Oscar sat in a vacant daze upon the sofa not really engaging in much conversation. His troubled, tired mind was swimming full of other more important thoughts, ones of his Mum. It was true that he probably need not worry as other family members and the few friends she had left would be checking up on her daily while he was away, but this was beside the point he thought. She was almost incapable of looking after herself and Oscar couldn’t help but fret about her well-being. What if something happened to her while he wasn’t there? He felt the need to ring his home phone but then quickly decided against it. After all, it was now after midnight. Oscar had taken care to rid the cupboards of any dangerous substances while he was away the anti-freeze in particular. He shuddered at the thought at what it might do to someone’s insides should they drink it, it would mean liver failure almost for certain.  Ava who had been making Oscar a drink as promised in the kitchen crouched gently beside him and placed the warm mug into his icy fingers, breaking his cynical chain of thoughts. Oscar smiled and laid his head gently upon her shoulder. How he craved human contact, a warm hug was what he needed to take the sharp edge off his sadness.

“Thanks Ava.” She swiftly kissed his cheek and placed her arm around his neck.

“Oscar are you sure that nothing is the matter? You seem so distant!”

Oscar slowly nodded and cleared his throat. “I’m fine, just really tired and needing my bed! I always get really exhausted after long drives.”

“Are you absolutely positive that nothing more serious is bothering you?”

“No, really I’m okay.” He lied, the aching empty space inside of him yet to be filled. Ava was always so supportive but he didn’t like to say much in front of Sebastian. Sometimes his words could be harsh and unforgiving. He just didn’t understand after having such a straight forward life style (or so most people thought) . Oscar certainly wasn’t in the right mind-set to listen to any of that. Not tonight anyway.

Ava sighed unconvinced. “Okay but you know you can always talk to me if something is worrying you. Well I have something which might interest us all tomorrow. The weather forecast is absolutely rubbish so it will be something to do after our morning lecture. I’m off to bed! Good night!”

“Night Ava” They echoed.

Upon being in the safety of the bedroom, Ava pulled out the white box from her suitcase and placed it upon the cheap synthetic carpet. She knew full well what the item was, but was very unsure of why and how it had been in her Aunt and Uncle’s loft. She opened a corner and gazed suspiciously inside, a smooth gleaming wooden board which looked something of witchcraft. Ava was particularly cynical about such things. It would be a bit of fun for them tomorrow she thought. It could be something to pass the time on yet another rainy afternoon.

To be continued….


5 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 6

  1. Ouija Board!!! Hence… Planchette!

    I’m thinking Oscar is a bit of a wuss, but the conversation and why he wouldn’t tell Ava what was bothering him was very real.

    1. Yes! Indeed 😉
      I’m not sure how relevant the title is now, once you read into the much later parts you might see why. I might eventually consider changing the title. Aha! I’m glad that you found the conversation realistic!

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