With eyes dripping with tears like molten wax running down an over flickering candle. Adam hunched over the wood worm-eaten desk which was filled with as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese. His body was thin and weary, his spirit broken like a shattered mirror which crushed his broken soul. All was lost, his head spun in a whirl wind of despair. He arose from the chair not hesitating to grab any personal belongings, he had to move on. Adam had been unable to help.

The night was dark and deserted. A bitter chill swept through the air, he felt nothing. His shirt was thin and soft from being over-washed. Goosebumps covered his body as he walked on choked up with tears, he simply had to get away. Adam was weakened through lack of food and self-neglect. His mind had been fully pre occupied, filled with sorrow and guilt even though he was not to blame for the misfortune that had befallen them. Adam was trapped on earth, a punishment for his failure.

His brain was a misty haze, he began to stumble blindly across the uneven ground. He did not see the protruding tree trunk and tripped. The man quickly picked himself up and kept going not noticing the blood flowing from the deep gash in his right hand. Lack of food meant that he had little energy. His head swam, he didn’t let this deter him and battled on into the night. The heavens opened into a torrential downpour of rain which washed away the grime of self neglect and depression. Adam continued to walk for hours until every single last ounce of his energy was gone. His vision blurred and he fell in a dead faint to the floor. He was blinded by a white flashing light like a bolt of lightning, darkness followed. What was happening?


When he opened his weary eyes, he was surrounded by unfamiliar faces. They spoke to him gently, he couldn’t hear what they were saying, much to his confusion. He was engulfed with darkness once more, his body overcome with tiredness. For three days he drifted in and out of consciousness, overpowered by a brutal fever. His temperature was dangerously high and his body overpowered with delirium. After 3 days his fever finally subsided, he slept solidly for 24 hours. As he was awakening he overheard sections of the conversation. Two females were talking.

“He can’t stay here for too long, just until he’s better. Not with Jane being so desperately ill.”

Another voice replied “Yes, don’t worry, just until he regains his full strength.”

The man looked deathly pale, with dark circles of exhaustion around his eyes. His blonde hair was matted and unkempt, far from his normal appearance. At last he awoke, startling after a frightening nightmare, he sat upright in bed panting and trembling, a dewy mist etching his troubled brow. Two concerned strangers were at his side.

“What’s your name?”  The younger woman questioned.

“Adam” he whispered, with a voice so hoarse and dry he was barely able to speak. She nodded. She had plain features and was fairly poorly clad in a grey governess style dress. She wore her dark hair neatly pinned into a bun, swept back off her pale face.

“I’m Alice and this is my older sister Harriet. We found you slipping in and out of consciousness.” Harriet was quick to chip in “Where have you come from? Are you hurt? What brought you here?” Her face was rounder, her figure fuller with rosy red cheeks and curly brown hair which was tamed and pinned sensibly.

Adam looked slightly baffled by all his questions. He didn’t know the answers to them himself. Alice gently touched her sister’s arm. “Lets not worry him with questions.” She squeezed Adam’s thin hand. “You need more rest, you’re still exhausted, sleep.” Alice held a glass of water to his lips which he drank gratefully. “Thank you” he muttered in a hoarse voice. He was most grateful for their kindness and lay his head back on the pillows, wondering who Jane might be and why she was so in need? His dreams were gentle and calming filled with images of a pure blue sky and perfectly fluffy cotton wool clouds.

Adam was about to change their lives.

Jane indeed was very ill. The local doctor held very little hope for her. Her weak heart was desperately clinging onto any life she had left, as was her frail body. The girl parents were dead and they had little money. Harriet and Alice cared for her daily with little avail in her ever worsening condition. She had always been a sickly child and was often confined to bed on a regular basis. This time her health had taken a turn for the worst, there was little hope for her now.

With good food and fresh air Adam was quickly restored to his full health. He looked younger, far from his haggard appearance when they first found him. He had been unable to help the last family he was sent to, he had been punished even though the case had been taken completely out of his hands. The punishment was ageing. Adam felt so un-deserving, he simply had to repay this small, needy family for their kindness.

A few mornings later, before the household was awake Adam entered Jane’s room. It was unusual that she was alone. Harriet and Alice often sat in a vigil by her bedside. She lay there in the same sate, in a heavy stupor, with her long brown hair flowing over the pillow like a mane. He filled the room with Amber stones, which were buried deep in his pockets. He placed them around the young girls head like a halo, she looked so frail and fragile. He held her pale hands in his, as he did so a blinding white light swept across the room. Adam smiled. The difference in Jane was astonishing. As she slowly opened her eyes she saw Adams’s face  smiling down at her. He looked years younger and so beautiful with wavy blonde hair and pure ivory skin. His appearance was much changed. Adam kissed Jane’s cheek.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

“I’m your guardian angel, you’re safe now” came his reply. Jane smiled and nodded, she was well at last. Without saying another word, he gracefully  exited through the large open window, never to be seen on earth again. He had conquered his task.




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