“Aww come on Gloria please! It’ll be really great!” John begged as keen as ever. Adam’s Dad was always raring to go especially if it meant an adventure. Gloria pursed her lips slightly and then pouted twirling her long blonde piece of hair around her finger. “I’m really not a camping sort of girl” she said in a very quiet, timid voice. “You’ll be fine!” Adam grinned, “What’s the worst thing that can happen, asides being eaten by grizzly bears?” Her eyes widened dramatically in terror. “Just kidding Gloria! Jeeez! it’s only the Lake District not deep in the wild plains of America! We’ll probably get munched by midges though!” He grinned wickedly.

John laughed “Yes that is very probable I’m afraid. We’ll just have to bathe in midge repellant, it will be fine!” He kissed Gloria’s blusher heavy cheek and she smiled a sweet smile.  John and Adam’s favourite pastime had become teasing her in a non-malicious fashion. She knew they meant not harm but fell for their pranks every single time!

They made a plan to camp from Saturday to Sunday that week and to “wild camp.” Gloria still wasn’t impressed. “I know how much you both enjoy the outdoors but can’t you start me off gently on a campsite?” Adam laughed putting his arm around her “Oh Gloria it’s only for one night!” He exclaimed putting his arm around her. “Pleaseeeeee!” He batted his eyelashes at her. She sighed. “Okay fine, but I don’t know how I’m gonna cope and my heels will get RUINED!” John looked very surprised. “Gloria it’s a camping trip! Surely you didn’t think?”… he paused not wanting to hurt her feelings. “Camping requires walking boots and Wellington’s only. Do you have any?” She sighed and shook her head. “Don’t worry I’ll buy some!”


“TA DA!” Gloria exclaimed holding up her new bright pink gleaming Hunter wellies. “These will do the trick I think. They’re all the range with the celebrities at Glastonbury” Adam nodded “Perfect! we won’t lose you that’s for sure!” Gloria giggled with glee, very happy with her new purchase.

The day before the camping trip arrived. Adam packed a small bag with enough things for 4. Changes of clothes while camping are a necessity, he thought to himself. Gloria was taking no chances, and as expected the had literally packed her whole wardrobe. Adam laughed “Errrm Gloria do you have enough there?” he joked. “Why is it too much?” she questioned, sounding really surprised. “It’s only for 2 days! You only need enough for 4!” She paused “Oh erm right. I’ll go and get my smaller suitcase.” Adam shook his head and laughed to himself.

They awoke early the next morning and packed the car with the tent, suitcases, waterproofs, sleeping bags and various other camping necessities. It was a 2 hour windy drive to their destination. At last they were there and parked the car. Gloria looked horrified. “Erm guys it’s a field in the middle of nowhere!” “Yep! this is it!” John said excitedly as took out the tent from the boot. It looked like it was about to rain. To their surprise Gloria did quite a good job once she’s finished complaining about her nails getting chipped. No sooner was the tent up and their belongings inside that it began to rain. They got out their trusty camping stove and John made a cup of tea for them all.

“Camping is actually quite exciting!” Gloria exclaimed. The other two nodded. “We have one rule, no wellies inside the tent! that’s what welly-pegs are for.” Gloria once again looked puzzled. Adam continued “Cricket stumps to put your wellies on outside the tent to prevent the floor from getting muddy.” She still looked a bit blank and the message didn’t sink in. The rain continued to downpour throughout the night. Gloria had forgotten to put her wellies on her welly-pegs and low and behold they were soaking wet. “What do I do now?” she exclaimed tipping the water out of them which created a miniature waterfall. John handed her two plastic bags. “Wrap these around your feet” He explained. “Urgh they’re really cold still!” she complained “I’m really not enjoying this so far. Is this seriously what you guys class as fun? I prefer hotels” She pouted.

“Maybe this was a bad idea” John stated sighing deeply, Adam shrugged. Little did they know that it was only the beginning!



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