The following morning proved to be miserable as the unforgiving rain pounded down upon the un even flagstone pavement outside their house. Ava always being the earliest riser took full advantage of the fact that the bathroom was free and took a 20 minute leisurely shower to start her day. She stood there under the luxuriously warm water mulling in thoughts. After quickly dressing she crept quietly down the wooden staircase and eyed her un-packed food hamper which sat invitingly in the corner of the kitchen. Ava pulled open the black plastic lid  casting the top to one side she grasped the edge of her favourite strawberry crunch cereal which was carefully wedged in at the back. Her Auntie Olive didn’t stint on food that was for sure. On balancing her cereal upon the work surface. She clicked on the lime scale filled kettle which slowly began to bubble like a brewing potion. Ava made herself a strong coffee and pulled up a chair by the cheap kitchen table, desperate to have her morning caffeine fix.

The sound of gentle footsteps could be heard coming down the staircase. Oscar stood in the entrance of the kitchen, his hair looking ever so slightly damp and disheveled. Ava’s heart skipped a beat.

 Didn’t you have time to dry your hair Oscar?”

“I was going for the sexy natural look.” Oscar grinned his freshly brushed teeth dazzling. “I see that it was completely wasted on you Ava!”

“No not at all!” Ava gasped. Oscar laughed.

“Good! Is Seb not awake yet?”

Ava shook her head. “I haven’t seen him, you know what he’s like. He’s forever sleeping in!”

Oscar sighed “Even though he sets 3 alarms? I swear that guy must go into a coma. I’ll give him a knock, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Ava nodded. He plodded back upstairs and knocked 3 times upon Sebastian’s bedroom door.

Whaaaaaaat!?” Came the sleepy reply.

“Seb it’s 8.15 we’re setting off in 15 minutes hurry up or you’ll be late.”

“So? Does it matter?”

 “In this instance yes! Don’t take too long getting ready or you’ll make us all miss the start of our lecture.”

“Okay okay! Who are you my Dad? Chill man.

Oscar sighed. On re-entering the kitchen he rolled his eyes at Ava who giggled and beamed at him mischievously.

“Oscy I haven’t had my morning kiss!”

“Morning kiss? Whenever did we ever start that?” He laughed holding her close and gently kissing her full, beautifully formed lips.

“Jesus! Will you two find a room!” Came a grumpy voice in the back ground, making the pair jump.

“Oh look whose risen from the dead! Lighten up moody git!” Ava joked, staring at a sleepy Sebastian over Oscar’s sloping shoulder. He rolled his eyes at her.

“For gods sake are you two ready?! ” Sebastian continued.

“Erm I think you’ll find we were waiting for you mate. Wind your neck in!” Oscar sighed. An unimpressed Sebastian pouted like a spoiled child, but said nothing. An unexplained feeling of frustration seemed to circulate within his insides, he turned his back to them as the tears prickled in his eyes. Sebastian grabbed his leather jacket which was draped carefully over the bottom stair banister.

The 3 friends made their way towards Chester University. It was a fairly scenic walk through the quaint historical streets of the old town. They meandered without a care through the ancient side streets. Ava and Oscar walked arm in arm, while Sebastian walked one step behind them like an outcast. He buried his hands deep into his pockets in attempt to protect them from the harsh wind. Not particularly paying attention, he narrowly missed a lamp-post by a matter of inches, jumped and tiptoed around it looking flushed. Oscar and Ava couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

“Sebastian look where you are going! You’re going to knock yourself out or fall over if you carry on!”

“I’m tired!” He grumbled.

“We noticed!” Oscar chuckled.

“You’re more of an evening person aren’t you Seb! Well I have something which might be interesting to do this afternoon. It’s sort of a game!” Ava stated.

Ava offered Sebastian her free arm which he took gladly, the corner of his mouth curled ever so slightly into half a smile . With no further ado, the 3 friends walked arm in arm towards the University of Chester.

To be continued…..


4 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 7

  1. Is every tea kettle in England lime scaled??? I’m still mad at Oscar for not cleaning his mother’s or at least buying her a new one… although it appears she does not have time for tea.

    Oh dear. Sebastian is jealous. Not a good housing arrangement… a couple, even if they say they are not, and a third roommate. I like that.

    Now, Sophie Bowns… I have to go write something of my own today… I shall return for Part 9… wow, lots to go.

    1. Nope! Just ones which are allowed to be. To be honest, when they get to that state, you’re best throwing your kettle out and buying a new one!
      Yes, I think Sebastian is very jealous, and as they say, three’s a crowd!

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