The dreadful weather was to continue, dampening all of their moods somewhat. Gloria tried in attempt to put on a brave face as her hair extensions became noticeably frizzier by the minute.

“Couldn’t you just take them out Gloria?” Adam questioned, not knowing much about such things. “Nope they’re glued in! look” she showed him and Adam nodded politely. John was tired of sitting, he liked to be up and about. At long last he decided to throw all caution to the wind and ignore the deluge. “Right you two, waterproofs on the rain is starting to subside a bit now. I want to do some exploring.” Even Adam looked reluctant but said nothing. They zipped up and began to stride out in the wilderness. The mud squelched loudly underneath their wellies as they began to trek across a vast field to enable them to reach the woodland which John had planned to investigate. The trees had collected water in their leaves like miniature tea cups which dripped down upon them as they walked.

The ground was very boggy. It wasn’t long before Gloria had yet another little disaster. “Argh my welly has come off!” She exclaimed and balanced on her left leg attempting to look as graceful as she possibly could.John sighed and went to help her dig out her foot from the deep mud. She thanked them as they pulled her out. John continued to roll his eyes.

Adam quickly thought of a plan to lighten the atmosphere. “How about a game of hide and seek the wood doesn’t seem too large. We can’t get lost surely?” John grinned “Sounds fun son! Gloria?” She nodded not wanting to be a burden to them. “I’ll be it” she announced “I’ll count to 100! off you go!” Adam and John sped off as fast as their legs could carry them to find a great hiding place. Shortly they found one, hiding in fairly close proximity of eacthother to make it easier.

“97, 98,99, 100! okay here I come ready or not!” Gloria shouted. She ambled carefully along the slippy ground walking completely in the opposite direction. She was walking at quite a speed determined not to take so long. She didn’t see the protruding tree stump and fell lying flat on her face. Luckily she wasn’t hurt, just plastered from head to toe in mud. “OUCH!” she exclaimed and quickly picked herself off the ground feeling bruised. Nearly in tears she decided to continue her lengthy search to find them. To her relief, she spotted Adam’s blue waterproof through some prickly bushes and ambled towards him.

“FOUND YOU!” she cried. He stood up and grinned, his face quickly fell when he saw the state of her clothing. “Jesus Gloria! Are you okay? Did you fall?” She nodded looking crestfallen. “Are you hurt?” She shook her head. “Nope but my clothes are ruined!” She looked as if she was fighting hard to hold back the tears. Poor Gloria Adam thought, maybe it was cruel to make her come camping. His Mum loved camping when she was alive, she was a very outgoing outdoor type of woman. Quite the opposite to Gloria. “Come one Gee let’s find Dad” Adam suggested offering her his arm like a gentleman, to which she gladly accepted. John gasped in horror at the state of Gloria. “Oh god darling are you okay?!” he exclaimed looking concerned. She nodded smiling at Adam and putting on yet another brave face. Secretly she wished that they were at home warm and dry. The rainfall grew heavier and the trio returned to the tent once more. John lit the gas stove, boiling the kettle and making cups of steaming tea. They huddled together to stay out of the cold. “I’m really itchy!” Adam announced, much to their dismay they had all been eaten by midges. “I should have brought midge repellant” John mumbled, shaking his head. Gloria was NOT impressed and continued to scratch her bites grumpily. “Still wish we were in a hotel” she grumbled.

The sun was setting falling behind the trees. The sky was on fire with the orange tendrils of remaining sunlight. Gloria gazed up in amazement. “WOW that’s amazing!” she smiled. The boys were happy that something had managed to lift her awful mood.

Part 4 coming soon….


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