“You did it” Eddie exclaimed when they were in the safety of his car, he looked overjoyed. Beth nodded she was free !  She sighed a deep sigh of relief and buried part of her face in her left hand leaning her head against the car window.  Eddie opened the boot and helped Beth to carry her belongings into his house, helping her unpack. “It was a really brave thing you did today” he stated. Beth put her head upon his shoulder, Eddie stroked her glossy hair and she kissed him gently. They slowly ambled up the staircase hand in hand. Once in bed, they chatted until the early hours of the morning.

“What happens if Harrison should find us?” Beth gazed at Eddie. “He shouldn’t do, not unless he’s some sort of incredible stalker or a detective.” he joked, he held her close to him. Beth fell into a deep sleep, her head resting upon Eddie’s shoulder, she felt safe. They carried on like any normal couple would, living life as they pleased and continuing to work as usual. Beth noticed that Rose had recently adopted a cheeky gleam in her eye, it was almost as if she knew.


An already infuriated Harrison was to return to an empty house. He raced upstairs in a panic to find Beth’s belongings missing. On jerking open the doors of the large wardrobe he was shocked to find her side empty. She was gone. He let out a terrifying scream and grabbed a picture of him and Beth from the window sill, he threw it upon the floor like a spoiled child. The glass shattered across the room. He would find her no matter what it would take, he vowed. One of the neighbors Abigail Neilson seemed to be lingering around his property more than usual, she would often take a casual stroll and walk in front of  the house. On one particular day he saw her pass 3 times in the space of 10 minutes and swiftly confronted her.

“What’s your problem!” he snapped staring down at her “Can’t you walk somewhere else?” Abigail seemed to be laughing at him, a potentially dangerous move. “I saw Beth a few days ago moving her stuff”  Harrison faltered and his glare sharpened.“What do you know about Beth!? Tell me NOW! or you’ll be sorry!” He gritted his teeth running his fingers through his hair.

She moved yesterday and she wasn’t alone, lovely looking young man he was. I think I heard her calling him Eddie.” Abigail wanted to laugh and clap her hands with glee. She despised Harrison, he was a neighbor from hell. She’d had her revenge, or so she thought. She was oblivious to the fact that she’d put Eddie and Beth’s lives in great danger. Harrison made up his mind. He had to find Beth. He was an experienced stalker and quickly typed her full name into Google. He scrolled down and quickly discovered pictures of Beth in her work uniform from a fund-raising event. He was shocked and scribbled down the address of the care home. Harrison had already tried calling Beth and to his horror she’d blocked his number. How dare she! he slammed his mobile down upon the desk and ran his fingers through his hair in a frustrated manner. After a few moments he dialed a new number. “Mike speaking” answered a voice deepened by many years of smoking 20 a day.“Hello Mike” he replied. He continued “I was wondering if you could do a little job for me. I need news on Beth, find out where she lives now. I have her work address.”  There was a short hesitation “Okay, no problem, give me all the details you know me I won’t let you down.” 

A few days later Beth, exhausted after a heavy shift, looked forward to getting home to Eddie who was cooking dinner for them both. She zipped up her jacket over her uniform and started walking. Heavily distracted by thoughts, Beth didn’t notice the man sitting in the white car, watching. It was Mike. He waited until Beth was further afield, slowly got out of his car and began following her home. He took special care not to draw attention to himself. Beth paused as she reached the house, letting herself in. She glanced over her right shoulder sensing that someone was watching her. Beth closed the door behind her, went into the living room and gazed out of the window. There was no-one in sight. Don’t be such a paranoid idiot! Beth thought to herself, but she had many reasons to be worried. As she hung up her coat, Eddie welcomed her with a comforting cup of tea and a gentle hug “Dinner’s almost ready, I’ve cooked Shepard’s pie”  Beth smiled, one of her favorites! She was starving.

Mike, who had returned to the safety of his car dialled Harrison. ” I know Beth’s whereabouts you’ll be glad to know, she lives at 28 Baker street, near the train station” A slow grimace spread across Harrison’s face a feeling of sweet success filling his twisted mind.



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