Oscar recalled the horror stories he’d heard of University life regarding mold filled bathrooms and damp peeling wallpaper. As far as Oscar was concerned he was already living in the nightmare. His Dad Lee had left 6 months previously, a potentially dangerous man with a fiery temper never thinking twice about resolving to use his fists in a heated situation. Lee dipped in and out of rehab pathetically like a biscuit in tea to attempt to mend his broken jigsaw life back together.


In Surrey, Ava sat staring into the small mirror upon her dressing table, cursing the non- existent frown lines upon her troubled forehead . She yearned for Oscar’s company. Without him she felt practically incomplete. Her model-like figure would have made her very appealing to the eye and male species had it not been hidden under the dumpy ‘2 sizes too big’ jumpers that she wore. Ava could never see her natural beauty, she  was always the first to point out a non-existing fault, an invisible cellulite or a minuscule spot. At Sixth Form things were especially awkward with classes filled with self-obsessed males who only gawped at the blonde haired, make-up plastered girls who barely had a brain cell between them. Ava shook her head at the memory and went to join her Aunt and Uncle who were already quietly seated at the breakfast table. She sauntered downstairs where a place was set for her with a delicious cooked breakfast resting upon the place mat. Ava’s Auntie Olive beamed at her.

“Good morning love! I made you a fry up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so eat up!”

Ava nodded and smiled in agreement, smiling in return as she eyed the delicious meal. She made no hesitation and tucked in hungrily. As she bent slightly over the table, her silver saint Christopher necklace fell from where it was carefully tucked into her striped polo neck jumper and swung from the silver chain like a pendulum. Her nimble fingers placed it back behind the material. It had belonged to her late Mother and her Grandmother before her. Slowly but surely it was becoming a family heirloom.

Sebastian being the oldest of the trio thought himself the most sensible and worldly-wise, maybe it was so but this will only become clear as the tale unfolds. Sebastian was a promising scholar with a linguistic flair for French, it was only natural for him to want to pursue a career teaching the subject, having taken a year out to travel across France and becoming fluent in the language. Socially he felt like a misfit at school, his head was too deeply buried in the latest Science Fiction novel or Ancient History book to show an interest in having a social life. University had proven hard, his other housemates had been keen to go to the local Chester bars and clubs when all he wanted to do was study. Often he’d say no and eventually secluded himself from the rest of his friendship group. The most important person in Sebastian’s life was himself.

He gazed in the mirror carefully eyeing his fine reflection, he turned to the side to reveal a beautiful side profile and a wide smile slowly spread across his fine face. Once slightly gawky looking, Sebastian now had some age on his side, his baby-faced features were turning into beauty. His piercing blue eyes undoubtedly striking. Being blessed with brains and looks, Sebastian could have any girl he wished.

Sebastian’s fine bedroom was filled to the brim with the latest gadgets and expensive clothing. His salt and pepper haired Dad Zane being a successful businessman was never short of money being the proud owner of 2 flourishing furniture companies. On the other hand his Mum Bianca refused to work. According to her one wage coming into the family was enough yet she seemed to take great pleasure in spending all of her husband’s money. Weekly she would go for manicures, pedicures and unnecessary facials. Of course Sebastian never questioned anything she did but it infuriated him all the same.

He was organised, all his clothing was carefully packed into his Antler suitcases and was propped up against the radiator downstairs ready to fit into the back of his Dad’s Lamborghini, it was a tight squeeze, but at long last all his belongings were inside.  Sebastian grinned at Zane.

“Well that was lucky! I wasn’t convinced that it was all going to fit!”

“Course it was! Are you nervous about second year?” Zane queried.

“I need to knuckle down a bit. I should be fine.” Sebastian nodded, reassuring himself that everything was going to be fine. Zane smiled in agreement. Sebastian had a fine brain, he had every confidence in his intelligent son. His eyes gazed forward-looking in strong focus towards the motorway. All 3 friends traveled towards their destination, completely oblivious to anything.

To be continued


8 thoughts on “Planchette -Part 3

  1. I am not sure who is who here. I think there should have been some little stars between Ava and Sebastian, as I think there are three parts to this chapter. I’m not sure if those two are sibs, cousins or friends. I think Oscar, Ava, and Sebastian are friends all going to a new place to live while at college.

    1. Oh, btw… loved this line of yours… dipped in and out of rehab pathetically like a biscuit in tea. Also, I was under the impression that Oscar’s father had died… maybe not?

  2. A good start to the book. Back history well filled in. I already like Sebastian & Ava doesn’t appear as we know she does later on. Oscar had a rough way to go. His mum is pretty pathetic at this point. It is too bad. Can’t wait to find out more. See you tomorrow. Not so late. Well, time to feed the kits & off to sleep. Great start, Sophie. 😀 Jennifer

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