Theodore was assisted with undressing and climbed into bed rather shakily as his condition worsened further. As the young Prince’s energy had left him it was thought best that he rest in bed. Theodore was overcome with light headed-ness and it came as a great relief to him to lie upon the safety of his finely sprung mattress. Bonnie was quick to rejoin him, her face looking pale and anxious. She did a low curtsy much to Prince Theodore’s dismay and kissed his forehead.

“Good morning to you….my equal.” Theodore smiled.

“Hello my dear. I hope you slept well.”

Theodore sighed. “I do hope you are not offended Bonita.”

Bonnie felt confused. “Offended? Whatever for?”

“Falling asleep in the company of another is not something I am accustomed to doing. I’m sorry” He blushed.

Bonnie patted Theodore’s hand gently. “Oh no. I could never be angry with you my dear friend. Speaking truthfully, I am a little concerned.”

Theodore nodded and hastened to change the subject. “Hmmm. Bonita my dear, I have a request. I know you are fully aware of my love for the works of Shakespeare. I should very much like to see a Shakespearean play, well listen that is. I have not had the pleasure for such a long period of time. I was wondering whether it could be arranged? There are many Thespian actors around these parts.”

Arranged? Bonnie thought. “Why of course!” Bonnie exclaimed. “You are the future King! Almost anything is possible. Who might I speak to ?”

“My Mother, although you will have to find her. “

Bonnie nodded. “Very well my dear. How are you feeling this morning?”

“A little tired. But I am in good spirits.” Theodore smiled bravely. In truth he was in a great deal of pain. His whole body ached.

I shall return quickly” Bonnie smiled.

Bonnie hastened her step and wandered along the beautifully decorated corridors. Queen Evangeline was seated in her private parlour alone and engaging in working on a small piece of tapestry. It was a very beautiful design, one of birds stitched in a neat golden coloured thread upon the tightly stretched fabric. Bonnie cautiously knocked the door and curtsied. Queen Evangeline smiled.

“Ahh Miss Bonita. Is everything alright?”

“Yes your majesty. I came to inquire on behalf of his majesty Prince Theodore. Well it was more of a request….”

“Go on..”

“Well, he has a longing desire to hear a Shakespearean play.”

“Ah yes, you and he perform the work of Shakespeare beautifully. I overheard you one day.”

“Thank you your majesty.” Bonnie replied shyly not knowing what else to say in reply.

Queen Evangeline smiled. “Yes of course it shall be arranged. As it so happens there is a small group of Thespian actors who are performing in a local village shortly. I shall see that they are sent here this afternoon.”

Bonnie beamed. “Oh thank you your grace!” She curtsied. “I shall go and tell Prince Theodore the good news.”

Queen Evangeline nodded and smiled. “Yes please do.”

“Fair well your majesty.” Without turning her back to Queen Evangeline, Bonnie exited the room.

Bonnie rapidly returned to Prince Theodore’s room. He lay there asleep. Bonnie felt it cruel to disturb him, so perched herself upon the chair and occupied herself with some reading until he stirred.

“Bonita how long have you been here?” He sighed drowsily.

“About 20 minutes my dear Theodore. I have spoken to your mother. Thespian actors are being sent to the palace as we speak. They shall be here this afternoon.”

A wide smile spread across his youthful face. “Oh my goodness what a pleasant surprise! You really are a dear Bonita, it means a great deal to me! Thank you!”

“I am very excited myself!” Bonnie admitted. “I have not yet had the pleasure of being witness to a Shakespearean play.” The pair sat in their element, looking forward to the afternoons activities.

To be continued……


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