The play to be performed was “A Mid Summers Night Dream.” The small group of 5 Thespian actors were sent with great haste to the Palace and shown to the room by a rather anxious Rettie, who had been positioned polishing glasses in the huge hallway. They knocked carefully and entered Prince Theodore’s bedchamber. Theodore had requested that he was to be dressed before their arrival, Howard had assisted him in doing so. He wore a white linen shirt, similar to the one he had worn on the day that Bonnie and he first met. The 5 actors stood before him and bowed gracefully, the smallest man spoke.

“We are very pleased to make your acquaintance your majesty. I am Francis Leyton the lead actor. My friends and I are here to entertain you this afternoon.”

Theodore grinned. “How wonderful of you to come!”

“May we proceed?”

Theodore and Bonnie nodded. “Please do!” He exclaimed enthusiastically. “Bonita you are a marvel!” Prince Theodore whispered.

The play began and the pair sat in complete silence. It was to be a slightly abridged version as Theodore tired so rapidly. His face radiated happiness as he listened,clinging onto every word the actors uttered with their wonderfully expressive voices. In his tired mind Theodore pictured everything so clearly, his weak heart danced for joy. Bonnie thought it strange that a man should play the parts of Hermia and Titania but she said nothing, unaware that it was customary for all actors to be male. Theseus, Hippolta, Philostrate, and the attendants all entered and began the exciting play. How much of a delight it was to see Theodore laugh Bonnie thought as his one dull eyed seemed to sparkle. She wished that she had seen him do so more often. An hour or so passed and the play came to an end. Theodore had willed himself to stay awake through out. The pair clapped enthusiastically to show their heartfelt gratitude.

“I thank you all.” Theodore smiled weakly. “It is a glorious memory that I shall take with me. What wonderful acting skills and expressive voices you posses!”

The golden haired Francis Leyton stepped forward once more “I was very glad to be of help. We are delighted that you enjoyed your entertainment.” They bowed and with that the ‘players’ exited the room.

“Oh Bonita, how fantastic that was. I could see everything in my imagination!” He whispered.

“You are most welcome.” Bonnie patted his shoulder. “I can see you are exhausted now, you have turned quite pale. Please, you must rest once more. I fear that was too much excitement for you my dear.”

“No not at all” Theodore sighed. “It was an afternoon well spent. I feel that I have made far greater use of my time of late since meeting you my dear Bonita. What a fool I was when I was abler bodied, lying in my chamber wasting precious hours. I was so full of self-pity. Still, it is probably wise at this stage to have no regrets.”

“Perhaps. I feel that you felt great unhappiness not so long ago.” Bonnie agreed.

Theodore nodded. “Yes I was not myself. Or at least, I was not proud of the person I was becoming. You saved me.” Theodore grinned.

“Well I was glad to be your saviour!” Bonnie laughed and swiftly changed the subject. “Are you hungry or thirsty?”

“A little thirsty I admit. My appetite has deserted me I’m afraid.”

“Very well. I am also needing something to quench my thirst. Shall I ask Rettie to make us some tea?”

“Yes please and then I think I shall sleep, it is all I seem to want to do currently.”

Bonnie placed her request and assisted Theodore with his refreshments. His hands were all of a tremble, he had no strength left to hold the cup by himself. He drank thirstily and Bonnie poured him another cup from the hand painted china teapot, holding it to his lips.

“Thank you.” Theodore’s face was drawn and pale. Bonnie pulled the sheets out from under him and covered him. He was still clothed, but that did not matter as the clothing was comfortable. He sighed and held Bonnie’s hand, willing his heavy eyelids not to close.

“Will you sing to me again Bonita? Like you did before?”

“Yes your majesty this one is Scottish and tells the tale of  a blessing and the elements in heaven. According to tradition it was composed by his foster Mother  for the Donald Gorm MacDonald of Sleat, who died in 1617. “

“You really are knowledgeable Bonita. Please sing to me now” Bonnie quickly obeyed :

“Gu robh neart na cruinne leat
‘S neart na grèine
‘S neart an tairbh dhuibh
‘S àirde leumas.

Trì chruinn sheilich innt
Agus stiùir òir oirre
Tobar fìon innt
Agus tobar fìor-uisg’.”

Theodore had fallen into a deep sleep upon his pillows, he snored gently. Bonnie could not help but notice how youthful he looked when asleep. She decided to leave him be, allowing Theodore to remissness in his sweet dreams of the days positive events. The excitement had at last taken its toll.

To be continued…..


One thought on “Royal Seclusion-Part 17

  1. A little teet-a-teet between Theodore and Bonnie about which parts of the play they liked best and why would be great here….just a suggestion. 😉

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