Sebastian decided to take Ava up on her offer and upon arriving home, quickly cast his coat aside and plodded into the living room where Oscar and she were already planted upon the sofa. He gazed at them, tilting his head to one side in envy of their naive bliss.

“Ava can I borrow your notes?” Ava gently raised her head.

“Oh yeah sure Seb, they’re in my bag in there.” Ava pointed to the small angular cupboard under the stairs. Sebastian shivered; the small space was always hoatching with large spiders. He himself wouldn’t dare to leave any of his belongings in there. He eyed Ava’s small denim bag hanging on one of the pegs and grasped the note-book, avoiding the large sticky web intricately knitted in the corner of the space. In it lay the unfortunate dead victims of one of the many household spiders. The flies hung there in small white mummified bundles. Sebastian screwed up his nose and exited the cupboard.

“Found them! Can I take your notes upstairs? I can focus far better in the silence of my room.”

Ava nodded giving him her permission to do so and lay her head upon Oscar’s shoulder once more. Sebastian stomped back up the staircase to the sanctuary of his bedroom. Efficiently Sebastian noted down everything in his own way. Upon turning to the fifth page his heart sank. In the corner was a little diagram, it was Oscar’s name placed in the corner of a perfectly rounded love heart. ‘Jesus! That girl acts like a love-sick teenager, she’s obsessed with him’ he thought. ‘Why Oscar?’  Sebastian cursed. ‘I could offer her so much more and I’m from a  secure background.’  He had the niggling urge to tear the page out, but then that would be far too obvious. Sebastian sighed hopelessly and snapped the small notebook shut having completed his note taking. There was an overwhelming silence in the living room, normally it would be filled with the sound of Ava’s giggles. The pair were pouring over what seemed to be a board game. A suspicious Sebastian raised one eyebrow.

“What the hell is that?” On closer inspection the identity of the object became clearer.

“Christ is that some kind of voodoo practice?” A startled Oscar gasped echoing Sebastian’s tone and laying his chin upon Ava’s shoulder. The box had looked so plain, not giving any hint to what it actually contained.

Ava rolled her eyes. “Oscar relax, it’s a Ouija board. What’s up?  You were as cool as a cucumber a moment ago.”

“That’s because I had no clue what it was. God Ava! Are you mad? Where on earth did you get it?!”

“I found it in the summer.”

Sebastian turned a little paler. “Ava, I’m not sure if we should be messing about with things that we don’t fully understand.”

“Listen to you two old women! It’s probably just superstion. I don’t think I can do it without you. Can we at least take a proper look at it? You never know it might be fun!”

Oscar and Sebastian looked at each other. Oscar shook his head. “I’ll watch but you can completely count me out in doing it.”

Sebastian sighed deeply and then an idea crossed his mind, this might be a change to make a subtle dig at Oscar and regain some control. “I’m game if Oscar isn’t manly enough to do it with us then that’s his choice.”

Oscar shook his head. “I’m sorry I really don’t want to, not yet anyway. Like I said I’ll just observe.”

Ava carried the box to the small table in the dining room. Her nimble fingers placed the board to rest upon the flat surface. It was indeed beautifully crafted, a product of great workmanship. Ava ran into the kitchen and fetched a small tumbler glass.

“Are there instructions?” Oscar queried peering carefully at the unusual object. Sebastian shook his head.

“It doesn’t appear to be. They’re not complicated to do.”  His tone was very matter of fact, Ava and Oscar shrugged neither in agreement nor disagreement.  At long last Sebastian had been granted the chance  to take charge. It was there and then that he decided to fully bask in the opportunity .

To be continued….


3 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 9

  1. I don’t have any idea what Ava is doing with those two wankers… afraid of a Oujia board. Besides they are both losers… not taking pens or note books to class!
    (Notice my assimilation of the British language in my comment)

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