This year’s summer had been a particularly strange one. A chance meeting had blessed him with new friends and Oscar longed to escape back to the safety of Chester, far away from his broken London home. Oscar sighed deeply one particular morning, rolling over onto his side and gazing reluctantly at his Argos value digital alarm clock. 6AM, ‘why on earth am I awake at this time?’ he groaned pulling his thin duvet over his head in attempt to sleep for longer . It was impossible to mask the small crack of light which seeped through the curtains. Concerned as always, Oscar wondered where his Mother might be. Her whereabouts often remained a mystery. He pulled on his dressing gown, creeping down the stained staircase,tutting as the usual sight met his eyes. His Mum Janet lay slumped across the table with an empty bottle of the cheapest paint stripper tasting Vodka in one hand. A pool of liquid seeped underneath her chair falling from its spout creating a sticky mess. Janet always placed her vodka bottles in the freezer, causing the liquid to become viscous and weakening the putrid, concentrated taste. She must have only drunk half Oscar thought. Still, drinking that quantity of neat vodka was never to be advised.

He grabbed a handful of kitchen roll and placed it over the spillage. Janet snored drunkenly, appearing to be comatose. How is Mum going to cope when I leave home now that Dad is no longer here? He worried. Janet had always being an emotional drunk. Since the age of 16 in fact, when her troubles first began. She used alcohol in attempt to mask the memories of the cruel hardships in her life. Oscar picked up the sticky bottle neck, placing it into the green recycling box which was evidently half-full with alcohol bottles. He had only emptied it 3 days previously. Oscar, now fully wide awake plodded over to the corner of the work surface, brewing the lime scale filled kettle. The mesh on the spout was torn and the revolting lime scale floated through the spout and into the mug. He used a teaspoon to fish out the bits the best he could, plodding back up the stairs and returning to the safety of his room.

Oscar’s second hand Nokia phone vibrated loudly, creeping across his work surface. He picked it up cautiously. The message read: ‘Hey couldn’t sleep! Sorry if I woke you. I’ll be back in Chester at about 12, Harry is dropping off our new keys then. See you soon! A x’ A broad smile spread across Oscar’s face. It was from Ava, a girl he’d first laid eyes upon in first year, they’d had trouble uttering a sentence to one another on their first meeting. After a heart to heart conversation one drunken night out, Oscar felt that Ava understood him more than anyone else, she never judged. He quickly typed an enthusiastic reply. ‘Glad you were thinking about me! I was already awake. See you at 12. X’

Rain! It was still raining heavily as Oscar sighed and gazed out of his window to witness the deluge of water bouncing across the cemented terrace pathways upon the narrow street. The powerful rivers of water gathered the carelessly scattered crisp packets distributing them further down the alleyways. In the corner of his room, Oscar’s suitcase sat surrounded by his other few belongings encased in plastic Aldi bags. The first year of University had been a blast, now it was really time to knuckle down. He smiled at the memory of the vast quantity of belongings. Of course everyone had brought their own pots and pans resulting in quadruple the quantity of utensils. The cupboards had struggled to hold all of the items and in fact the middle shelf had cracked under the sheer weight of the plates and cups. Oscar laughed as he recalled the memory of Ava scrambling into the empty chip board cupboard once it had been cleared and refusing to come out for around half an hour. That girl was quite a character to say the least.

To be continued…..


40 thoughts on “Planchette – Part 1

  1. Really solid writing! You managed to convey a lot in a short space of time, I can really feel like I know Oscar and his troubles already 🙂

    Well done!


      1. Not at all 🙂 if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, would there be any possibility of you reblogging a little bit of my writing; I’m very new to this whole blogging thing and am trying to build up a little bit of a following. Sorry for being so forward!

  2. Noticed you in my notifications. Am new to WordPress, but managed to find my way to your blog. Began reading Planchette – Part 83. It captured me enough to find myself reading from the beginning. Am a bookworm. Will look forward to reading more. Cheers.

  3. You have been quite kind to me, Sophie. I’ve been thinking, and the least I could do is take Planchette in between jobs. I may drop in remarks here and there throughout the months of writing you’ve done. Take Care!

  4. I’ve just started this from the begining 🙂 I’ve read a few of the latest ones and thought right going to have to buckle down and definitely give this a read! Love it so farrrr!! x

  5. It took me while to find this.I just read a few of the latest parts and thought I should check it out. Looks great. So, here we go.

  6. Hi Sophie. Thanks for visiting surreyKitchen. I read the first part of this story this evening and thought that it was really well written. The last part was especially evocative. Your descriptions transported me back to the kitchen I shared at university. My blog is obviously about cooking but I also write fiction. I just haven’t had the guts to post any yet. I am about 9 chapters into a novel for young adults. It is interesting to see a WordPress blog being used as a way to get feedback for your fiction. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hello Emma, thank you so much (I’ve followed your blog) I’ve loved writing ‘Planchette’ hope you like it!
      I love cooking etc, so I found your blog really interesting 🙂

  7. Sophie – I can always count on you to like the jargon I post (you’re too kind). I’m beginning my Planchette journey today…it appears I have some work to do =) Thanks friend.

  8. Good writing! I am no writer, but I have things to tell. First saw I had messages after updating my last post within last hour or two. During editing/updating I stumbled upon my notices, had not explored my messages on WordPress, I am glad I have.

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