Everyone in Beth’s company noticed a difference in the improvement of her confidence, and her uplifted spirits. The lingering thought of Harrison always subdued her happiness, the dreaded thought of his return. Eddie was oblivious to everything, she simply had to tell him sooner rather than later. Beth was frightened to dampen the fire which burned so brightly between them. Life was so different around Eddie, he was optimistic and always saw the best in others. Although he was quite shy, he had a close group of friends, mostly people he had known for years. Eddie soon revealed that he worked as an accountant for a small company, not bad Beth thought.

It was a cold morning, one which called for the use of gloves. Beth couldn’t wait to see Eddie and spotted him casually leaning against the fence which surrounded the woods. “Hey!” he called and waved at her as she approached him from a distance. Eddie helped Beth over the style which was the means of entry to the walk. He really is a gentleman Beth thought. It was wonderful to meet a man who didn’t want to automatically jump into bed with her. The conversation flowed as always, though Beth was careful not to reveal too much about her past. There was a real nip in the air, Beth shivered. Stupidly her coat was quite low-cut at the top leaving her pale neck fully exposed to the bitter air. Eddie saw this. “Are you cold? Here you can borrow this” He removed his scarf and gently wrapped it around her neck for her. Beth was taken aback “Are you sure?” she asked clearly surprised. “Yeah I always get over heated, feel my hands” Beth put her small hands in his, he had elegant hands. It was true, they radiated warmth.

Beth decided to invite Eddie to dinner at hers. She didn’t want him to think that she was showing off as Harrison’s house was quite grand with large rooms and a vast hallway. A place far too huge for two people Beth had always thought but Harrison had inherited it. Beth was slightly worried and partly filled with guilt. Oh god surely he’d twig that she wasn’t single but was quickly distracted by the thought of what to cook?  Hmmm steak is always good with wine she thought. She routed in the kitchen cupboards and fridge deciding what to concoct. She decided upon sirloin steak with a peppercorn sauce, new potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Her thought of food was distracted by a text message from  Eddie : “Heya I’ll bring the wine. What are we having? Just so I know what sort to bring? x” Great sorted Beth thought and sent him a quick reply. Beth cleaned the house from top to bottom and dressed putting some gentle music on in the background. She started humming gently to herself, music is so good for the soul Beth thought. The doorbell rang and on the porch stood Eddie with a bottle of wine in one hand. He looked and smelt so irresistible. Beth wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. It was a lingering romantic kiss. Eddie’s back leaned against the wall, Beth pressing herself to him, with one arm around his waist and the other behind his head. Her fingers were surrounded by his soft hair and shivers of pleasure ran freely down her spine.

Eddie laughed “Well that was a lovely welcome.” Beth took him by the hand and led him through the front door. His face was filled with amazement “Wow! this house is incredible!” Beth had carefully hidden any pictures of her and Harrison prior to his arrival. The dinner was excellently cooked, Beth glowed with pride. Eddie was clearly impressed “It’s not often that I get restaurant quality food cooked for me! This is amazing!” Beth thanked him, she knew she needed practice when it came to receiving compliments. It was not something that she was used to. After a relaxing evening Beth was ready for more. She lusted after him and the wine had given her some confidence. Taking Eddie by the hand she led him upstairs, in her heart of hearts she knew… he was the one!

Eddie stood facing Beth. He looked glorious. She carefully began to unbutton his shirt with her nimble fingers, it hung open loosely revealing his toned torso, she planted a caring kiss upon his chest. Eddie caressed Beth’s neck and unzipped the back of her dress slowly. He gasped completely in shock. Beth’s skin was still covered with marks and bruises, his eyes filled with tears. “Beth who did this to you?” His voice sounded choked and small, he turned to face her his eyes welling up with frightened tears.

Beth had no other option now but to reveal the truth. She told him everything.



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