Katrina was keen to inject some colour into the wedding dress. She decided on a soft baby pink satin sash and stitched it carefully to the waist of the stunning dress.

‘Ah there! Finally finished!’ she thought to herself. Katrina would have to find something suitable for herself to wear. Katrina decided to finish the dress once and for all. She brewed the kettle making a large cup of tea and dished a portion of stew. How her stomach grumbled. ‘I really need to eat more often’ she thought to herself. Still, it wouldn’t be long until the dress was completed. Katrina ate and washed her hands after the meal. How frightful her hands looked. Luckily she had planned to wear a soft pair of gloves for the wedding.

There was beading work to be done. Katrina stitched and adorned her creation until her fingers ached, so much time and effort had gone into the dress. Tomorrow Isabella would try the dress on. Katrina prayed it would meet her high expectations as it had taken so much of her time. Katrina worked with no break until at long last the dress was complete. She placed the tall mannequin into the corner of the room and seemed to collapse into bed falling into a deep slumber. The following morning she was barely awake and dressed when there was a keen knock upon her door. It was Isabella. In her hand she clutched a pair of dainty white gloves and 2 other boxes.

“Hello! hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer! Is the dress finished?”

Katrina smiled and nodded. She was almost too exhausted for words. “You look all prepared to try it on”

The dress fitted perfectly like a glove enhancing Isabella’s fine figure.

“Oh my goodness! A London dressmaker couldn’t have done a more marvelous job! It’s so…. unique, so fine and intricately stitched!”

Katrina was overjoyed with the reaction, it made the long hours of painful hard grafting worth while.

“How much is it going to cost?” Isabella questioned “Whatever the price, my parents will pay.”

Katrina thought carefully. “The material cost nothing.”

“But all your hours of hard labouring! I must give you something.”

Katrina wasn’t sure what to say. “Two pounds?” she suggested meekly.

“Are you sure you don’t want more?” Katrina shook her head. Seeing Isabella content was enough. Isabella pouted and then continued.

“Well then. I’m inviting you to my wedding. I want the clever woman there who created my dress.” She squeezed Katrina’s hand.

“It would be an honour to be there”

Isabella looked pleased. “My parents are holding a small pre-wedding dinner party. I’d love for you to attend. It’s on Thursday at 7pm. My Mother and Father would be delighted to meet you.”

Katrina grinned “How wonderful”

Isabella handed her a piece of paper. “Here’s their address. They’re expecting you. Don’t worry it’s only a small occasion. It’s just my parents, Grandparents, fiancée and you.”

Katrina was so flattered. What on earth would she wear? She eyed her small wardrobe later that evening. She made all her own dresses and chose a pretty sky blue dress. She arrived at the door at the town house after arriving by a horse-drawn coach. She was greeted warmly with open arms. The company was happy and welcoming. Something was not right with Isabella. She seemed so distant and ever so slightly sad like her joyful bubble had been popped. Katrina approached her. Isabella smiled.

“It’s so lovely to see you! Welcome. I’m not sure which room my parents and my friends have accommodated  I must introduce you. Dinner will be served at 8pm sharp.” Katrina smiled back.

“I’m sure we’ll find them. Shall we go and look?” She was confused by the fact that Richard was not at Isabella’s side.

“Where’s your fiancée?”

“Oh we had a little disagreement  He’s up in the study with the gentleman.” She said a little sadly. They retired to the grand drawing-room pre-dinner. Her family was clearly not short of money. The paneled room was filled with friendly chatter. Isabella took a spoon and gently tapped it against her wine glass.

“Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to propose a toast to Katrina. The wonderful woman who has spent many an hour crafting my wedding dress.”

She held her glass high. “To Katrina, a sublime dress-maker and dear friend.”

“To Katrina” the crowd echoed and raised their glasses and the conversation continued. Richard eventually joined them. He was dressed in a brown suit, his mouth sulky and down turned. Richard was clearly not impressed about something. Isabella took his arm.

“Lets not quarrel darling. We’re getting married soon. I want everything to be harmonious between us.”

He pouted and gently but firmly unfurled her fingers from his slender arm. He nodded but did not make eye contact with her. Something was not right. The dinner was announced and the guests seated. Katrina had been placed on the left hand side of the table close enough to Isabella and Richard. The carefully served starter was placed in front of them. Their glasses were topped up with deliciously refreshing wine. Katrina was not used to such splendor, but fitted in like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

To be continued….


One thought on “Unexplained Cloth : Part 6

  1. Katrina is such a nicely developed character. She has many fine attributes and is very selfless. I did find it amusing when she was thinking about what she has to wear for the special occasion even though she is a dress maker.

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