At 8am Beth, still dozing on her day off was aware that it was still fairly dark outside. Eddie’s car had been parked on the curb outside their house as there was no garage. She quickly became aware that he was no longer slumbering next to her and putting on Eddie’s dressing gown (it was far warmer than hers) and went to find him. She found Eddie outside gawping at the car. The paint-work had been completely scratched off on the right hand side.

“Oh god what a mess!” Beth exclaimed, she continued “Is it ensured?” Eddie nodded “Yeah, the person who did it didn’t even have the decency to leave their contact details though” He shook his head, clearly annoyed “I’ll have to get it sorted today some point after work! what a pain!” Beth put her hand upon his shoulder “could be worse at least you weren’t in it at the time!” Eddie nodded and smiled still looking slightly disappointed. “Don’t worry it’s just a car! I think you need cheering up” Beth stated “Should we go out for dinner tonight? we can do drinks after?” Eddie nodded once more “That sounds lovely”

They left the house at 7pm that evening, it was just starting to darken outside. They approached the Chinese restaurant. The atmosphere inside was friendly with excellent food service, seemingly ideal. Beth and Eddie were oblivious to the fact that they were being watched once more, as Mike sat just a few tables across from them in the quirky restaurant. He appeared to be texting. In reality he was sneakily taking photos of them together, closely watching their every move. After the meal was finished they decided to have a couple of drinks to follow in the bar a few doors down. Beth appeared to be slightly tipsy, Eddie offered her his arm which she took gladly. On arriving Beth decided to stick to wine and ordered a sparkling white wine and spritzer. Mike was not far behind them and entered the building. Enclosed in his hand was a packet containing a white substance in powder form. He tipped it into Eddie’s glass, the powder fizzed and dissolved rapidly and as quick as a flash Mike exited. Beth took a long glug of what she thought was her drink. They continued their conversation.

“Woah Eddie have you drunk all of yours already? Jeez that was quick!” Eddie laughed “Beth I’ll think you’ll find that you were drinking out of my glass. I haven’t touched mine yet!” Beth blushed “Whoops! sorry!” she slurred. He shook his head at her and laughed! “Not to worry I’ve had enough now, but Beth please don’t drink too much more, your eyes are starting to look very spaced out!” They continued to chat but it was not long before Beth’s head began to swim .

“Eddie I feel really strange” she exclaimed and staggered on the spot slightly. Eddie helped her up gently and took her outside to get some fresh air. She slumped to the floor crying hysterically. “Oh god Beth! what’s wrong?! we need to get you home.”  The house was a very short distance from the bar, Eddie carried Beth the whole way. Almost as soon as they were through the door Beth stated that she was going to be sick, they made it to the bathroom. Eddie held back her long hair as she began to vomit uncontrollably. For over an hour they sat there, Beth felt incredibly nauseous although, she did not vomit again. Eddie stayed in vigil by Beth’s side. She started to shake, Eddie ran and fetched a cardigan helping her put it on. It was when Beth became very disoriented and confused that Eddie’s concerns grew. He quickly dialled 999. Eddie felt physically sick he was supposed to be the one taking care of Beth and he’d let this happen. Once in hospital the staff worked quickly to get the drugs out of her system, Eddie refused to leave her side. After a couple of hours Beth seemed more alert. As she opened her eyes and looked over to her left side, there sat Eddie with tear filled eyes. His cheeks were puffy, like he’d been crying for a while. What on earth just happened to me? Beth thought. On seeing her open her eyes Eddie  breathed a huge sigh of relief  “Oh thank god!!” Beth looked really puzzled and held Eddie’s hand. “Erm what on earth happened to me last night?!” Eddie’s face grew pale. She hadn’t seen him like this since she confessed all about her past.

“The A&E staff said you were spiked”  he mutteredBeth’s eyes widened “Oh god!! how on earth didn’t we see the person doing it? Who would do that! ” Eddie paused “Someone with no conscience. I feel partly responsible.” He sighed. Beth held his hand. “No I don’t blame you, not one bit.” Beth was discharged from hospital a few hours later when the drug had been fully removed from her system. She felt drained of all energy. Eddie carried her upstairs and helped her into bed. She desperately wanted a shower but didn’t have the strength.

Neither of them knew that Harrison was to blame and that his plan had backfired. The drug was meant for Eddie, Harrison wanted him off the scene. He would get Beth back. More misfortune was yet to befall them…………..

To be continued…….


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