The alarm clock vibrated loudly, echoing through the house and rudely ending Katrina’s rather pleasant dream. It had been one of lush green fields and towering mountains. Katrina had always wished to travel, but had never been given the opportunity. She stretched and dressed, tidying her hair appropriately. She walked downstairs putting the kettle over the coal-coloured range to boil and make herself a steaming hot cup of tea to warm her chilled hands. Katrina toasted a piece of home-made bread over the glowing fire embers, so that the closest side to the warmth soon became crispy and delicious. She pulled the bread from the toasting fork and nibbled the crust carefully, deep in thought sipping at her cup of tea. Katrina intended to start work as soon as possible.

She entered the shop and opened the heavily folded material blinds of dark fabric which she’d designed herself. A glorious natural sunlight flooded the room. Miss Lee would be here to collect her dress at 4pm after the children had been released from the school classroom. Katrina set to on a skirt she had promised to make and then moved onto the shorts order for Mrs Wilson. As always Katrina managed her tasks in a steady, organised fashion and soon the orders were completed. She filled with joy and a sense of great achievement. With the winter soon to be drawing in she could really benefit from the extra income. It was almost as if her prayers were answered  further, when a young woman and gentleman entered the shop. She looked so youthful and full of life and an infectious smile etched across their happy faces.

“Hello” The woman began “I’m looking to buy a wedding dress. I just wondered if there was any possibility that you made them?”

Katrina startled slightly at the thought. She had only ever made one other wedding dress. If she took on the challenge, this would be her second. The woman swiftly continued.

“I hear that you are the best seamstress in these parts, we live quite locally but my friend Miss Baker highly recommend you.”  What flattery, Katrina thought. She smiled happily, glowing with pride.

“When is the date of the wedding?” she questioned.

“Three months time” came the slightly sheepish reply. “I’m sorry I should have introduced myself, I’m Isabella”

Katrina questioned the possibilities. “I have to be honest, I’ve only ever made 1 other wedding dress in my time. That was a good while ago.” She confessed honestly.

Isabella nodded. “I know, weddings are special things. I’ve seen your designs in your shop window. I simply love them. Of course the dress would have to be made in white.”

“Yes absolutely” Katrina agreed.

Isabella was a very fine young woman, with unusual auburn hair and perfectly smooth pale skin.The green dress she was wearing enhanced her beautiful emerald eyes. Katrina had made up her mind. She would commit to the task.

“If you have any idea of the style you desire then that would be very helpful.”

“I know EXACTLY what I have in mind.” Isabella uttered in a voice full of glee, close to a squeal  “Although I’m a poor drawer, I was wondering whether you could draw it for me whenever you have the time.”

Katrina smiled. “Yes of course, that could be arranged. I’d only design the dress under your supervision.”

“Even more perfect.” Isabella’s unusual eyes seemed to dance for joy. “How much would it cost? Money really isn’t an issue!”

Katrina thought silently for a moment. “Well that all depends on labour time and the cost of materials, but I’m sure that we could come to a final agreement.”

Isabella nodded. “Yes of course.”

Isabella went on to finish “My Mother and Father have kindly agreed to pay for the dress as a wedding gift. My Mother has been a little under the weather so she couldn’t accompany me today as we’d pre-planned.”

“I wish her a rapid recovery.” Katrina said with heart-felt sympathy.

Katrina took out her order book once more and wrote down the details. “Would you like the dress in white, cream or ivory?”

“White please.”

“Okay, and what materials were you hoping for? Cotton would be the cheapest, but if you were thinking of something slightly grander….”

“Yes I’d like something a bit finer than cotton, but materials such as silk would be out of our price range.”

Katrina nodded. “I’ll see what appropriate material I can find. “

Isabella took Katrina’s small pale hand in hers and shook it. Isabella exited the shop with a look of joy upon her youthful face.

Part 3 coming soon….


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