Oscar’s full attention was upon the motorways. Then it happened; bumper to bumper traffic stretching for around 5 miles or so. Wonderful! ‘This is the very last thing I need’ Oscar cursed angrily drumming his fingers upon the steering wheel. A part of him hoped that there hadn’t been a terrible accident and that the awful conjunction was due to bad road works. The old car engine coughed and spluttered desperately. Oscar knew full well that the vehicle was on its last legs. ‘Don’t do this, not now, not here’ he prayed silently. The traffic continued with little avail, Oscar decided that the best way to find out what was happening was via the radio. It was no use, he was out of signal. How is this possible? He thought. Still, now was not the time or place to become angry or frustrated. He decided upon using a couple of relaxation techniques he had been taught as part of an anger management course. Breathe in white light and breathe out black smoke. He repeated this 5 times and immediately felt better. He drummed his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel and flicked the heating on in attempt to warm his ice box car.

Sebastian and his Dad Zane were first to arrive having set off early enough to escape the hideous onset of traffic. The student house seemed odd, almost abandoned. It was true, it hadn’t been accommodated for around 3 months while they had all been on their holidays. Now the October weather was starting to take it’s toll on the property. On entering the living room Sebastian immediately noticed a damp patch appearing behind a gap in the bookshelf which was nailed sturdily to the wall.

“Great !” He sighed. “Look at that damp patch already!”

“Don’t worry Seb!” His Dad reassured kindly. “Put the heating on and it will soon dry out. You should let your landlord know though. He might have a dehumidifier to sort it.”

Sebastian nodded. “I’ll give him a ring first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the lift Dad and please drive safely.”

His Dad nodded, gave him a swift manly hug and exited out the door. As the house was empty Sebastian took it upon himself to give the house a quick hoover. After all, it is quite surprising just how much dust a house can collect after a matter of weeks.  He clicked the thermostat on to 18 degrees in desperate attempt to cure the damp problem. Around half an hour later there was a knock at the door. Ava and Olive stood chirpily in the entrance.

“Hi dude I’ve missed you!” Ava exclaimed, throwing her arms around Sebastian’s cold neck. Sebastian grinned feeling valued and hugged Ava in return.

“I missed you too! Where’s my Oscy?”Ava joked.

“Oh Oscar isn’t here yet. I think he must still be stuck in traffic.”

“Ah yes. I heard there was a conjunction the way he was coming, road works or something. Well I have no energy to unpack much tonight. We should wait up for him.”

“Good idea.”

The pair waited up with a hot chocolate to warm their cold hands, not bothering to unpack and chatting happily about their holidays. At long last there was a gentle knock upon the front door. Ava lept up from the sunken sofa and ran to greet him. Oscar stood there with a half-smile upon his face.

“Oscar! We thought you’d been eaten by wolves or something!” She laughed, gently taking him by the hand and leading him into the hallway.

“Jesus! You’re freezing. I hope you don’t catch your death. Come and sit in the living room I’ll make  you a hot chocolate to warm you up.” Oscar nodded through chattering teeth, it was true. He was indeed chilled to the bone.

“There are no wolves in England.” He smiled weakly, seating himself in the shabby second hand armchair. Once again the three friends were re united.

To be continued….


3 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 5

    1. p.s. I heard that word ‘erm’ from a British lass I read. Previously, I’ve only seen it in graphic novels. It appeared in theThe Watchman quite a bit. I hope I used it correctly.

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