The pure white material sat carefully wrapped upon Katrina’s shelf. It was simply so beautiful, it’s going to hang perfectly she thought. It was not long until Millie came by to collect her sons shorts. As he tried them on Katrina was relieved to see that they were a perfect fit. He looked so smart and the child smiled happily at her. “He’ll be the smartest boy in school. What do you say to Katrina for all her hard work?”

The child looked shyly at her and blushed

“Thank you Katrina.”

She smiled at him. Another happy customer, Katrina thought to herself. She checked her book after they’d left. She had no orders standing apart from that wedding dress. The day of Isabella’s appointment arrived. She rang the bell  as she entered the small shop. “Hello lovely to see you once more. I’ve come to have the measurements taken”

Katrina nodded “Yes of course. Would you care to step this way please” she pointed to a small dressing room with a heavy curtain which covered the entrance providing privacy. Once they were both in she pulled the curtain across. Katrina gently measures Isabella’s height, waist and bust. Isabella looked very shyly at her as she jotted them down.

“Ideally I’d like those numbers to go down slightly before the big day.” Katrina looked very surprised.

“Well I do have a fondness of afternoon tea and sweet things. The cakes do nothing for my waistline, except adding inches.”

Katrina thought of her next sentence carefully. “If you don’t mind me saying, you’re very slender. What ever made you think that you need to lose weight?”

Isabella shook her head and sighed. “I’m such a silly goose. Oh I don’t know, I say such foolish things sometimes without even thinking.”

Katrina smiled. “We all make mistakes. Right that’s our appointment completed, I’ll set to and start work as soon as possible keeping you fully informed of my progress.”

Thank you”

Now  Katrina had the precise measurements she set to work. The material was nothing like she had ever seen before, it was completely different, a one  of a kind type of fabric. Was it from Romania like the traveler  she thought. The scissors glided through it like a dream as she cut out the appropriate shapes. It shone catching the glowing flame of the flickering candle light. The material seemed to be partially multi-coloured like a rainbow. How fabulous it would look on a sunny day she thought. She worked very cautiously but effectively managing to complete the basis of the white underskirt. ‘ The bodice will hold the greatest challenge’ she thought to herself. Katrina worked for hours once more stitching, cutting and measuring. As Katrina began to grow weary she decided to leave it to rest for now. She didn’t want her tiredness to affect the quality of her work in progress.

She pulled down the blinds and picked up any loose ends of fabric off the floor. Katrina clambered into bed feeling exceptionally hungry, she had worked solidly through the day not allowing herself any breaks. Her stomach grumbled, preventing her from sleeping. She sighed and placed her shawl around her shoulders for warmth as the temperature had dropped quite considerably inside her little house. She boiled the kettle and decided upon what to eat. She has a little piece of leftover ginger cake which had been a thankyou gift from one of her clients. She fetched a plated and sat down at the smouldering fire embers to enjoy it. At last feeling fuller than before she allowed herself to clamber into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Katrina awoke at 5am to hear the sweet birds chirping outside her window. Something felt really different. Katrina gazed down at her hands. The skin was cracked and dry. ‘Very unusual’ she thought to herself. She never suffered any allergies to any of the materials she worked with. But then this material was extra ordinary and special. She sighed and rubbed some appropriate ointment into her hands to replace the missing moisture, it soothed and cooled .Once again she was ready and raring to start work.

To be continued……


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