Bonnie rushed to Theodore’s side, sensing that his coughing fit was more serious than usual. He was very off-colour and only semi conscious.

“Oh my god my poor friend. Oh Theodore!” 

It was true this time, as plain as the eye could see there was fresh blood. Not a great deal, but enough to raise concern and now it was spattered evidently upon his cotton pillow case. Bonnie shook him gently, Prince Theodore’s eye lids flickered as he attempted to open his vacant eyes.

“I have a horrid metallic taste in my mouth.” he mumbled.

“I know, here take some water.” Bonnie held the glass to him and he drank the liquid gratefully. Bonnie wiped the small trickle of blood from the corner of Theodore’s mouth. A feeling of horror filled Bonnie from head to toe.

“My god! Where has the blood come from?”

“I don’t know. ” Theodore stated sullenly, sighing deeply and turning on his side, facing the very concerned Bonnie. “Bonita please sit with me for a while.”

“I am not going to leave you, are you in much pain?”

“I am glad. My chest and rib cage ache, but that is all.”

“Theodore has this ever happened before,the blood I mean?”

“No, never.”

“Your majesty I have another question.”

“Go on. Always so full of queries.” he whispered. “I always feel so inclined to tell you everything truthfully.”

“How long have you been ill? I feel you have endured a great deal, it pains me to see you like this. From what illness do you really suffer?”

“Hush now”

“Do your Mother and Father know?”

“Yes they know I have been ill for sometime.”

Bonnie nodded. “I’m deeply sorry.”

“What for?”

“To see you like this, enduring so much pain and suffering.”

“I don’t want your pity” He sighed and turned sharply away from her to face in the opposite direction.

“Theodore please don’t do this!” Bonnie’s tone was exasperated. “Don’t shut me out!”

“I am increasingly sleepy.” he mumbled.

“Shall I go?” Bonnie queried gazing at him feeling completely crestfallen.

“No, I’m sorry once more. I hear the sadness in your voice, I have been a fool. Stay please.” He sensed Bonnie’s warm fingers against his back, they soothed his aching body, bringing gentle comfort to his aching limbs.

“On second thoughts it wouldn’t do to leave you alone in case you have another coughing fit.”

“Hmmm. Bonita please don’t tell my mother about this incident, my physician will only bleed me. They believe that it is bad blood in my body that is causing my illness but I do not know how this can be so.”

“Bad blood?”

“Yes, something to do with the works of Galen, a theory of his called the four humers. A method he used to keep the human body in balance or so he thought.”

“You are very intelligent your majesty. No I shall tell no-one, I strongly feel that blood-letting only makes matters worse. Very well.”

“Thank you, when I was sighted I used to read a great deal. I had a fine tutor.”

Bonnie began to sing another lullaby which her Mother used to sing to her as a child. “Go away from our fairies.”

“Baloo baleerie, baloo, baleerie, baloo, baleerie, baloo balee. 
Gang a wa peerie fairies, 
Gang a wa peerie fairies, 
Gang a wa peerie fairies frae oor ben noo.”

“Beautiful.” He mumbled. Theodore shivered unable to maintain the heat within his battling body. Bonnie sensed this and tucked his bed sheets around him more tightly.

“Bonnie, as it is not such a ridiculous hour now might I speak with Mother?”

“Of course do you know where she might be?”

“I have no clue, but I very much wish to speak with her ….alone.”

Bonnie planted a swift kiss on his icy cold cheek. “I shan’t be long my friend.”

Bonnie paced rapidly along the grand corridors in search for her. Queen Evangeline was found to be seated in her main parlour. On Bonnie’s first glimpse of her from the doorway, she appeared weary and sleep deprived. Bonnie knocked and  performed a low curtsy. “Your majesty I’m very sorry to interrupt, Prince Theodore wishes to speak with you alone. I am afraid….” Tears gathered in Bonnie’s eyes. “I feel we have little time, it’s important to him.” Queen Evangeline remaining silent, followed Bonnie to where Prince Theodore lay resting.

To be continued….


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