Bonnie felt it improper being in Prince Theodore’s room unannounced. Bonnie watched the young Prince as he breathed peacefully, his chest rising and falling. His slightly unkempt hair flopped to one side upon his pillows. She did not wish to wake him he looked far too comfortable for that. Just a few minutes later the dream seemed to end and he sensed Bonnie’s presence.

“Who is there?” Theodore whispered, sounding slightly concerned.

“It is just me, Bonnie.”

“Oh. How long have I been in your company?”

“Just a matter of minutes your majesty. ” Bonnie reassured him.

“Oh, I am not accustomed to having people watch me sleep.”

“S-sorry. You looked very peaceful.”

“Hmm no matter. I am very glad that you are here. I was having an interesting dream. You were in it in fact.” he paused. “It is strange. I have had efficient sleep, but I feel the great need to close my eyes once more.”

Bonnie nodded. “You haven’t eaten for a while. I feel that it is not helping the situation. Would you like me to fetch you some breakfast? I think you should eat something.”

“I am not hungry.”

“Please Theodore eat something, you need to try to regain your strength.”

“Please don’t force me.” He pleaded. “I don’t think I could possibly stomach anything at this point in time.”

Bonnie sighed “As you wish. If you feel able for some toast later, Mother sent you a package containing her homemade jam. It is a gift.”

“Ah your Mother is very kind, thank you. I shall see whether I feel like some later if I may.”

“Very well. I think you should take some water, your throat is dry I can tell.

“Yes, please.” Theodore nodded in agreement. Bonnie poured him the water and assisted him. He took slow and feeble sips, enough to momentarily quench his constant thirst. On finishing his final mouthful, Theodore appeared breathless.

“Thank you I have had enough. Coming back to our conversation Bonita, what is your biggest fear? I told you mine, you did not reveal yours. Pray tell me.”

“Biggest fear?” Bonnie echoed. “Well like many your majesty, I believe I fear death and have done ever since I was a wee girl. Sorry, little girl. I’m not sure what I believe, except for I live in hope that we go to a better place.”

Theodore nodded. “I don’t know how I feel about god, I seem to have lost faith in him some time ago, but no matter.”

“Were you very ill?” Bonnie referred to the illness which had cruelly snatched Theodore’s sight from him, the tale was known to the majority of the kingdom.

“Yes, they feared I would die, I remember very little. I was so feverish, delirious in fact, that most memories of it escape me. I’m glad I did not die as I’m sure that I would not have gone to heaven.”

Bonnie gasped. “Whatever makes you say that?”

“I was a horrid person.”

“No not horrid, a little rude and selfish if I may say so, but that is no reason to be condemned to hell! You are much changed now.”

Theodore thought. “Hmm. Perhaps. My what a morbid topic! Anyhow, it is very lucky that I met you, I believe it was fate. You are as feisty as I am, if not more. I needed someone to show me the reality of what I was doing to myself.” Theodore smiled. “I believe that the subject choice was my doing! Hmm how about schooling? I can tell that you received a decent education, you are very learned.”

“It was ample your majesty. It was a small village school with only 70 pupils. I worked very hard. I should like to be a governess one day, but misfortune meant that I could not become one at the time originally planned.”

Theodore looked alarmed. “Really? What misfortunes?”

“Father died.” she said sullenly.

“Good lord I had no idea. I just assumed….”

“Yes Mother and I miss him. We were all very close.”

Theodore looked saddened. “I am so sorry for your loss.” He said in a gentle whispered tone, hastily changing the subject. “I have very much enjoyed our conversation. You are a fascinating woman Bonita!”

Bonnie smiled. “Like wise , except you are a man!” The pair laughed. “Goodnight sire. Are you sure that you are quite well?”

“Yes I am fine.  Pleasant dreams Bonita!”


In Bonnie’s dream, a vision of herself flashed before her very eyes. She was clad in white, why white? Bonnie questioned in her subconscious mind. It was not a wedding dress, she thought. It looked more to be a nurses uniform with a starched white apron. Where was she? Bonnie envisioned herself walking through large doors similar to the ones leading to the palace drawing-room, carved elegant structures. Oh it was Theodore, he ran through the doors energetically coming towards her. He appeared strong and well. No wait, what was happening? What was that falling? A river of blood trickled from his nose and mouth, he was crying, tears streamed down his pale cheeks. Bonnie stood before Theodore in her dream. He slumped to the floor. Unable to breathe, his oxygen starved lips were turning blue before Bonnie’s very eyes! He was choking uncontrollably. The blood was congealed upon his white shirt. Bonnie turned her back to him, why was she doing this? ‘Bonnie don’t abandon him!’ Her unconscious mind shrieked.

Bonnie awoke, fraught and dramatically gasping for breath. There was a cold dew creasing across her brow.  Thank the lord it was only a dream, Bonnie sighed. No wait what was that? Some of the dream appeared to be in fact a reality, Theodore really was coughing.

To be continued…..


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