The elegant Queen held her son’s hand much to Theodore and Bonnie’s amazement.

“Mother!” he whispered. “You are here! Where is Father?”

“I thought it best to leave him be for the time being, he needed time alone.”

“Very well.”

Bonnie spoke : “I feel I should leave you two for a while.” Theodore’s face fell, but he reluctantly agreed.

“Please return in no more than half an hour.” His voice sounded so broken, like his throat was lodged with shards of glass scratching its surface. He coughed, it was a hacking un nerving sound. Bonnie quickly held her clean handkerchief to his mouth. Once again there was blood spattered upon it, this time a great deal more. A hard lump came to Bonnie’s throat.

“My dear I promise I will return quickly.” Bonnie planted a gentle kiss on his forehead and returned to her own room. She crouched by her bed, praying that Theodore might make a miraculous recovery.

“Please god. Theodore is my dear friend, he is so young and such a wonderful young man. I am begging you! Do not take him away from us. Amen.”

The following morning came as a shock, a horrible bitter reality. Prince Theodore lay propped against his fresh pillows, breathing ever so softly. Queen Evangeline was at his side, her face looked longer and thinner than usual, she was filled with deep concerns. Bonnie curtsied. Queen Evangeline smiled.

“Good morning Bonita did you sleep well?”

“I slept well enough, thank you your highness. How is he?”

“Theodore was telling me how much he wished to see you. Now that you are here I’m sure that it will bring him great happiness. I’ll leave you both now.”

Theodore sensed that his dear Bonnie was in the room and held out his hand which she took gladly. Bonnie smiled fondly at him.

“So glad you’re here.” He whispered.

Bonnie jumped, presuming that he would be sleeping. “How are you?”

“I am not so well I fear. My arm is very painful, it aches greatly. Please would you pull back my sleeve to see whatever the matter is?”

“Yes of course. Oh god no!” Bonnie exclaimed. It was true Bonnie’s worst fears were concerned as she gently rolled back Theodore’s loose sleeve there was a white bandage tied around his arm.

“Why did you let your physician bleed you?! It is the worst possible thing that can be done! In the past I witnessed the damage it causes with my own eyes!” Bonnie snapped.

“Please don’t be cross Bonita. I don’t recall when it was done.”

“You did not grant permission for him to bleed you?!”

“I did not.”

“I’m sorry Theodore, I didn’t mean to comment in such a sharp manner. It came as such a frightful shock to me. It is not my place to speak to you in such a way.”

Theodore sighed.

“May I have a look under the bandage?”

Theodore nodded feebly, granting Bonnie permission. Her hands trembled somewhat as she undid the tied ends. It was true, as clear as day a large, slightly swollen bruise, surrounded an incision in the inner fold of his pale skin upon his arm. Bonnie let out a deep sob and unthinkingly placed her head upon Theodore’s feeble chest. Sensing her grief, he gently stroked her fiery hair offering her comfort.

“Hush now don’t cry. It is not so bad, you have nothing to fear. I will be fine.”

Bonnie continued to weep sensing the coldness of Theodore’s chest next to the side of her face. Why was he always so cold to the touch?

“Bonita,  there is something very important that I feel I must do as son of the King and Queen. I would very much like to make a public speech. I feel that I have secluded myself from my people for far too long. I shudder to think at what they must think of me. They probably regard me as being rather ignorant I expect.”

“Oh Theodore, no one could ever think of such a thing. They may think of you as an unhappy soul perhaps. I feel it would be a very good idea however, you have no strength left to make any kind of speech . Where would one normally make the announcement?”

“I could find a way, although I do not feel I have the strength to leave my bed.”

“Yes I agree. We shall have to see what can be done and as soon as possible.” Bonnie planted a swift kiss upon Theodore’s aching brow as he smiled, contented that there might be a way that he could make amends to the public.

To be continued…


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