Theodore flopped back against the pillows. Bonnie adjusted the cushions to support Theodore’s back and stroked the loose chestnut lock of hair which clung stubbornly to the right hand side of his damp cheek, putting it back into place.

“I wish we had something to eliminate your pain. Does your physician do nothing but bleed you?! Surely he could give you something? “

Theodore shook his head, his brow soaked in sweat. Bonnie dipped a cloth into cool water and dabbed it ever so gently, bringing Theodore comfort. The cloth remained there for a couple of moments. As Bonnie touched Theodore’s hand, she jumped, it was freezing cold. How could this be so? She thought. Surely the temperature of his hands would match the one of his burning brow. Bonnie warmed his delicate hand in hers, pressing it against the warmth of her neck.

“Theodore you have a worsening head fever, yet your body seems chilled. Might I pull back the blankets ever so slightly?” Theodore nodded. Bonnie rolled back the many blankets, so that they just covered him just below his shoulder blades.

“You need rest. Shall I leave you in peace?”

Theodore shook his head, the thought of Bonnie leaving his side pained him deeply. He yearned for her company in his final hours more than anything. Tears pooled in his vacant eyes, weighing them down. The salty water dripped onto his prominent cheekbones, silently falling onto his chest. Bonnie tenderly wiped them away with a clean handkerchief, kissing his salty cheek.

“I’m so sorry Theodore. I did not mean to upset you. Of course I shall stay, but you must sleep now. I promise that I will remain beside you until your awakening.

“Yes, please stay with me until I am sleeping, I apologise, I’m a little more emotional of late. I have a request Bonita. Would you remove the blue sapphire ring from my right hand, it meant a great deal to me. I wish to entrust it to you as a token of our friendship.

Bonnie was over-run with emotions. She folded back part of the coverlet and placed his right hand in hers, so that she might admire the piece of fine jewelry. It was a stunning ring indeed, with an exquisite sapphire teardrop shaped stone, encrusted with diamonds. She gently twisted it, slipping it from Theodore’s finger and placing it on her own.

“Dear Theodore, it is a beauty thank you. But whatever will your parents say? It must have cost a great deal.” Bonnie questioned.

“I told Mother it is now yours, my most treasured possession. A pleasure as always. I love you Bonita my dear friend. Please think of me when you wear it?” He whispered.

“I could never forget you! How could you ever think of such a thing. All the wonderful hours we spent together! I will remember you always!”

“I am glad. You mean the world to me Bonita, in my foolish young mind I should have liked to have married you one day. I was wondering, just request. Might I lay in your arms?”

“Yes. I would have accepted your proposal my dear Theodore, I feel that over the time we have spent together we have grown close, slowly becoming kindred spirits.”

Bonnie quickly obeyed, holding Theodore against her, gently enclosing him in her gentle arms. He closed his eyes as Bonnie cradled him, comforting Theodore, the side of their faces pressing together. The slight prickle of Theodore’s chin felt sharp against her smooth cheek. He sighed ever so softly, resting his head upon the side of her neck, his breathing slowing by the second. An unexplained feeling of serenity filled the bedchamber, the pair overwhelmed by a sense of calmness.

A north wind blew through the winding corridors of the palace, searching for somebody to take with it. A beautiful young man with wavy hair and structured cheekbones. Bonnie held Theodore closer still, kissing his forehead devotedly . He sighed gazing up at Bonnie with those beautiful yet lifeless eyes, a last procrastinating breath slipping from his blue-hued lips. Theodore faded away into tranquility. He and the North wind had discovered each other.



12 thoughts on “Royal Seclusion Part 26 (The conclusion)

      1. I don’t think you should consider Theodore as a re-draft. Maybe as a script or play based upon the original story: Royal Seclusion. I think you should publish Royal Seclusion as a novella. You could incorporate Jane into it as a new prologue perhaps. Just a thought. 🙂

      2. There are some new elements to Theodore, I must admit…especially Jane’s character…As for the ending…I think you could develop it a lot. I enjoyed reading your work…keep it up! 🙂

      3. Use a bit of foreshadowing…when he drifts in and out of consciousness for example they may be a sense of beckoning from the north wind, or an elusive dream.

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