Evangeline had a miserable heart of ice. Even her divine beauty couldn’t conceal the fact that in reality, she was conceited and bitter. Despite her parents vast wealth and having everything material she desired, deep inside her soul she was miserable. Evangeline was incredibly materialistic and as an only child her parents foolishly doted on her. She wanted for nothing and always had the latest Christian Louboutin shoes or Prada handbags. In her sad inner self she was always longing for more. As it is said money cannot buy happiness. One day whilst browsing on her I-Mac for potential 21st birthday presents, she spotted a large, unusual full length mirror edged with gold. The website was a strange one, it looked foreign . Of course she demanded that it was bought for her and her parents ordered it for Evangeline immediately.

The mirror was carefully mummified in layers of bubble wrap for protection. Evangeline unwrapped it quickly, keen to see her present. She quickly became very frustrated and angry that it should take so long. At last the last layer came loose and it drifted to the floor gently. It was unusual, hand carved with detailed wooden leaves to decorate the top. It must be antique, she thought.

She gazed into the mirror. The image she saw startled her. Looking back was a face so sad and ugly it was almost recognisable.It had the same eyes, nose and mouth, but her skin was mottled and looked like it had been aged 30 years. Her teeth were yellow and decaying and her skin looked shrivelled as if she was 80. She gasped and jumped back from it screaming : “IS THIS A TRICK?!” She ran to the linen cupboard, grabbing a large spare sheet and covering the mirror. For a while it sat there forgotten and gathering dust.

Her younger cousin Helena came to visit. Evangeline despised  little children and made no attempt to talk to her grunting her one word answers rudely. Having a normal polite conversation with Evangeline was like trying to get blood out of a stone, impossible. Helena was a very curious child. She looked slightly wild, with a wild thick mane of chocolate-brown corkscrew curls and severe acne.  Nothing was ever too much trouble and she always went every day to see her Nanna, Margaret who was a resident in a near by nursing home and would enjoy listening to her tales about the past. Helena had a large group of close friends at her state school, ones who had stuck by her for years. They loved her chirpy and sweet personality, she was wise beyond her years and she had a heart of gold. On the other hand, Evangeline attended private school and had no true friends except Jenna who stuck by her out of pity. She often heard the other girls gossiping and felt sorry for unpopular Evangeline.

The adults were deep in conversation and Evangeline was sat in a corner somewhere playing on her i-pad, denying the existence of Helena . Helena decided to for an explore around the house, she loved reading her Auntie’s large collection of fiction books in the study. On her way she spotted something discarded in the corner of the hallway covered by a large sheet. She lifted up the material. She almost had to squint her eyes as her face shone, beaming. She looked perfectly radiant, beautiful even. Helena startled at what she saw. Another reflection joined her in the mirror, one hideously ugly. Evangeline stood beside her little cousin and finally understood. A brutal tidal wave of reality slapped her across the face.

The mirror reflected true beauty. The beauty within.


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