Eddie’s inner self was engulfed with feelings of  anger and complete fear. He felt physically sick. Part of him died inside. What kind of monster could damage such a beautiful person? He felt slightly betrayed; why had Beth led him to believe that she was single? He turned frighteningly pale. “I need some fresh air” he muttered in almost a whisper. Beth was convinced that he was going to faint then and there, he looked completely drained. With a heavy heart she watched him make his way into the garden. He sat on a swing seat, his back turned to Beth. She paced up and down the hallway, wringing her hands in frustration. She felt partly relieved that someone else knew her deep dark secret. A feeling of dread hit her. Had she broken Eddie? After 20 minutes or so she poured a glass of iced water and padded across the grass. Beth stood behind Eddie placing one hand upon his shoulder, and passing him the water with the other. Much to her relief Eddie stroked her fingers with his thumb. He still looked deeply shocked, maybe brandy would have been a more suitable refreshment ? Beth wondered.

Crouching in front of him, Beth wiped away Eddie’s tears, she had never seen a man cry before it really frightened her. “I’m so SO sorry” she whispered kissing Eddie upon the lips. She sat beside him “I just couldn’t tell you before, everything seemed too perfect. I figured that I had to tell you sooner rather than later. You mean so much to me, you’re the only man I’ve ever met that actually treats me like and equal.”  Eddie nodded quietly. How was he not furiously angry?  he appeared to be thinking. “I’m not angry I’m just furious with the bastard that did this to you! Beth move in with me?”  What? Beth was startled, she didn’t expect that reply not for one moment. She nodded in agreement cradling Eddie in her arms, completely oblivious to the frightful danger that she was landing them both in. Beth felt that now she had been cruel, she had unsuspectingly thrown her baggage upon Eddie “I’ll come round tonight after your late shift and help you to move” He held her closer still. “10pm tonight?” Beth whispered ‘yes’ in a voice so tiny that Eddie only just heard her reply.

Although the house was vast, Beth was not the owner of many of the items which filled it. She folded her clothes into a large hold all bag and bubble wrapped the few ornaments and items which held sentimental value to her. She worried what she would do about her post. I guess I’ll have to sort that quickly she thought. Little did they know that sneaky eyes watched from a crack in a nearby curtain. It was Abigail Neilson from next door, she was seen as quite a character with her thick rimmed glasses and wispy-thin fly away blonde hair. Beth had rarely spoken to her , she always seemed to be prying and enjoyed having her nose deep into other people’s’ business. Beth recalled the time that Abigail told one of her friends that she over-heard some of the heated argument that Beth and Harrison had one night. She had claimed that there was a lot of banging and the information had spread further than Beth would have liked. Of course when the piece of gossip got back to Harrison there was hell to pay!

“Nearly done” Beth’s reverie was quickly broken. Eddie smiled at Beth as he carried out a large bag of coat hangers and a box of family photo albums out to his car. Beth stood silently looking quite timid. “You’re not having second thoughts are you?” he placed one arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. “Jesus no! I can’t wait to see the back of this miserable place, it holds too many memories of unhappy times”  Eddie nodded.

“Come on there’s just two bags and a box left” They quickly fetched them, placing them upon the back seat. As they drove away Beth didn’t glance over her shoulder, she wanted her life to travel forwards from now on . If she had , she would have witnessed Abigail still prying and watching . She had seen everything.



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