Beth sat at home alone. Eddie’s disappearance had made the local news and the search for him was on going. Things were so difficult. She’s tried everything in her power to help find him. They had traced his route home and phoned his mobile countless times, all with no avail. The phone rang a few mornings later, waking her. She put on her dressing gown , walked downstairs cautiously and picked up the phone filled with dread. The voice on the other end of the line made her blood run cold. She needed to sit down.

“You know who this is. We have Eddie here, he’s currently not doing so well. His time is running out. Here’s what I propose to do: I say we make a little deal, you leave him and come back to me and we won’t lay another finger on him. However, if you refuse then I can assure you that his hours are numbered” Beth had to put her left hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. What could she do? She was powerless.

“I’ll do anything” she wailed completely dropping her composure. “If its money you want, I’ll give you all I have. Please, I’m begging you don’t punish Eddie for my mistakes,  I was in the wrong. Let him go and take me in his place!” Harrison laughed mockingly. “For what avail? I’d rather watch you being tortured by your own guilt. Make your choice!” “PLEASE!” Beth begged desperately “Don’t take away the one person I care the most about!!” Harrison ignored her plea. “I’m waiting, oh and by the way Beth if you contact the police again I shall know. I have means of finding out and I know people you wouldn’t want to find you, which unfortunately, Eddie has already discovered.” Beth paused and decided to try her luck “Can…can I speak to Eddie? PLEASE!” she begged. There was a pause momentarily.

“Beth” a very weak, broken Eddie  answered in a lifeless voice close to a whisper. “Eddie oh my god! ” Beth uttered through her flooding tears. “Beth don’t worry I’ll be fine” came his reply. “I love you so much . Don’t cry, I only wish I could be there to hold you my darling Beth.”  

Beth became extremely distressed “Eddie are you badly hurt, what has the twisted bastard done to you! where are you? Please tell me! ” Eddie wept and did not reply, his voice too choked with tears. Harrison held a sharp knife to his throat grasping his hair and thrusting his head back. The force caused him to startle. Eddie could feel the blade grazing his neck. “You DARE say!!” he threatened whispering in a malicious tone in Eddie’s ear. Eddie was engulfed by a wave of nausea, he willed himself not to faint, holding onto a protruding stone in part of the uneven wall for support. “I can’t say, I’m not hurt too badly” that was a white lie, the pain was agonising, but didn’t want to terrify her further. “I love you so much Beth, you are always in my thoughts and always will be no matter where I am.”  Harrison snatched the phone from Eddie forgetting to end the call, putting the knife back into his pocket slowly. “Devoted little love birds aren’t you. Tell me Eddie why was it YOU that Beth wanted and not me?” Eddie shook his head in disgust. “Maybe if you had shown her a little love or kindness, you’d still be together” he snapped. Eddie froze, oh god I’ve definitely overstepped the mark! He thought. Harrison continued “Do you have any requests before I put you out of your misery?”

Eddie nodded. “I’d give anything to see Beth just one more time. That’s not possible.” Eddie shook his head  “I wouldn’t trust you. You’d try to hurt her, I just know it.” Beth’s voice rang out from the end of the line “Eddie I have to see you again. I’d rather be dead than to never see you again. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Harrison PLEASE  show some compassion!” Harrison’s reply came as a shock. “Fine, tomorrow night. Mike will meet you outside Connexions at midnight and bring you here. Oh and Beth, don’t notify the police… I shall know.”  Eddie panicked. He saw Harrison’s plan clearly. Oh god no ! not Beth. “Beth no!” Eddie cried in pure desperation   “Please you don’t know what you’re doing.  BETH, please don’t do it!”  Harrison had already ended the call and swiftly left.

“SHIT !” Eddie cried and turned very pale. Beth was in grave danger, what had he done?!!!……

The final part will shortly follow……..




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