Oscar felt it necessary to remove himself from the situation. He rose to his feet gently. “I’m going to ring my Mum to check she’s okay. I won’t be long.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes. “God any excuse Oscar. You’re such a wimp.”

Ava glared at him with sharp over-bearing eyes. “You’re so unsympathetic Sebastian! It’s important that he rings his Mum okay!” Oscar did not hear Ava’s outburst, as he had already returned to his bedroom. As he lay on his front on the bed and dialled the number, he could hear the faint sound of his house phone on the other end ringing 8 times, each bleeping sound becoming more and more nerve-wracking. Finally a small voice answered the phone.

“Hello?” Janet croaked.

“Hiya Mum. It’s Oscar, I was just giving you a quick ring to check that you’re okay.”

“I don’t need checking upon. I’m an adult”

Oscar sighed. “I know Mum, but I care that’s all.” From what Oscar could gather Janet seemed relatively sober. Maybe she hadn’t found the alcohol he had hidden from her yet. Hopefully her supplies were running lower Oscar thought.

“Anyway, this year of university is going fine so far. Do you still have enough food in and everything?”

“Yes” Janet’s response was vague and heartless. A lump rose to Oscar’s dry throat sensing that his Mother was not welcoming the phone call.

“Okay Mum. I’ll leave you in peace now, any problems please ring me or the neighbours. I love you. Bye.”

The phone went dead on the other end. Oscar walked shakily down the stairs, re-seating himself with a heart as heavy as a lump of lead. Ava stroked his pale cheek immediately sensing his dramatic mood change.

“Oscar is everything okay? With your Mum I mean.” Oscar did not reply but placed one hand to the side of his face, leaning upon the bent elbow propped up on the chair arm. Ava took his free hand and kissed it.

“It’s only natural for you to worry. Things could be far worse, at least she actually answered the phone.” Ava reassured. This was true Oscar thought. Janet could have had more than enough time to drink herself into a coma right now however; there was no denying that she needed further help. Oscar squeezed Ava’s slender hand.

“You’re so sensible” He smiled weakly.

Sebastian fidgeted groaning impatiently. “Are we going to have a look at this board or not? I literally can’t wait any longer. I’m dying to see what it actually knows! Ava? Oscar?

Oscar shrugged. “Whatever you want.” He whispered. The Ouija board was the least of his worries at this point in time, or so he thought.

Sebastian grinned. “Excellent!” He exclaimed. “Ava?”

“Fine, whatever floats your boat Seb.”

“Lovely it’s nice to have a bit of a say in something.”

Sebastian’s eyes danced as he gently pulled the lid from the nondescript box, revealing the object once more . The Ouija board was definitely a thing of beauty, yet deep mystery, perhaps something which shouldn’t be meddled with by people who have very little knowledge of such things.

“Where’s the glass from earlier, who touched it?”

“For God’s sake! It’s behind you Sebastian. It hasn’t moved from the place we put it 10 minutes ago!”  Oscar snapped. Ava squeezed his knee as a prompt for him to pacify his tone. Sebastian frowned un impressed at the underlying sharpness in Oscar’s voice.

“Don’t take your personal issues out on me! Get a grip Oscar!” Oscar felt an overwhelming sense of anger pulsating through his veins. ‘Issues!’  Oscar cursed in his troubled mind. ‘You couldn’t even begin to imagine you sheltered little shit!’ As a younger child Oscar may have verbally retaliated and now, a part of Oscar wanted to strike Sebastian down then and there in dire attempt to wipe that smug curling smile from his pampered face. Oscar bit his bottom lip instead and remained silent, although his knuckles whitened as his grip tightened upon the chair arms. He counted to 10 inhaling and exhaling discreetly, filling his lungs to the brim with fresh oxygen.

Ava intervened. “Oscar calm down okay and Sebastian shut up! That was harsh, you really are so insensitive sometimes.”

To be continued…..


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