Ava was the first to awaken the following morning, all was so still, so quiet. Her heart skipped a beat the first thought crossing her mind being “Is Oscar alright?” Much to her relief he was still laid beside her fully clothed, with the exception of his shoes, breathing ever so gently. Ava gazed over at him resting her chin on a bent elbow. He looked incredibly young, wrapped gently in the safety of his dreams. Sensing that someone was staring at him, Oscar opened his eyes, groaned and closed them once more.

“God! My head feels like it’s been hit by a sledge-hammer. That guy has some strength. Where did he go last night anyway?” He mumbled.

“I don’t know or particularly care, so long as he’s not lying dead somewhere after choking on his own vomit. If I was him I certainly wouldn’t have the nerve to show my face after his psychotic behaviour last night !” Ava snapped.

“Hmmm. I feel like I need some painkillers or something.”

Ava nodded. “Let’s go downstairs and get you some.”

It was still dark outside, Ava presumed that is was before 8am as the ever drawing in winter meant they were waking up in darkness. They pulled on their dressing gowns to take the edge off the chill and crept down the staircase. Ava flicked on the living room light, jumping as she caught the first proper sighting of the damage to Oscar’s face. Her eyes squinted in the bright light.

“Is it bad?” he sighed.

“He’s given you one hell of a bruise. We should have put some ice on that last night to help with the swelling. Your nose looks okay though, at least it stopped bleeding. I’ll go and get you a bag of peas or something for your head.”

Ava made 2 cups of steaming hot coffee and returned with a small bag of peas under one arm which Oscar placed upon the side of his face. Ava pillowed Oscar’s head in her lap as he lay upon the sofa, gently stroking his hair. She could feel the numbing sensation of the frozen peas against her legs. Ava felt grateful for her thick dressing gown.

“Do you reckon Seb’s actually in his room?” Oscar queried.

“Probably. Although I’m not going to check, he can come down in his own time if he dares. I don’t particularly want him living here. If he’s hit you once he’ll do it again Oscar.”


“No I think he would. I’m going to get you some arnica cream to help with the bruising wait there. It may be too late now but it’s worth a try.”

Ava quickly ran upstairs routing around in her little box of supplies carefully placed next to her mirror. She was swift to return, applying the cream to the worst area. It was noon before Ava and Oscar heard the footsteps of another coming down the stairs. Sebastian gazed coldly at them with his vacant, hung over eyes, without mentioning so much as an apology for his appalling behaviour. Ava held Oscar’s hand, she couldn’t help but feel frightened after being betrayed by someone she used to call her friend. A moment later he noticed the prominent damage to Oscar’s face.

“God! Oscar what happened to your fa-?” then he remembered last night’s argument, his aching bruised fist wouldn’t let him forget that moment of madness for a while. “Shit. I’m stronger than I thought.”

“Yes, yes you are!” Ava snapped. “Who do you think you are picking on people and knocking them unconscious? You disgust me. You have a real cheek showing your face in this house.”

“He lost consciousness?”

“Yes, yes I did.” Oscar retaliated.

“Shit.” Sebastian sighed. “Well if it’s any consolation to you I’m sorry. But I was drunk.” Oscar felt furious. What kind of pathetic excuse is that? You’re not sorry in the slightest! He cursed. He had never felt so betrayed.

“You were DRUNK!” Ava yelled. “You’re surely not blaming the alcohol are you?”

“Yes! And I cracked my Rolex watch! ” Sebastian snapped.

“You’re not in the least bit sorry Sebastian. You’re always thinking about number one, yourself! God how did we not see it last year Oscar? His violent irrational behaviour.”

“Calm down Ava.” Oscar stated softly. Sebastian stormed back upstairs.

“Oh my god!” Ava stated. “The Ouija board! ‘Watch’. Not only did Sebastian break his watch but it was some sort of warning, something like watch how you behave! I’m sure of it!”

To be continued….


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