Beth was petrified, her mouth became dry, coming face to face with the realisation that she’d made a potentially deadly decision . It was worth the risk.  She simply had to see Eddie again, one last time. She encountered a long sleepless night  pacing up and down the carpet in a terrified state. She prayed with all her might that Eddie would be returned safely to her. Beth desperately wanted to notify the police, it’s impossible she thought. Harrison is tracking everything.

At 11.30pm Beth hastily pulled on her coat. Not taking any chances she slipped a small, sharp kitchen knife into her deep pocket. How Beth’s heart raced, her palms grew clammy and her breathing increased as she crept cautiously towards Connexions filled with pure dread. Just like Harrison had said, there stood a large man heavily clad in black. His identity was hidden by a black woolen balaclava. Beth jumped as he muttered “This way”, grabbing her arm with his strong hand leading her into the back seat of a car. Beth noticed that the registration plate had been covered. How strange Beth thought, she had expected to be blind folded. ‘I must memorise the route’ was her initial instinct. The envision that she might never leave the building they were approaching, didn’t even cross her mind.

The car came to a quick halt screeching slightly. They stopped at a large, ugly office type building. Beth quickly exited the car and was briskly taken down a flight of stairs towards the cellar which Eddie was being held captive. Eddie heard the sweet sound of Beth’s voice. Who was she talking to? She seemed so calm despite all of this. His heart momentarily danced for joy at the thought of seeing her, but then it sank to the pit of his empty stomach. This would be the last time that he would ever see her beautiful, radiant face. The door of the cellar clicked open and a blinding white light was switched on. It hummed and flickered gently filling the whole cellar. It stung Eddie’s eyes. He had been used to the darkness for so long. Harrison stood in the doorway, Beth trembled. “You have only 10 minutes! ” Harrison barked in his control freak manner. Beth ran into Eddie’s frail arms and gently sat down upon the poorly sprung mattress beside him. She stroked his thin cheek and kissed his bone-dry lips. They closed their eyes, thinking of happier times. Silvery tears ran down both of their cheeks as they cradled each other gently. The pain in Eddie’s ribs was excruciating, but he didn’t care anymore.

“I thought I’d never see you again” Eddie whispered, his voice sounded raspy and dehydrated. Beth nodded. “Me too. Eddie I love you with all my heart.” She rested her head upon his bony shoulder. “All this is my fault, I spoiled our wonderful relationship with my baggage, now we’re in this horrendous mess.” “Shhhh, what’s done is done” Eddie soothed “I don’t blame you, not for one second. I’d go through all that again just to be with you.”  He stroked her hair. Beth could feel his ribs standing out prominently through the material of his shirt “God Eddie! You’ve lost so much weight. You’re just skin and bone, what else did that he put you through?”  Her eyes were flowing with unstoppable tears. “Don’t fret, we need to be strong” Eddie calmed her, he always knew how to comfort Beth, she raised her head and looked into his exhausted eyes. “Eddie I can’t thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought to me. You lead me out of  a dark place and taught me how to love again. You proved to me that I’m not the worthless creature that Harrison made me out to be.” 

Eddie nodded and smiled which stung his dry, cracked lips. “And you Beth, you helped me find my confidence and put joy into my heart. Not to mention the happiness you brought to my Mum. You’re a wonderful person, Never ever forget that.” He kissed her forehead. She hugged him once more. Was it to be their last embrace?“That’s it now!” Harrison re-entered the room strutting like a sadist. “You’ve had your time.” In his hand he clutched a shiny pistol. Both Eddie and Beth wiped away each others salty tears. Beth’s fingers ran over the smooth handle of the knife in her pocket. Dare she risk it? Eddie squeezed Beth’s shaking hands and whispered in her ear “I’ll always be with you.” She nodded “We’re ready”  They stood up, still holding each other .

As quick as a flash Harrison aimed the gun, rapidly pulling the trigger. A single shot rang through the air. Eddie collapsed lying face down upon the cold flagstone.With no warning, Beth pumped full of adrenaline, lunged towards Harrison plunging the knife deep into his chest cavity. Through his sheer shock he dropped his weapon.  He did not struggle but his body seemed to jar as he gasped and a strangled last breath escaped his lips. Harrison’s dead body hit the floor with a heavy thud. Beth ran to Eddie’s side convinced he was dead. She gently turned him over, pillowing his limp head in her lap, his lips were slightly parted revealing Eddie’s white teeth. His skin was so cold to touch. The movement released a red stream of blood, which flowed freely from the gunshot wound which had mercilessly pierced his chest. She checked his carotid artery for a pulse, a soft beat faltered ever so slightly. Perhaps for Eddie, there was a faint flicker of hope.

…………………………………………………..THE END……………………………………………………………….


6 thoughts on ““Abducted : Part 17” The conclusion…..

  1. Finally finished reading this, such a brilliant story, i’d like to think Eddie survives even though it seems unlikely, was very emotional at the end. x

    1. Ah thanks for the comments Maria ! Some people said that I should have ended it properly eg made Eddie either live or die….. but I quite liked the cliff hanger because it leaves the reader wondering 🙂 x

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