“I’m not!” Sebastian snapped. “How am I insensitive? Some people just can’t handle the truth. Now can we do this Ouija board instead of just staring at it?!”

Oscar gazed at the floor. He was seeing a side of Sebastian which had never properly been unleashed before. Of course when a person keeps part of their personality concealed the tiniest glimpses start to show, the odd cruel infrequent comment, and snide remarks uncover subtle hints but sometimes it takes more for it to be fully unleashed. Oscar badly wanted to be out of the room, away from Sebastian’s glare but he daren’t leave, it would only cause another one of Sebastian’s outbursts .

“We don’t need the glass anyway” Oscar sighed “It comes with a planchette, the wooden pointer.”

“Place it on the board then” Sebastian ordered. Oscar did so not uttering so much as a word. “Now what?”

“Ava we need to place our finger on the planchette on top of the board.” They did so and waited for a matter of moments with little avail.

“Nothing’s happening” Ava sighed.

“Shhh!” Sebastian hissed, “Give it time, the board needs more time.”

Oscar sat in a defensive position with his arms wrapped around his knees squeezing them tightly to his chest. “Can I go first?” Sebastian queried. “After all I am the most up for this. Don’t let go of the planchette Ava whatever you do. Why isn’t it working?”

Oscar tutted. “Maybe it does need more people to take part. Fine, I’ll give it a go but I still think it’s a creepy concept.”

Sebastian’s face softened “Good man, that’s what I like to hear” Oscar placed his slim index finger upon the glass. Almost as if the board had been waiting for another contender, the glass began to move proceeding to spell the very first word on the bizarrely carved letters. W- the 3 of them gasped it jerked to E and continued to spell the remainder of the word. -L-C-O-M-E

“God! It’s actually welcoming us? How?” Oscar gasped.

“Shhhhh!” Sebastian’s eyes grew wider, shocked by the sudden movement of the wooden piece. “Ava and Oscar you were pushing it weren’t you?” They shook their heads. “Sebastian we’re focusing on you. Afterall what it’s spelling out at the moment is only aimed at you!”  Ava stated. The planchette jerked once more across the Ouija board. W-A-T-C-H

“Is that a threat?” Sebastian snapped completely un-nerved. “Oscar this is your idea of a sick joke isn’t it? Pretending to be all disinterested and then trying to scare the life out of Ava and I?”

“No I promise that I didn’t push it!” Oscar sounded exasperated, his heart pounded in his petrified, defined chest. Sebastian appeared clammy, his breathing increased.

“L-lets leave it for tonight.”

Oscar smiled. “Now who’s scared?”

“Oh Oscar shut up! I need a drink and quickly.” Oscar shivered at Sebastian’s statement. He despised those words more than anything, they reminded him of his unruly Mum bring the memory of her instantly into his troubled mind. Oscar shook his head.

“Well I’m a bit skint. I have enough money for food, that’s it.” Sebastian gritted his teeth, ‘Oscar’s lack of money always holds us back from everything’ he cursed in his mind and swung his head to the side to glare at Ava.


“Maybe tomorrow Seb. I’m tired now and I want to read over my notes.”

“FINE!” Sebastian thought momentarily. “What did the board mean by watch? I hope it doesn’t mean something is going to happen to my Rolex. It was a very expensive gift from my Dad.”

Oscar pursed his lips, materialistic comments like this niggled at his patience, but he was determined to clear the air and make amends. He felt a peace-offering was needed. “Nothing will happen to your watch. Tell you what we’ll go out tomorrow. You two can enjoy yourself and I just won’t drink to save money. How does that sound?” Sebastian was indeed satisfied with the offer, his pouting mouth finally cracking into a smile. He nodded happily, Ava smiled at him politely.

“Yeah okay it sounds like a decent plan. Can we put the Ouija board away now?” Ava slid the board back into its box and nothing more was said on the subject for the time being.

To be continued…..


7 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 11

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  3. I love the introduction of the Ouija board. It has always given stories ominous feelings coming out of the future. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the earlier parts of the story. Like reading this part now. It gives one a different perspective to the future events. If my eyes weren’t so tired I’d read on but, alas, I will have to wait until tomorrow night. Great going here. Interesting development on everyone’s personalities. 😀 Jk

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