A trip to Zsofkia was in order. The thought of seeing her again made Katrina tremble. At the dead of night she once again left the confinement of her own home and went in search for the traveler. There was no time to lose, Katrina banged forcefully on her caravan door.

“Who ON EARTH dares to come knocking at this hour!” Zsofkia screeched. She poked her head out of the small window, glaring down at Katrina.

“Might have known it was you lady.”

Katrina cut to the quick. “Richard. You and Richard you were an item? Did he abandon you on your wedding day? He did didn’t he!”

Zsofkia looked alarmed. “None of your business.”

“That’s why you cursed the wedding dress. So no other could marry him. You wanted to punish Isabella for her youthful happiness!”


Katrina was unstoppable. “The idea of killing Richard has nothing to do with breaking the curse did it? You were  making me do your sinful work for you. Now tell me how to break this curse!”

Zsofkia paused and said sadly : “You know full story now, the curse is broken.”


A horrid burning smell filled the atmosphere, Zsofkia burst into flames before her very eyes. Katrina did not look back and ran to Isabella’s house. Knowing that she would not be granted entry she needed an alternate entrance. As luck would have it, a sash window downstairs window had been left ajar. Katrina squeezed through it and crept upstairs. There were many vast rooms along the wide hallway. She thought finding Isabella was going to prove to be difficult, until she heard the blood curdling scream.

Katrina gathered her skirts and raced across the long landing. At last, she found the room in which Isabella was situated. The young woman was sat upright in bed staring at the remnants of the flames at the end of her bed. The scent of burning filled the room. She looked fully recovered.

Richard! O-one moment he was sat there, the next he burst into flames before my very eyes.” 

It was true. In the ashes lay a wedding ring. Richard and Zsofkia were united at last.



4 thoughts on “Unexplained Cloth : Part 12 (final part)

  1. I was really feeling sleepy when I started with “Unexplained Cloth” but when I read the first part, I had my eyes wide open until I read the last part, and I better tell you that it was…………….AWESOME, SPLENDID, ROCKING!!

  2. This was a fun little read. A nice put-together storyline, and a few creative plot twists (like the ending) though I felt the ending was a tad abrupt for my taste. Why was the lady not able to do it sooner than this point in time?

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