Oddly neither Eddie or Beth had really considered that Harrison was responsible for the motives of the car damage or Beth’s drink getting spiked. They put it down to pure bad luck. Beth had a lucky escape but determined not to let it knock her confidence returned to work the day after she had spent time recovering. Eddie had the morning off work and always believed in being productive. He decided upon cleaning the house and started to hoover downstairs. It wasn’t long until he noticed what appeared to be a note sitting upon the door mat. He stooped down and picked it up it read :

Beth had a lucky escape didn’t she? Although in reality the drink in fact was meant for you! You need to watch your backs. I’m not far behind.

Eddie gasped. Oh lord! he thought, this is really serious. They had to get the police involved in the matter. Harrison really did have sinister intentions and meant to hurt them. Eddie decided against telling Beth, just for the time being. Beth was his life and he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her, not again. He slipped the note into his jacket pocket and completed the hoovering feeling extremely anxious. He felt distracted at work and spent most of the day fretting. When he left it was fairly dark, this concerned Eddie slightly, but foolishly decided just risked it. He wanted to get home to Beth. Sinister eyes were watching his tracks on his way home, it was then that he had been brutally attacked and abducted. (See part 1)

The cellar

Our tale returns to the present. 

Eddie trembled with the cold, the bitter chill filling his whole body. On jumping and awakening from a horrific nightmare he sadly recalled his misfortune, remembering that he was still trapped in the dingy cellar. He’d been captive there for 4 days now, his stomach ached from hunger and his mouth felt parched. He needed to get some water, somehow. A door clicked somewhere and Eddie heard heavy footsteps echoing. In the darkness in front of Eddie stood a man with sea-blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. He began circling him in a mocking fashion like some kind of predator.

“So you’re the famous Eddie?” he smirked “Beth is quite the catch isn’t she? I don’t know why she went for the likes of you though!” Eddie said nothing. He d aren’t. His heart pounded against his rib cage. “Cat got your tongue? Probably why Beth chose you, I can’t imagine you’d argue back much. Gentle, sweet Eddie that’s what she called you! I heard her! Fascinating little slut isn’t she!”

Eddie could feel his blood boil and he made the mistake of not controlling his outburst. “What is WRONG with you? What makes you think that you have the right to treat someone like you treated Beth! and now this! What kind of monster are you?” Harrison looked infuriated “I’ll tell you when to speak!!” His face was so close to Eddie’s that he could smell the odour of his alcohol laden breath. He kicked Eddie in his already painful ribs. Eddie let out a cry of agony and gritted his white teeth willing himself not to faint from the pain. Harrison continued. “I’m so tempted to finish you off at this very moment. It just so happens that I have a knife in my pocket. Look at you you’re so vulnerable!” 

Eddie continued to gasp for breath, each inhalation was torture. He clutched his side in attempt to stop the agonising throbbing. “Oh and by the way Eddie, I scratched your car and I organised for the drink to be spiked. It’s a shame my plan backfired. That drink was meant for you. The silly bitch drank it! We would have abducted you sooner, but due to that little hiccup we had to wait.” 

All Eddie’s suspicions were confirmed. Oh god was Beth safe? he worried.

Police were now strongly on the case, although they had found no obvious evidence. Beth confessed to them about the spiking and Eddie’s car claiming that she though that Harrison more than likely had a part to play in it.

The male police officer looked at her. “But you didn’t think to come to us before?” Beth shook her head. “The events happened so close together over the matter of a few days. I should have come to you over the abuse but I thought I’d be safe now. I blame myself.For all we know Eddie could be lying dead in a ditch somewhere”  she shuddered at the thought. “But what I do know is that Harrison is still out there somewhere”

The police officer continued “We checked your old house, there was no-one there and it looked like it hadn’t been lived in for a little while.” Beth nodded. “I moved in with Eddie for my own safety.” 

“Did you realise that Harrison has previous convictions?”

“WHAT!!” Beth startled. She wasn’t exactly surprised but she hadn’t been aware of them. “Yes, he was convicted of theft and robbery back in 2007, five years ago. He served 10 months in jail. He also was brought in over night for assaulting a barman in a club in 2009 but the case was dropped”  Beth’s jaw dropped. There was so much more to him that met the eye. “We’re taking this case very seriously. We have some short CCTV footage of Eddie leaving his work but no more.If you were both under threat why did he walk home alone?” Beth shook her head. “I don’t know what he was thinking” 

“We are taking immediate action, but don’t want to undertake any operations which would increase risks to yours or Eddie’s well-being. We’ll need to investigate further” Beth nodded. “We’ll need to move swiftly but carefully. There is more change we’ll find him in the first 72 hours of disappearance. “ A lump rose to Beth’s throat and her eyes were once again filled with salty tears. “We’ll do everything we possibly can and keep you updated. Meanwhile you need to take extra precaution, go out in a group if you’re leaving the house and keep your windows and doors locked at all times. You can’t afford to put yourself at risk” 

Beth felt imprisoned in her own home once more. Without the support of Eddie she felt so alone, she prayed and fell into a fitful sleep.



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