Initially there appeared to be little hope for Prince Theodore. On returning from a hunting expedition with a friend, he arrived home in a worrying state. Theodore trembled on the spot as he stood in the parlour before his Mother and Father one afternoon. He looked pale and weary, far from his formally healthy and glowing self. Beads of sweat were etched across his troubled brow and his cheeks appeared to be flushed. Queen Evangeline rushed to his side and placed one arm around his waist, drawing him close.

“Darling what ever is the matter? Are you unwell?”

“Mother I-I”

He paused. Theodore did not manage to finish his desired sentence, looking paler than ever. He swayed, collapsing in her arms.He seemed to lose consciousness for a split second his head dropped forwards so that his chin was resting upon his chest.A footman immediately fetched a high-backed chair and the young man was seated. He slumped, Queen Evangeline lifted his chin up quickly. Theodore’s eyes were glazed and looked very vacant, his breathing shallow and fast, how his pulse raced! His body flopped forwards once more, two footmen steadied him.

As he was gently led to his bed chamber, Theodore was overpowered with nausea and dizziness and he fainted once more. He was undressed and aided into the comfort of his bed. He did not come around, but seemed drift worryingly from unconsciousness to a restless sleep. Theodore began to shiver uncontrollably, his body was overpowered by a frightful fever. He appeared confused and agitated. It was when he no longer recognised the faces of his loved ones that concerns rapidly grew. Theodore lay in an unresponsive state for days, his condition remaining un-diagnosed.The days seemed to drag  merging into each other with only small change in his health. He would stir slightly only to utter water” with a voice so weak and a throat so hoarse, that one could only hear him if they listened closely. He managed a couple of sips feebly as someone supported his head and then fell back upon the pillows. The kingdom prayed for Prince Theodore’s recovery.

His parents decided to continue to go about their duties and his life was left in the hands of others. At long last a glimmer of hope showed. One particular morning a few weeks later his face looked pale yet restful. A great deal of calm had come over him.  The fever had finally broken. Theodore could sleep at long last, drained of any ounce of remaining energy.His eye lids flickered slowly as he roused later that evening. Theodore sighed deeply, his Mother gently took his hand. The young man furrowed his troubled brow.

“Mother why is it so dark in here?” His voice was hoarse. He felt her long slim fingers in his pale, bony hand. His heart began to pound harder against his prominent rib cage.

“Shall I ask them to light some more candles dearest?” She questioned gently stroking his hair.Fear spread across Theodore’s frightened face.

“Mother I can’t see you” his lip trembled and a tear rolled down his face. Their worst fears had just been confirmed. The fever had left Theodore’s body, along with his sight .

Part 1 coming soon…..


21 thoughts on “Royal Seclusion- Prologue

  1. What spell did you put? I read the first paragraph and keep wanting more…you have a talent of descriptive writing and I really like the way you describe every scene ❤

  2. Yeah I’m enjoying going though it! I’ll probably post up the first chapter or two of mine once they get proofread. It will take a while though ha! Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. I think I mention that he’s about 20 somewhere. I know, it’s one of my earlier pieces so there’s room for lots of improvement. I’d LOVE to come back to it one day and extend/ re draft it 🙂

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