Oscar thought it might be polite to inquire whether Sebastian was okay. “Is everything alright Seb?”

“Yes why?!”  He demanded.

“I was just wondering, because I care and I’m a friend.”

“Are you, are you really?”

What’s going on? Oscar felt taken aback by the sharp remark. He and Sebastian had been good friends for a while, the insensitive comments stung badly. ‘It’s the drink inside him making Sebastian act this way’ Oscar reassured himself, ‘nothing more.’

“After all” Sebastian continued “you did steal the fu****g girl of my dreams from me!” Sebastian slurred, leaning towards Oscar, his body language bold and threatening. “You really have it all.”

Oscar gasped not entirely believing what Sebastian had just said. Sebastian really felt that way about Ava? He had certainly never shown it. Ava and Oscar gawped at each other with matching facial expressions.

“Why him!!” Sebastian snapped now directing his anger at a frightened Ava. “You little bitch, you led me on and chose HIM!”

“I-I didn’t lead anyone on Sebastian! You’re a friend, Oscar and I had a connection. I’m sorry but I just never saw you in that way. Now you’re just being very irrational. We need to go home now, take a breather Seb and we’ll discuss this properly when you’re sober.”

Ava and Oscar hurriedly left the almost empty pub, a move which they would always regret. Sebastian was hot on their heels storming behind them aggressively up the cobbled, darkened street.

“What happens if I want to talk about it with your boyfriend now ?”

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on him!”

Ava drew a very pale Oscar to her side. Sebastian turned, appearing to walk away. Then the unexpected happened. Sebastian swung around with a terrifying look upon his face. He tightly grasped an unsuspecting Oscar by his shirt collar, who let out a frightened cry. Ava shrieked as Sebastian struck Oscars face with his strong, tightly scrunched fist with tremendous impact. Sebastian fled like a cowardly lion. Oscar immediately sank to the pavement falling upon the cold flagstones, a jet of blood running from his nose. His lips were ever so slightly parted, revealing his white teeth. Ava gasped and gently shook his shoulder.

“Oscar, Oscar can you hear me?!”  To her great relief Oscar groaned placing a hand to his head, his closed eyelids slowly flickering open. “God! That bloody hurt.” He moaned.

“Your head?”

“Yes and nose. I’m okay” Oscar reassured. “He’s stronger than I thought.”

“We need to get you home, although I think the hospital would be a more suitable place for you at this moment in time. Christ! How hard did he hit you?  You have a bruise emerging already.”

“Hard. Please, no hospitals.”

“I’m worried Oscar, but okay for the time being I’ll just call a taxi to get us home. You ought to get checked out though! You were out cold momentarily.”

“Lets go home Ava.”

“Okay.” Ava handed Oscar tissues helping him to clean off the worst of his blood spattered nose as they sat together on the edge of the curb. She dialled the number of the local taxi firm and held Oscar to her in her free arm. Much to their relief, it arrived. She helped a dazed Oscar inside. He appeared to shiver, Ava held him tighter still and wanted more than anything to get him back to the safety of the house, she couldn’t help but worry about the whereabouts of Sebastian. Shortly the taxi swerved outside their terraced house. Ava payed the driver and helped a dizzy Oscar step out of the cab door. They walked slowly into the house; Ava sat him down upon the sofa.

“How do you feel now?”

“Honestly?” he paused. “Dizzy and my head is pounding, but for once it’s not the alcohol. ”

“I wish you’d let me take you to A&E!”

“Ava it’s 2am. We wouldn’t get seen for hours anyway. You’re exhausted, this evening has taken it’s toll on the both of us. Please can we go to bed?”

“Yes. I need to clean your face up a bit first.” Ava grabbed a spare blanket from upstairs placing it around Oscar’s shouldersShe took a clean piece of kitchen roll and dampened it under the tap and wiped away the dried blood from Oscar’s nose and cheek.  He sat there as still as a statue, while Ava gently attended to his injuries.

“I wish I had something antiseptic to clean your cuts with. My first aid kit isn’t very efficient for what we need.”

“I’ll be fine. My nose has stopped bleeding, the rest are just bruises.”

“How about some ice then for the bruising?”

“Ava stop fretting, maybe tomorrow but now I need my bed.”

Ava nodded and helped a weary Oscar up the staircase, propping him up against the plain pillows in his room. Ava gently stroked his hair, covering him with a duvet.

“I’m worried about leaving you alone. What happens if you are concussed?”

Oscar sighed “Don’t then.” Ava slipped under Oscar’s duvet, nestling close to him. It was a great comfort to feel his chest rising and falling, the warmth of his body next to her, the gentle reassurance that Oscar was going to be okay.

To be continued….


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