next hour or so. So long as you don’t feel unwell then we can let you go. If you encounter any further problems such as nausea and dizziness then you must let us know. Don’t worry we’ll give you an information booklet explaining everything.”

“That’s good.” Oscar smiled. “I’m still really tired.”

Ellen nodded. “You can sleep, but Ava I need you to wake him every couple of hours. Oscar you need to rest, preferably in bed for the next 24 hours. Take things easy for the next few days, don’t over exert yourself and of course no driving. The booklet is written in more depth.”

The following hour passed, Oscar’s condition had stabilised, his lead filled legs making  it almost impossible for him to walk. Upon being discharged from the hospital, Ava spotted the small line of red wheelchairs carefully parked on the corridor near the enterance. Holding firmly onto Oscar’s arm she sat him down in one.

“There I’ll push you out to the car.”

“I weigh a tonne” Oscar smiled.

“Yes. Yes you do, but it’s far better than having you fainting in the hospital entrance!”

Oscar laughed. They were soon to arrive at his car. Ava carefully placed the break down on the wheelchair and gently helped Oscar into the passenger side.

“How do you feel now?”

“I could sleep for a week, but the nausea has gone thank god! ”

“Oscar, do you know where you are?”

“Yeah, we’ve just left hospital and now you’re taking me home”

Ava sighed, mostly out of relief. “Okay yeah that’s right. You seem orientated enough to me. I’ll soon have you safely in bed again, don’t you worry.”

Oscar nodded and lay his head against the window dozing quietly. “Oscar we’re here now!” He awoke drowsily and stretched. Were they really? Oscar thought. The journey had felt like an age. Ava couldn’t recall how much of a mess was made in the bathroom. Was the rest of the house going to be alright? She fretted, praying that Sebastian had not returned in their absence. Ava made the hasty decision to leave the sleepy Oscar in the car while she went into the house to investigate.

To be continued….

Planchette-Part 28

Oscar lay there ever so quietly, gazing at the fluttering strip lighting upon the ceiling. He closed his eyes as the strong beam caused his head to pound worse than ever. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut in attempt to ease his own pain.

“Oscar are you okay?” Ava stated, staring at him anxiously.

“Yeah, the light was hurting my eyes a bit.”

“Try not to look at it so much. How’s your head?”

“Still painful Ava. It’s like I had amnesia for a very short while. I can almost recollect everything that happened now.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes, I probably should.”

“Okay.” Ava leaned in to listen. “I could do with writing this down, almost like a statement.” She whispered. Eying a printer in the corner, she sneakily took a sheet of A4 paper from the hidden tray underneath. A small box of biro pens stood on the nurses station, she borrowed one and returned to Oscar’s side who was slowly recalling the awful memories.

“We need to start at the beginning. Right, I went for a shower didn’t I?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“I wasn’t really paying attention, the bathroom door creaked open and Sebastian stood there. I swear I nearly fainted on the spot. I don’t know how he got in.”

“Oh my lord!”

“He said something about coming back to collect what was his. He threatened me, he said he would knock my lights out and demanded to know where you were.”

“Did you tell him. God what else did he say?”

“Of course not! I told him to leave, he said something about my Mum, but I can’t remember what and then mentioned you. I have forgotten. I’d gotten out of the bath by that point. Do you have all this down?”

Ava’s slim hand trembled creating spidery uneven writing upon the paper which was gently creasing at the corners under her tight grip.

“Then he pushed me. I think I slipped and fell and I must have hit my head on something.”

“Yes there was blood upon the sink.”

“I think I blacked out then. I don’t remember anything else.”

“I found you unconscious by the bath. You stopped breathing for a few seconds. I was terrified; you were physically sick and so frightened. Then I took you here, the way you reacted I knew you had concussion. I drove your car hope you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine! I didn’t know you could drive. Where is Sebastian?”

“Yeah I passed my test. I just don’t own a car. I don’t have a clue where he has gone, that’s the problem.”


Ava nodded. “Yes shit indeed, still the security is pretty decent in hospitals. While we’re here I think we will be safe.”

“Yes I know.”

“Oscar do you remember what he actually said about your Mum or me in fact?”

“Probably something cruel, that’s his usual way. No I don’t know what he said exactly. Sorry” 

“Stop saying sorry! The memory will come back in time. Your head looks much better anyway.”

“Yeah. Ava are you okay? How long have we been here now?”

“A few hours. We were very lucky that you could be seen quickly. The staff have been fantastic. Try and drink a bit more water, the fluids will help to increase your blood pressure, it was a bit low before.”

“Okay. Thank you for saving me….again.” Oscar glanced up with his troubled eyes and drank slowly from the thin white plastic cup. Ellen returned glancing at them with her warm smiling face, after attending to other casualties.

“Sorry about that. I’ll just re-do your blood pressure now.” The cuff inflated slowly, the machine humming gently. At long last it beeped and a digital reading appeared on the moniter. “Ahh that’s much better” She smiled. “Your temperature has increased too. How do you feel?”

“Fine. Just tired, my head aches but I’m not surprised.” Oscar smiled weakly.

“I’ll soon have you out of here and tucked up in bed.” Ava whispered gently in his ear, attempting to hide the free-flowing sadness in her voice. Oscar feared returning to their small house, ‘what happens if this isn’t over?’ He thought, the blurred memory of the accident flashing through his shaken mind. ‘What happens if there is more to come?’

To be continued….

Planchette-Part 27

Ellen swiftly returned “Confusion can be quite common after a head injury, but it’s better to be safe.” Ava nodded in agreement. Oscar’s blood pressure appeared to be stable for the time being.

“You do have concussion” Ellen stated bluntly. “It’s an injury to the brain after a strong impact to the head. Do you have any pain or dizziness at the moment?”

“My head is pounding. Was I in an accident?” Oscar inquired his mind still hazy, yet he was filled with a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Ava nodded, patting his shoulder. “Yes, you struck your head against the bath when you fell Oscar. You stopped breathing for about 30 seconds. I was so frightened. Do you remember anything at all?”

He closed his eyes, appearing to be scouring his whirling mind for information.“I’m trying. I’m really sorry, where are we again?”

“Hospital, you’re in A&E.”

“Sorry. Someone was trying to hurt me, I remember that much.”

“They did hurt you.”


“Yes, it was him.”

“Everything seems so unclear, so blurry. Every recollection I have is hazy.” Oscar shook his head, frustrated with his lack of recollection .

“Don’t worry about that, you’re safe now.” Ava gently coaxed.

“I’m glad you’re with me Ava.”

“So am I.”

Ava smiled, pointing to the tall gentleman who had just entered the cubicle. “Look the doctor is here to see you now.”

A middle-aged man with neatly cut salt and pepper hair pulled back the cubicle curtain and smiled politely at the pair of them. “Hello I’m Doctor Smith. I’m here to examine the injury and to make sure that there is no foreign matter remaining in the wound. We need to make sure there are no underlying injuries.”

He pulled the curtain across, glancing over at the nurses’ station. Doctor Smith washed his hands, pulling on a pair of latex gloves. He slowly and carefully examined the cut upon Oscar’s pale face. “It looks clean, the nurses have made sure of that.”  Had they? Oscar had absolutely no memory of that moment, it was like someone had wiped his mind completely like a chalk board for the past hour or so.

“The wound looks fairly deep, although it’s only quite small. It will need stitches. After that we’ll keep you under close observation for the next few hours and then we may refer you to a neurologist depending on your progress. The bruising may take a while to reduce, but again that is only normal.”

“Okay. Thank you” Oscar nodded politely. “. Am I alright to have a drink?”

“Of course” Doctor Smith nodded. “But just drink water for now.”

Ava eyed the water cooler in the corner, kissed Oscar’s cold cheek and paced over to fetch two cool cups of water. She herself was very thirsty as A&E was desperately hot, Ava felt practically parched. She handed one to Oscar.

“Drink it slowly.” Ava instructed. “Take gentle sips.”

“Yes Mum.” The cheeky glint had returned to Oscar’s eye. Ava felt that it was a good sign. “It is lovely to see you smile again Oscar.” Ava patted his hand. “How are you feeling now?” Oscar hesitated for a moment.

“Refreshed but I feel like I’m in all of a muddle. Why are we here again?”

Ava moved herself closer so that she might whisper in his ear. “Sebastian hit you. You struck your head badly on the bath.”

The recollection returned to Oscar, the image of an unkempt and wild Sebastian appearing without warning, just standing there in the bathroom with his twisted, unstable mind. Oscar turned a little paler. “I remember” Ava hugged him. “Thank god. I’m so sorry, sorry for everything.”

Ellen returned to them to repeat Oscar’s blood pressure. Much to everyone’s relief it had risen quite considerably, now within the normal range. Ellen smiled. “That’s so much better, your temperature has risen as has your blood pressure. Your blood pressure is far more stable now. How are you feeling?”

“Not too bad thank you, I’m very tired but at least I know where I am now.” Oscar smiled and told Ellen correctly.

“Wonderful. There may be no need to refer you to a neurologist. We’ll keep you in for a few more hours just to check your progress, but you’re doing just fine.”

It was true, Oscar stared at the ceiling while his doctor carefully attended to the wound. He felt blessed that he was still living, still able to be with Ava. But the pair could not help but worry about the where abouts of the uncouth Sebastian.

To be continued….

Planchette-Part 26

The nurse had tired eyes, yet smiled at them warmly. “Hello come through to cubicle 12 please. I’m Ellen I’ll be looking after you Oscar.” They obeyed. “How do you feel?”

“Dizzy and exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week.” Oscar stated honestly.

“Okay, you’re in safe hands. Here’s your identification band, can I just check your name and date of birth?”

“Oscar Setterfield. 12/6/1992” Ava breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god he had remembered, it must have just been the initial shock that had forced Oscar into a confused state.

 “Good. I’ll just put this on you.” Ellen attached the band.

“I’m just going to take your blood pressure is that alright?”

“Yes.” Ellen waited for the machine to calculate Oscar’s blood pressure. “I’m just going to take your temperature.”  The observation machine beeped.

“Your blood pressure is a bit low as is your temperature.” Ellen stated, she took one of the neatly folded blankets from the cubicle shelf placing it gently over Oscar. “I need to do another set of observations called Nuro obs. It’s to check your responses. It’s just a standard procedure for anyone who comes in with a head injury. Don’t worry.”


“I’m just going to shine this pen torch over your eye, keep looking straight ahead. That’s good, both your pupils are the correct size and responding.” Ellen pressed her lips together in a tight line, her tightly pulled back raven black hair shining under the strong lighting. “Now can you move your arms and legs? You haven’t had any unusual sensation in them have you?”

“No” Oscar sighed. Ava gently held his hand jumping at the icy sensation of his skin.

“My you are cold! You’re very shocked no doubt. Jesus we need to go to the police Oscar!  Are you going to tell me the full story? Will you tell the A&E staff what really happened?” She whispered. Ava grabbed another yellow wool blanket from the pile upon the shelf and lay it over Oscar. With no warning, a very pale Oscar wretched. Ellen grabbed a cardboard sick bowl from the small pile placing it under Oscar’s mouth, while Ava gently rubbed his back. “It’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re in safe hands.” Ava reassured.

“I don’t think any of this bad luck is due to the Ouija board.” Oscar sighed. “Everything has been Sebastian related.”

“Hush now, you need rest, but I agree.”

Ellen raised an eyebrow, yet said nothing. Ava continued to hold Oscar’s hand.

“You don’t seem to be warming up Oscar.”

“I’m fine.”

“Do you know where you are?”

“Yes in hospital.”

“Okay good.” Ava sighed.

“I’m so tired Ava.”

“I know baby, try and get some rest. I wonder how long you’ll be kept in for?”

“I’m worried about my Mum. Do you know if she’s okay? You don’t think she’ll die do you?” Oscar’s frightened eyes flickered, his breathing and pulse increasing. “It’s all my fault. She doesn’t love me, she hasn’t done for a long time. I need to help her!”

Ava’s heart wrenched, why was Oscar so agitated having been initially calm? “Oscar calm down. She’s not going to die. Janet is fine now thanks to you and your lovely neighbours at home. Nothing is your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I have” Oscar wept. “I left her alone when she needed me the most. I was a bad friend to Sebastian. He loved you first I should have seen it!”

“Oscar please!” Ava begged. “You’re really scaring me you are not in the wrong! Please slow your breathing. Take deep breaths. Be calm.”

“I want to go home now. I need to see my Dad and Mum. Sebastian said he would put the kettle on.”

Ava’s jaw dropped, harassed and frightened by Oscar’s sudden confused state of mind. Ellen’s eyes widened once more. “I’m going to do your blood pressure again but I’ll inform one of the consultants straight away.”

To be continued…..

Planchette-Part 25


Ava shook him fairly abruptly. No response. “Oscar, can you hear me?” Ava hastily checked his breathing. Nothing, a feeling of panic filled her system. Ava would have to breath for him and swiftly performed two rescue breaths watching his chest rise and fall. Much to her relief Oscar coughed and a small hint of colour returned to his white cheeks, he breathed gently, his eye lids flickering open. Oscar’s eyes filled with tears as he recalled what had just happened. Ava held his icy-cold, trembling body as he wept.

“What the hell happened to you?!” Oscar did not reply for a moment.

“He must be here still” Oscar whispered.

“How? How did Sebastian get in?”

Oscar shook his head. “What did he say to you Oscar? Did he hit you?” Ava demanded. Oscar looked at her, the image of her face doubled in his concussed mind. His stomach churned in knots, Oscar was overcome by a tidal wave of nausea.

“I’m going to be sick!” He blurted. Ava helped him crawl a few paces to the toilet where he violently vomited in the bowl, his empty stomach retching. After time he eventually stopped. Ava held him as any ounce of energy Oscar had left seemed to have evaporated.

“So tired.” Oscar mumbled. Ava’s heart jumped. Was he concussed? One of the sure signs of concussion was sudden tiredness. She pulled back a piece of Oscar’s hair to reveal the large bruise which was appearing.

“Thats bad!” She sighed. “I can’t let you do that. This time I really have to get you to A&E. Sickness and tiredness? I’m convinced you have concussion! God what’s happening to us? I think we’re cursed. I’m going to get you some clothes and then I’ll drive your car and take you to the hospital.” Oscar nodded in reluctant agreement and closed his heavy eyes. Ava shook him.

“Don’t fall asleep!”  Ava returned with a bundle of clothes and his car keys, helping Oscar to pull them on while he was still sat upon the closed toilet lid.

“Can you stand?” Ava asked desperately, understanding the urgency of getting Oscar to hospital as quickly as possible.

“Sebastian’s still here.” Oscar mumbled.

“He wont be. We need to report him this time. Are you alright to stand?”

“I’ll try.”

Oscar ever so slowly got to his feet. Ava held his waist, placing his free arm around her neck. He held onto the bathroom door handle for support. Oscar’s car was carefully parked upon the pavement, Ava helped Oscar into the passenger side. He sat there so silently and waxy- pale, Ava squeezed his hand for some reassurance.

“We’ll be there soon.” She  glanced at Oscar’s tired face for a moment. “Oscar what day is it?”


“Good” Ava nodded. “When’s your birthday?”

“I don’t know.”

“What? Okay now I’m worried. Can you not remember?”

“No my mind has gone blank.”

Oscar lay his head against the passenger window and closed his eyes, he wanted to sleep more than ever at this moment in time. “Oscar! Stay awake!”

“I’m struggling to”

“Oscar what’s your Mum’s name?” Ava asked trying to get some sense from him.

He thought once again “Ava”

“Shit, I think you’ve hit your head harder than I initially thought, thank god we’re here.”

Ava climbed out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to help Oscar. He gratefully accepted the assistance. They walked slowly through the A&E entrance and up to the admission desk. The tired receptionist gazed at her.

“Hello can I help you?”

“Yes we are self-admitting.”

“Okay can I take the patients name and date of birth”

“Oscar Setterfield  12/6/1992”

“Okay thanks and address.” Ava stated it nervously, giving more details about the happenings.

“Okay. You have a temporary case note number. Just be seated and you’ll be seen shortly.”

Ava nodded and led Oscar to the small clutch of seating where a few other people were waiting. Much to Ava’s relief, A&E was relatively quiet tonight and a friendly nurse was soon at their side.

To be continued…

Planchette-part 24

Oscar jumped with a start, an obvious yet important thought crossing his mind. He shook Ava awake who was bundled in her duvet like a cocooned caterpillar. “Ava are you on the pill?”

“Hmmm what?”

“Are you on the contraceptive pill?” He repeated.

“Yes why?”

“Well we didn’t use a condom! Shit! Sorry I just panicked for a moment there. How irresponsible of us!”

“Oscar relax. I’m your first aren’t I?” Ava stared at him with glossy eyes, making Oscar feel slightly uneasy, Oscar nodded honestly. “Right and you’re my first. So we needn’t worry about STI’s. If you must know, yes I am on the pill and have been for two years to control my heavy periods. There I’ve told you. God that was embarrassing!” Ava sighed, hiding her flushed cheeks with the duvet.

Oscar was flooded with relief. “Thank god. If you were to fall pregnant I couldn’t forgive myself!”

“Well I’m not. Stop worrying.”


“What time is it?” Ava mumbled. Rolling onto her front, her slim arms tucked under the pillow.

“Ten past six. There’s no point falling back to sleep now. I’m getting up Ava.”

Ava nodded and laid her head back against the pillow in attempt to grasp some more sleep.Oscar who was still naked, walked to his room to fetch a towel and his dressing gown. He showered quickly; the citrus shower gel rapidly reviving him. He closed his eyes, basking in a pleasant reverie, completely oblivious to his surroundings as the warm water soothed his skin. With no warning the lock-less bathroom door creaked open. Oscar wrapped himself in the shower curtain to hide his modesty. It was Sebastian. Oscar was hit by a wave of nausea and fear, for a moment he thought that he might faint, but he did not. Oscar stared at him like a frightened, trapped rabbit.

“My god! Where have you been? What are you doing here?”

“Coming back to collect what is mine.”  Came the slurred reply.

“You’ve already collected your stuff now leave!” Oscar demanded, fully under the impression that Sebastian was drunk. Sebastian laughed coldly. He stood there unshaven and unkempt; his once immaculately kept hair greasy and knotted. “And you seriously think you can make me? I’ve knocked your lights out once, don’t make me do it again. Now where’s Ava?!”

Oscar’s eyes widened. He grabbed his dressing gown, balanced upon the wicker wash basket and put it on still partially hidden by the white shower curtain. Dare he get out of the bath? The bathroom door was all that lay in protection between Sebastian and Ava who was still sleeping gently upstairs, completely vulnerable. Sebastian still stood there staring awaiting a reply, like a preying owl, his body language threatening, his creased clothes starting to hang off his starved frame.

“I would like you to leave the house now.” Oscar’s tone was calm, although his inner self was shaking like a leaf, it was no help that cold water droplets from his hair ran down his back.Oscar made the hasty decision to exit the bath and stood in the door way of the bathroom, preventing Sebastian from leaving the room. “Don’t lay a single finger on her!”

“How’s your Mum Oscar? Still drinking herself to death? Oh and you do realise that Ava is with you purely out of pity!”

Oscar shook his head “You’re unbelievable! You make me sick!”

With no warning Sebastian grabbed Oscar’s shoulder’s forcing him backwards. Oscar slipped upon the plastic bathroom floor,his bare feet still wet from the shower. He  fell, striking his head very abruptly against the porcelain sink, a far greater force than Sebastian’s previous punch to the side of his face . He slumped, unconscious onto floor of the bathroom. Sebastian taking no heed to what he had just done, quickly left the room in search for Ava.

Ava who had been awoken by the commotion,pulled on her clothes and peered over the top of the banister un be known to Sebastian or Oscar. She saw Sebastian’s shape pacing downstairs and placed a hand to her mouth. What was he doing? He was still lingering like he was looking for something?  Where was Oscar? A window slammed somewhere, Sebastian had gone she was sure of it. Ava ran over the carpet frantically in search of  Oscar, only to notice his flaccid, pale form lying beside the bath.

To be continued………….

Planchette-Part 23

Afterwards Ava and Oscar slumbered gently together, wrapped in the safety of one another’s arms soothed by the gentle ticking of Ava’s bedside clock. Oscar opened his eyes briefly, staring hazily at Ava who lay next to him breathing ever so softly, her long eyelids resting on top of her cheeks. ‘She possesses great natural beauty and a heart of gold. I’m very lucky to have her’ he thought ever so sadly. ‘Maybe I’m not good enough for her, she deserves somebody with no baggage. What do I carry on my shoulders? A drunken Mum, who cannot even take care of herself.’

Oscar pulled on his dressing gown over his naked body and sat at Ava’s desk burying his head in his hands. ‘Now you’re just wallowing in self-pity’ he scolded himself ‘Jesus! Get a grip you stupid boy. Ava loves you and you love her. We need each other!’ Ava stirred gently, sensing that Oscar was no longer lying beside her in the bed. She cast her eyes upon the silhouetted shape perched by her desk. She sat forwards, supporting her body weight on one bent elbow.

“Oscar what are you doing? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, yeah I’m fine. I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Too much on your mind Oscar?”

“Yeah something like that. I was over thinking things as usual, mostly about things that I needn’t fret about.”

“Well you know you can always tell me. Do you want to talk about it?”

Oscar sighed “Okay. I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you. I was counting my blessings I guess.”

“Right….anything else?”

“Not really?”

“Okay, well one you needn’t count your blessings. I’m nothing great, I’m geeky and don’t really fit in anywhere. Number two I’m lucky to have you. You really are a great guy Oscar, to look after your Mum the way you have done and constantly be so understanding despite her problems, takes a special sort of person. Lots of people might have walked away from the situation and left it to others to deal with it but not you.”

“You always make so much sense Ava although, I’m not one to sing my own praises.”

“I know I do and you know I’m right. Well I think you should. I do believe that you’d be much happier for it. I know what we should do, lets try a little exercise… I want you to tell me 5 good things about yourself.”

“Ava it’s 4.30am!”

“I don’t care. You were the one who couldn’t sleep. Now come on I need that list! I may give you a helping hand along the way.”

“Great thanks” he stated rather sarcastically. “Okay, okay number one I have reasonable physique.”

Ava laughed “Stop laughing!” Oscar scolded jokily “You know now it’s true, but I’ll be quiet now as I sound very vain. Erm number two I guess I can be quite caring.”

“You’re very caring.” Ava agreed “And in touch with your emotions.”

“Number three… Urgh I don’t know Ava.”

“Okay Oscar I’ll do this for you. Number three you are a saint putting up with that shit Sebastian. The way he’s treated you disgusts me! Number four I do believe that you are a gentleman and number five I know I can always trust and rely on you. How’s about that?”

“Erm thanks. Have you been planning this for a while?” He smiled.

“Yes in fact. I feel really drawn to you Oscar, I do believe that we are slowly becoming in tune with each-others emotions.”

“Ahh I love being in your company too. I agree we are quite in tune aren’t we? Like a little duet.” Oscar laughed. “Now please can we go back to sleep? I don’t know about you but I’d quite like another 2 hours of kip.” Oscar kissed Ava and nestled down underneath the cosy duvet once more drifting into a deep slumber.

To be continued…..