Bonnie  learned that she was to live at home, but was expected to read to Prince Theodore on a daily basis, acting as a companion between the hours of 9am-4pm. Bonnie was an early riser anyway, but the length of time frightened her somewhat.

“But that is 6 hours!” Bonnie grumbled.

“What happens if we simply do not get along? I thought I was going to be a reader, not his companion! I’m plain and dull, not nearly refined enough!”

“You clearly impressed the royal family” Her Mother stated reassuringly.

“Hmm perhaps.” She recalled their embarrassing first meeting and flushed a shade of scarlet.

“Don’t worry Bonnie I’ve begun making you another dress for the future.”


Bonnie sounded so crestfallen. Normally she would be ecstatic at the chance of being offered new clothing as it was a rarity.

“My dear get a grip of yourself! You’ve been asked to be a reader, NOT a servant! The work won’t be grueling or challenging.”

Bonnie’s Mother Maira ‘s second statement was underestimated . Bonnie smiled and sighed.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect his Majesty to be so flighty and rude.”

“It is only to be expected. I imagine he is used to a very luxurious lifestyle no doubt. Bonnie you must promise me that you will try.”

“I promise.”

Bonnie sighed once more, feeling that her Mother still treated her like a child. Still this may be my chance to spread my wings slightly. She thought to herself. Bonnie was filled with dread. ‘Tomorrow! I am to start tomorrow. Oh good lord!” She thought. Bonnie made up her mind that she would take no nonsense from him.

What ever would she wear? Bonnie rolled her eyes as she remembered Prince Theodore’s harsh “foreign country urchin” comment. Bonnie thought it best to take a bath. The water had been heating in front of their small coal fire for the past hour or so. It was pleasantly warm. She lay in the warm water, it was comforting like a gentle hug, she mulled quietly over her many thoughts. Bonnie decided upon washing her hair, she disliked the fact that it was so long and took an age to dry. Maira seemed pleased with her decision.

“I’ll put it into rags for you Bonnie”

Maira smiled as excited as ever. Bonnie sighed. How she hated wearing her hair like this.  Her Mother divided her hair and wound the sections of her hair tightly into rags. The tight little knots were most uncomfortable, gaining any sleep tonight would be out of the question. Bonnie pulled out a small mirror and sighed.

“Well don’t I look most appealing! My head looks like a mop! “ She said secretly mocking Prince Theodore’s accent. Her Mother laughed.

“You make a pretty mop! Now to bed! We don’t want you looking all pale and peep-eyed in the morning, you need to look your very best”

“Must I do this every night from now on?”


Bonnie moaned. She was happy with her hair the way it was no matter how unruly it looked. She prepared herself for yet another sleepless night and clambered into bed. Her hair was most uncomfortable. She rolled on her side in attempt to find a comfortable position, but it was no use at all every inch of her head was covered in the tight knots. Bonnie gave in and resulted to lying on her front with her nose pressed against the pillow. ‘So now Mother is trying to suffocate me is she?’ she thought. At long last Bonnie drifted off, her mind filled with castles and a prince dressed in a pure white linen shirt.

To be continued…..


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