The next day came around rapidly with very little thought given to the Ouija board. Just half a day of lectures meant that the day flitted by, Ava couldn’t help but feel excited about the prospect of a night out. She sat ever so silently in the sanctuary of her own room after submerging from a divinely refreshing shower. Ava, now wrapped in her fluffy dressing gown gazed into her small mirror. Ava sighed, ‘my skin always looks blotchy and uneven after a shower still, it’s nothing that a touch of foundation won’t solve.’ Ava blow dried her hair in sections, preventing the long tendrils of hair from knotting together like unruly dreadlocks. She carefully moisturised her face, applying a small touch of makeup to even out her skin tone. Ava dressed in a new plum coloured dress and proceeded to tease the knots from her almost dry hair, a task which was proving itself to be impossible. There came a gentle knock at her door.

“Come in!” she stated, not glancing over her shoulder to see who it might be. Oscar stood rather shyly in the doorway, resting against the cheap wooden door frame, his eyes immediately lighting up on seeing Ava, she looked perfectly radiant tonight.

“The colour looks beautiful on you.” Oscar smiled. Ava grinned, her heart fluttering a side effect from the compliment. He strolled closer to her and gently placed a soft kiss upon Ava’s smooth cheek.

“Thank you, you smell divine Oscar! I’m nearly ready now. Is all okay?”

Oscar stepped to the side of Ava neither shaking nor nodding his head. “Not bad, I just needed to escape from Seb for a while. He’s being quite intense. I don’t know what’s got in to that man lately, hopefully tonight will help him relax.”

“I really hope so; I can’t help but worry though. He’s caused friction lately. A part of me almost wishes that we could leave him at home, but we can’t seeing as though this night out is for him!”

“Hmm. Well I did rise to it, however I don’t really appreciate him telling me that I need to get a grip.” Oscar sighed.

Ava shook her head. “Not really. You were pretty composed.  If he’d said that to me I would have bloody punched him!”

“Well in the past I might have, but not now.” Oscar smiled a small sad smile. Ava was positive that she could see the evidence of traces of tears in his eyes. He laid his head upon her shoulder, Ava held him close to her, feeling him breathe softly.

“Heard anything more from your Mum?”

“No not today.”

“Well Oscar, I think we both need cheering up. Your Mum will be fine I’m sure of it. Let’s not keep his lordship waiting any longer” Ava grinned. With that, they walked hand in hand down the staircase and entered the living room. Sebastian sat brainlessly flicking through television channels with a bottle of beer clutched tightly in one hand.

“Finally!” He huffed. ” I thought you two would never emerge. Ava how long does it take you to get ready? I mean really!” Ava blushed.

“Ahh it was worth the wait. You look stunning.” Oscar whispered, placing a hand on Ava’s shoulder. Sebastian pouted, he hated others whispering in his presence, but decided there was great need to break the rather awkward atmosphere between them.

“Come on Revs is awaiting our presence!” He smiled.With that Sebastian enthusiastically led the way, while the other two followed a couple of steps behind him hand in hand. They entered the bustling bar , rammed full of young adults all noisily waiting for their drinks to be served.  Eyeing the only small free table in the corner near some leather sofas, she led the way. They sat, Ava and Oscar engaged in friendly conversation, trying to include Sebastian in every subject.

“So has anyone looked at our assignments for this year?” Ava smiled. “I’m going to to into the library in the next couple of days and get the books I need to make a start.”

Oscar nodded. “You’re always so much more organised than I am. I’ve looked over the brief and I’ve made some notes. That’s about it.”

Ava smiled “Ahh that’s not bad. How about you Seb?”

Sebastian meanwhile had been staring vacantly at one of the quaint wall pictures in a brassy frame. “Hmmm what?”

Ava shook her head. “Honestly Seb! You’re not with us tonight. We were discussing the assignment.”

He shrugged. “Oh, I haven’t looked at it yet.” He glared at Oscar menacingly. Oscar jumped ever so slightly. What was wrong with him? Sebastian seemed so un easy about something. Normally he loved nothing more than to take the lead, as it would give him an opportunity to talk about his favourite subject, himself. An opportunity which he’d gladly bask in. Not tonight, his mind appeared to be wondering else-where.

To be continued….


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