“Incomplete” -Part 1

[Our tale takes place in Victorian 19th century Britain]

Lucinda was completely exhausted. Most women of 25 would be vibrant and bubbling with energy. Currently her spirits felt completely deflated. As the winter months loomed, they brought back painful memories of how her wonderful, beloved husband Jim had been cruelly snatched away from her at such a young age in a sudden mining accident. The whole of the underground structure had collapsed. 29 innocent lives had been lost that day, including Lucinda’s soul. Part of her died that day. Jim was the love of her life, they brought out the best in each other and were soul mates. Lucinda and her small son Thomas had been left to fend for themselves, living off the small package of money they had been given as compensation, but what was that compared to a life? Thomas reminded her of Jim every day, they had the same smile and similar mannerisms. In Thomas a part of Jim lived on.


A bitter chill filled the darkening air as the Winter frost drew in sneakily. Thomas perched on his bed, drawing images with his fingers upon the thin sheet of ice which had formed across the window pane. Lucinda sat by the fire a million miles away, lost in thought. She warmed her numbed fingers, holding her hands a short distance away from the glowing embers, in attempt to restore them to working condition. She wished to complete her piece of small tapestry. There was little avail, so Lucinda gave in and wandered over to the window and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“What are you drawing darling?”

The warmth of Thomas’s fingers had melted the ice, causing the thawed water to trickle down the pane like falling tears.

“Us” was his short answer.

Lucinda could determine 3 people, drawn in a usual child-like fashion. They had stick-like arms and a round circle for hands with 5 stick fingers spurting off each one. To the left was a taller stick man. A lump rose to Lucinda’s throat.

“Is that Daddy?” she whispered fighting back the tears, willing herself not to cry.

“Yes! How did you know?” Thomas sounded delighted and continued in a very small, saddened voice“I wish he was still here. I wonder what he’s doing now in heaven?”

Lucinda could barely speak, her eyes filled to the brim with tears, the emptiness inside her ached more than ever. She composed herself as quickly as she could. ‘I must be strong’ she thought. She hesitated for a few more moments.

“Well, I imagine that he’s with Grandma and Granddad and he’s made lots of new friends”

She tried to stop the tears but it was impossible, they flowed down her pale cheeks stinging slightly as they fell. Thomas clambered onto her knee and buried his face in Lucinda’s neck. She sensed the comfort and security of his small arms  around her and held the child closer still.

“You never have to say sorry, we need to remember him. I just miss your Dad so, so much”

Thomas nodded.

“Me too Mum. But don’t worry I’ll look after us”

Lucinda laughed and smiled. Her tiny pint-sized son was a darling with dark brown curls and sweet dimples, just like his Dad.

“I know you will Tommy. Your Dad would be so proud of us!” She swiftly changed the subject to enlighten the saddened mood. “Now how’s about I make us some cocoa?”

Thomas nodded enthusiastically.The kettle hung above the heat of the black range. The fire still glowed, heating the small house. She fetched 2 mugs and took a cloth to grasp the burning hot handle. She carefully handed Thomas his mug.

“Just be careful, it’s hot”

Thomas blew on his drink ,so the bubbles ran to the outer edge of the mug like frog spawn and formed a semi-circle. They drank their cocoa and soon settled back to sleep.

The next day was Sunday which meant one thing; church. Lucinda disliked it, people loved to gossip. She hated anyone knowing her private business, certainly people that she didn’t feel obliged to trust. They awoke at 7.30am, ate their fairly simple breakfast of porridge as money was scarce and dressed in their Sunday best. It was a short amble to the tiny village church which was well attended. Many of the other goers hadn’t approved of Jim because he didn’t attend. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a christian, he had a heart of gold and went out of his way to help anyone. He used to say that he felt closer to god when working in the great outdoors than he did cooped up in the dreary service every Sunday morning. For that reason he didn’t attend. Luckily, he had been Christened as a child which had allowed him to have a Christian service and burial. Lucinda shuddered at the thought of what they would have done if that hadn’t been the case.

In a way she felt partly lucky that his body had actually been found, as some of the victims had never been discovered, their bodies engulfed and lost forever in the dark mine. She was also relieved that she had agreed to see his body. Lucinda had imagined it to be in a far worse state than the reality. Indeed there were cuts and bruises, but he wasn’t in any way disfigured.

They had buried his ashes beneath the largest oak tree in the surrounding forest  It was their favourite place, they had spent many a Sunday afternoon in the past as a family  stretched out under it, putting the world to rights. They called themselves ‘The 3 Musketeers’ and were inseparable. Jim’s death had left a dark, empty hole in their once full-filled lives.

Part 2 coming soon……


“In between”

Belinda left her workplace far later than she anticipated, this was always the case. She had been in the teaching profession for 5 years and loved it. The job was her passion. On that particular evening, she had decided to stay in the school and finish marking the children’s exercise books. She hated being behind with anything and always set herself deadlines. It was the journey home she dreaded, she hated nothing more than travelling along the dingy country roads alone with only the strong beams of her car headlights to go by, especially when it was late. The night was bitterly cold, Belinda was grateful for her red woolen finger-less gloves, no matter how hideous they looked. She gingerly stepped sideways into her little car. As she revved it up, the small engine began to splutter as if it was suffering from a bout of pneumonia, about to give up the ghost. Please don’t give up on me little car she prayed silently. To her relief the engine started and seemed to be going smoothly. She turned on her headlights which beamed brightly, leading her way in the gloomy night.

Belinda quickly switched on the radio. She hated travelling alone and it was a rare occasion that she did. She always shared lifts with Zara her classroom assistant. It was just on the off-chance that Zara was off work today, forcing Belinda to drive without company. She was deep in thought recalling the conversations which had been had that day. There was one pupil in particular who wasn’t reaching their potential and it saddened her, her mind then switched to what she’d buy as a secret santa present with Christmas looming.

As quick as a flash, something flitted past her wind screen. Belinda startled, she wasn’t driving at a fast pace. It didn’t appear to be the usual branch or hedging, more clothing-like. Belinda rapidly halted her car to try to clarify what she’d actually seen. There in front of her stood a woman approximately 30 in age. She was soaked to the skin, her long straggly blonde hair clung to her thin cheeks. She was poorly clad in a shabby dress which was at least 2 sizes to big and very dated. Belinda rolled down her car window, not something that she’d normally do.

Hey are you okay?” Do you need any help?” There was concern in Belinda’s voice which caused the girl to halt and spin around on her heels. “Do you need a lift?” Belinda continued.

“Please” the girl mumbled, her eyes looked red. Belinda wasn’t sure if it was rainwater upon her unwashed cheeks or silvery tears. Belinda nodded and opened the passenger door.

“Where do you want me to take you?” She hesitated.

“To Old Farm Close”

Belinda nodded although, she felt quite confused, she was positive no-one lived there . She continued to run queries inside her head. Elspeth sat quietly beside her, she seemed so distant as if she was deep in thought. Belinda noticed there were prominent scratch marks on her arms, they looked fairly fresh.

“It’s just here” Elspeth stated interrupting Belinda’s reverie. “Thank you so much for the lift” She attempted a sad smile, gazing out of the window. The building was unkempt with a wild over grown garden. Surely this can’t be it? Belinda thought, it looked desolate .

“Are you going to be okay?” Belinda stated.

Elspeth nodded and smiled a sad smile. “Yes, he can’t hurt me anymore.”

Belinda was frightened by her reply, what on earth did Elspeth mean? She nodded and drove away. She felt bewildered and saddened.  Elspeth was so young, yet so unkempt. Something was deeply troubling her Belinda thought. The following day she seemed distant at work, countless members of staff asked if she was feeling alright. She was far from her bubbly talkative self and seemed quiet and distant. Belinda shrugged off their comments stating that she was fine but just felt a little under the weather.

The next day a trip to the news agents confirmed her sinister suspicions  “GIRL MURDERED BY CRAZED BOYFRIEND IN DRUNKEN ATTACK.” Now Belinda understood, Elspeth hadn’t had time to find peace, she was trapped in between.

Guardian Angel – A short fiction piece

With eyes dripping with tears like molten wax running down an over flickering candle. Adam hunched over the wood worm-eaten desk which was filled with as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese. His body was thin and weary, his spirit broken like a shattered mirror which crushed his broken soul. All was lost, his head spun in a whirl wind of despair. He arose from the chair not hesitating to grab any personal belongings, he had to move on. Adam had been unable to help.

The night was dark and deserted. A bitter chill swept through the air, he felt nothing. His shirt was thin and soft from being over-washed. Goosebumps covered his body as he walked on choked up with tears, he simply had to get away. Adam was weakened through lack of food and self-neglect. His mind had been fully pre occupied, filled with sorrow and guilt even though he was not to blame for the misfortune that had befallen them. Adam was trapped on earth, a punishment for his failure.

His brain was a misty haze, he began to stumble blindly across the uneven ground. He did not see the protruding tree trunk and tripped. The man quickly picked himself up and kept going not noticing the blood flowing from the deep gash in his right hand. Lack of food meant that he had little energy. His head swam, he didn’t let this deter him and battled on into the night. The heavens opened into a torrential downpour of rain which washed away the grime of self neglect and depression. Adam continued to walk for hours until every single last ounce of his energy was gone. His vision blurred and he fell in a dead faint to the floor. He was blinded by a white flashing light like a bolt of lightning, darkness followed. What was happening?


When he opened his weary eyes, he was surrounded by unfamiliar faces. They spoke to him gently, he couldn’t hear what they were saying, much to his confusion. He was engulfed with darkness once more, his body overcome with tiredness. For three days he drifted in and out of consciousness, overpowered by a brutal fever. His temperature was dangerously high and his body overpowered with delirium. After 3 days his fever finally subsided, he slept solidly for 24 hours. As he was awakening he overheard sections of the conversation. Two females were talking.

“He can’t stay here for too long, just until he’s better. Not with Jane being so desperately ill.”

Another voice replied “Yes, don’t worry, just until he regains his full strength.”

The man looked deathly pale, with dark circles of exhaustion around his eyes. His blonde hair was matted and unkempt, far from his normal appearance. At last he awoke, startling after a frightening nightmare, he sat upright in bed panting and trembling, a dewy mist etching his troubled brow. Two concerned strangers were at his side.

“What’s your name?”  The younger woman questioned.

“Adam” he whispered, with a voice so hoarse and dry he was barely able to speak. She nodded. She had plain features and was fairly poorly clad in a grey governess style dress. She wore her dark hair neatly pinned into a bun, swept back off her pale face.

“I’m Alice and this is my older sister Harriet. We found you slipping in and out of consciousness.” Harriet was quick to chip in “Where have you come from? Are you hurt? What brought you here?” Her face was rounder, her figure fuller with rosy red cheeks and curly brown hair which was tamed and pinned sensibly.

Adam looked slightly baffled by all his questions. He didn’t know the answers to them himself. Alice gently touched her sister’s arm. “Lets not worry him with questions.” She squeezed Adam’s thin hand. “You need more rest, you’re still exhausted, sleep.” Alice held a glass of water to his lips which he drank gratefully. “Thank you” he muttered in a hoarse voice. He was most grateful for their kindness and lay his head back on the pillows, wondering who Jane might be and why she was so in need? His dreams were gentle and calming filled with images of a pure blue sky and perfectly fluffy cotton wool clouds.

Adam was about to change their lives.

Jane indeed was very ill. The local doctor held very little hope for her. Her weak heart was desperately clinging onto any life she had left, as was her frail body. The girl parents were dead and they had little money. Harriet and Alice cared for her daily with little avail in her ever worsening condition. She had always been a sickly child and was often confined to bed on a regular basis. This time her health had taken a turn for the worst, there was little hope for her now.

With good food and fresh air Adam was quickly restored to his full health. He looked younger, far from his haggard appearance when they first found him. He had been unable to help the last family he was sent to, he had been punished even though the case had been taken completely out of his hands. The punishment was ageing. Adam felt so un-deserving, he simply had to repay this small, needy family for their kindness.

A few mornings later, before the household was awake Adam entered Jane’s room. It was unusual that she was alone. Harriet and Alice often sat in a vigil by her bedside. She lay there in the same sate, in a heavy stupor, with her long brown hair flowing over the pillow like a mane. He filled the room with Amber stones, which were buried deep in his pockets. He placed them around the young girls head like a halo, she looked so frail and fragile. He held her pale hands in his, as he did so a blinding white light swept across the room. Adam smiled. The difference in Jane was astonishing. As she slowly opened her eyes she saw Adams’s face  smiling down at her. He looked years younger and so beautiful with wavy blonde hair and pure ivory skin. His appearance was much changed. Adam kissed Jane’s cheek.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

“I’m your guardian angel, you’re safe now” came his reply. Jane smiled and nodded, she was well at last. Without saying another word, he gracefully  exited through the large open window, never to be seen on earth again. He had conquered his task.



The beauty within (A short fiction piece suited to younger readers)

Evangeline had a miserable heart of ice. Even her divine beauty couldn’t conceal the fact that in reality, she was conceited and bitter. Despite her parents vast wealth and having everything material she desired, deep inside her soul she was miserable. Evangeline was incredibly materialistic and as an only child her parents foolishly doted on her. She wanted for nothing and always had the latest Christian Louboutin shoes or Prada handbags. In her sad inner self she was always longing for more. As it is said money cannot buy happiness. One day whilst browsing on her I-Mac for potential 21st birthday presents, she spotted a large, unusual full length mirror edged with gold. The website was a strange one, it looked foreign . Of course she demanded that it was bought for her and her parents ordered it for Evangeline immediately.

The mirror was carefully mummified in layers of bubble wrap for protection. Evangeline unwrapped it quickly, keen to see her present. She quickly became very frustrated and angry that it should take so long. At last the last layer came loose and it drifted to the floor gently. It was unusual, hand carved with detailed wooden leaves to decorate the top. It must be antique, she thought.

She gazed into the mirror. The image she saw startled her. Looking back was a face so sad and ugly it was almost recognisable.It had the same eyes, nose and mouth, but her skin was mottled and looked like it had been aged 30 years. Her teeth were yellow and decaying and her skin looked shrivelled as if she was 80. She gasped and jumped back from it screaming : “IS THIS A TRICK?!” She ran to the linen cupboard, grabbing a large spare sheet and covering the mirror. For a while it sat there forgotten and gathering dust.

Her younger cousin Helena came to visit. Evangeline despised  little children and made no attempt to talk to her grunting her one word answers rudely. Having a normal polite conversation with Evangeline was like trying to get blood out of a stone, impossible. Helena was a very curious child. She looked slightly wild, with a wild thick mane of chocolate-brown corkscrew curls and severe acne.  Nothing was ever too much trouble and she always went every day to see her Nanna, Margaret who was a resident in a near by nursing home and would enjoy listening to her tales about the past. Helena had a large group of close friends at her state school, ones who had stuck by her for years. They loved her chirpy and sweet personality, she was wise beyond her years and she had a heart of gold. On the other hand, Evangeline attended private school and had no true friends except Jenna who stuck by her out of pity. She often heard the other girls gossiping and felt sorry for unpopular Evangeline.

The adults were deep in conversation and Evangeline was sat in a corner somewhere playing on her i-pad, denying the existence of Helena . Helena decided to for an explore around the house, she loved reading her Auntie’s large collection of fiction books in the study. On her way she spotted something discarded in the corner of the hallway covered by a large sheet. She lifted up the material. She almost had to squint her eyes as her face shone, beaming. She looked perfectly radiant, beautiful even. Helena startled at what she saw. Another reflection joined her in the mirror, one hideously ugly. Evangeline stood beside her little cousin and finally understood. A brutal tidal wave of reality slapped her across the face.

The mirror reflected true beauty. The beauty within.

“Oh the joys of camping!” -Part 3

The dreadful weather was to continue, dampening all of their moods somewhat. Gloria tried in attempt to put on a brave face as her hair extensions became noticeably frizzier by the minute.

“Couldn’t you just take them out Gloria?” Adam questioned, not knowing much about such things. “Nope they’re glued in! look” she showed him and Adam nodded politely. John was tired of sitting, he liked to be up and about. At long last he decided to throw all caution to the wind and ignore the deluge. “Right you two, waterproofs on the rain is starting to subside a bit now. I want to do some exploring.” Even Adam looked reluctant but said nothing. They zipped up and began to stride out in the wilderness. The mud squelched loudly underneath their wellies as they began to trek across a vast field to enable them to reach the woodland which John had planned to investigate. The trees had collected water in their leaves like miniature tea cups which dripped down upon them as they walked.

The ground was very boggy. It wasn’t long before Gloria had yet another little disaster. “Argh my welly has come off!” She exclaimed and balanced on her left leg attempting to look as graceful as she possibly could.John sighed and went to help her dig out her foot from the deep mud. She thanked them as they pulled her out. John continued to roll his eyes.

Adam quickly thought of a plan to lighten the atmosphere. “How about a game of hide and seek the wood doesn’t seem too large. We can’t get lost surely?” John grinned “Sounds fun son! Gloria?” She nodded not wanting to be a burden to them. “I’ll be it” she announced “I’ll count to 100! off you go!” Adam and John sped off as fast as their legs could carry them to find a great hiding place. Shortly they found one, hiding in fairly close proximity of eacthother to make it easier.

“97, 98,99, 100! okay here I come ready or not!” Gloria shouted. She ambled carefully along the slippy ground walking completely in the opposite direction. She was walking at quite a speed determined not to take so long. She didn’t see the protruding tree stump and fell lying flat on her face. Luckily she wasn’t hurt, just plastered from head to toe in mud. “OUCH!” she exclaimed and quickly picked herself off the ground feeling bruised. Nearly in tears she decided to continue her lengthy search to find them. To her relief, she spotted Adam’s blue waterproof through some prickly bushes and ambled towards him.

“FOUND YOU!” she cried. He stood up and grinned, his face quickly fell when he saw the state of her clothing. “Jesus Gloria! Are you okay? Did you fall?” She nodded looking crestfallen. “Are you hurt?” She shook her head. “Nope but my clothes are ruined!” She looked as if she was fighting hard to hold back the tears. Poor Gloria Adam thought, maybe it was cruel to make her come camping. His Mum loved camping when she was alive, she was a very outgoing outdoor type of woman. Quite the opposite to Gloria. “Come one Gee let’s find Dad” Adam suggested offering her his arm like a gentleman, to which she gladly accepted. John gasped in horror at the state of Gloria. “Oh god darling are you okay?!” he exclaimed looking concerned. She nodded smiling at Adam and putting on yet another brave face. Secretly she wished that they were at home warm and dry. The rainfall grew heavier and the trio returned to the tent once more. John lit the gas stove, boiling the kettle and making cups of steaming tea. They huddled together to stay out of the cold. “I’m really itchy!” Adam announced, much to their dismay they had all been eaten by midges. “I should have brought midge repellant” John mumbled, shaking his head. Gloria was NOT impressed and continued to scratch her bites grumpily. “Still wish we were in a hotel” she grumbled.

The sun was setting falling behind the trees. The sky was on fire with the orange tendrils of remaining sunlight. Gloria gazed up in amazement. “WOW that’s amazing!” she smiled. The boys were happy that something had managed to lift her awful mood.

Part 4 coming soon….

Fiction : “Oh the joys of camping!”-Part 2

“Aww come on Gloria please! It’ll be really great!” John begged as keen as ever. Adam’s Dad was always raring to go especially if it meant an adventure. Gloria pursed her lips slightly and then pouted twirling her long blonde piece of hair around her finger. “I’m really not a camping sort of girl” she said in a very quiet, timid voice. “You’ll be fine!” Adam grinned, “What’s the worst thing that can happen, asides being eaten by grizzly bears?” Her eyes widened dramatically in terror. “Just kidding Gloria! Jeeez! it’s only the Lake District not deep in the wild plains of America! We’ll probably get munched by midges though!” He grinned wickedly.

John laughed “Yes that is very probable I’m afraid. We’ll just have to bathe in midge repellant, it will be fine!” He kissed Gloria’s blusher heavy cheek and she smiled a sweet smile.  John and Adam’s favourite pastime had become teasing her in a non-malicious fashion. She knew they meant not harm but fell for their pranks every single time!

They made a plan to camp from Saturday to Sunday that week and to “wild camp.” Gloria still wasn’t impressed. “I know how much you both enjoy the outdoors but can’t you start me off gently on a campsite?” Adam laughed putting his arm around her “Oh Gloria it’s only for one night!” He exclaimed putting his arm around her. “Pleaseeeeee!” He batted his eyelashes at her. She sighed. “Okay fine, but I don’t know how I’m gonna cope and my heels will get RUINED!” John looked very surprised. “Gloria it’s a camping trip! Surely you didn’t think?”… he paused not wanting to hurt her feelings. “Camping requires walking boots and Wellington’s only. Do you have any?” She sighed and shook her head. “Don’t worry I’ll buy some!”


“TA DA!” Gloria exclaimed holding up her new bright pink gleaming Hunter wellies. “These will do the trick I think. They’re all the range with the celebrities at Glastonbury” Adam nodded “Perfect! we won’t lose you that’s for sure!” Gloria giggled with glee, very happy with her new purchase.

The day before the camping trip arrived. Adam packed a small bag with enough things for 4. Changes of clothes while camping are a necessity, he thought to himself. Gloria was taking no chances, and as expected the had literally packed her whole wardrobe. Adam laughed “Errrm Gloria do you have enough there?” he joked. “Why is it too much?” she questioned, sounding really surprised. “It’s only for 2 days! You only need enough for 4!” She paused “Oh erm right. I’ll go and get my smaller suitcase.” Adam shook his head and laughed to himself.

They awoke early the next morning and packed the car with the tent, suitcases, waterproofs, sleeping bags and various other camping necessities. It was a 2 hour windy drive to their destination. At last they were there and parked the car. Gloria looked horrified. “Erm guys it’s a field in the middle of nowhere!” “Yep! this is it!” John said excitedly as took out the tent from the boot. It looked like it was about to rain. To their surprise Gloria did quite a good job once she’s finished complaining about her nails getting chipped. No sooner was the tent up and their belongings inside that it began to rain. They got out their trusty camping stove and John made a cup of tea for them all.

“Camping is actually quite exciting!” Gloria exclaimed. The other two nodded. “We have one rule, no wellies inside the tent! that’s what welly-pegs are for.” Gloria once again looked puzzled. Adam continued “Cricket stumps to put your wellies on outside the tent to prevent the floor from getting muddy.” She still looked a bit blank and the message didn’t sink in. The rain continued to downpour throughout the night. Gloria had forgotten to put her wellies on her welly-pegs and low and behold they were soaking wet. “What do I do now?” she exclaimed tipping the water out of them which created a miniature waterfall. John handed her two plastic bags. “Wrap these around your feet” He explained. “Urgh they’re really cold still!” she complained “I’m really not enjoying this so far. Is this seriously what you guys class as fun? I prefer hotels” She pouted.

“Maybe this was a bad idea” John stated sighing deeply, Adam shrugged. Little did they know that it was only the beginning!


Fiction : “Oh the joys of camping!” – Part 1

Adam rolled his eyes  at his friends who were standing at the top of the stairs gazing through the misty glass at the girls playing badminton in the sports hall. “Adam you’re missing out mate!” they called to him and he laughed shaking his head. They’re such typical lads he thought. Adam was determined to be different. Many a time they’d confronted him about being gay with a wicked sparkle in their eye. Adam knew he wasn’t gay, just shy when it came to girls sometimes. He was a well-groomed 16-year-old with wavy blonde hair, hazel eyes and a cheeky grin. Talking to the majority of girls in itself was awkward let alone staring at them through windows and commentating on their cleavage size! Women often daunted him slightly and he still didn’t fully understand them. His Mum has died when he was just 3 years old, he barely remembered her. Had he had a mother from a young age, things might have been different.

From the age of 11 Adam attended a mixed boarding school. It was a very respectable one, but he missed his Dad John terribly. John was often away on business and was also a shy academic man with salt and pepper hair and black rimmed glasses, which were very suited to his chiseled face. Adam’s step mother Gloria, was quite a character. She was a tall woman whose life evolved around personal appearance especially given the fact that she was  a beautician. She spent a small fortune on her image and had waist length blonde hair extensions and perfectly manicured long fingernails. She had even gone to the extreme of buying her own sunbed which she basked on for at least 10 minutes every day. She wasn’t at all unpleasant but sometimes others found her quite brash. For instance when she told Adam’s dad that he needed to lose weight during a dinner party one night. All was going so well until her little outburst, it really dampened the mood. Adam had hastily made the decision to change the conversational topic.

Underneath it all, Adam knew she had a kind heart. He laughed to himself remembering the first time that they had taken her on an overnight caravaning adventure.  She did try. He recalled the breakfast that she’d attempted to make them on their venture : charcoal burnt sausages with frazzled baked beans. How Adam wanted to go on another camping trip with the pair of them, they’d had such a laugh. It was worth a try. His 17th birthday was looming and he decided to try his luck, bringing the conversation up over dinner which to his relief, his dad was cooking. A delicious aroma wafted from the kitchen. Adam paced into the room quietly, creeping up behind John who laughed. He knew his plan too well.“Ha! Adam don’t even bother trying to scare me!” Adam chuckled. “Aww my plan failed! What’s for dinner Dad?” John hesitated “Coq-au-vin” Adam grinned “sounds awesome!” John continued “It’ll be ready in 5. Can you go and tell Gloria please? I think she’s upstairs” Adam nodded and went off to find her. She was upstairs carefully painting her newly pedicured toenails. Adam knocked politely, Gloria stopped what she was doing and gazed up. She smiled at him.

“Hey dinner will be ready in a minute” he stated. Gloria nodded. “Okay I’ll be down in a min” It was not long until Adam landed them with his camping idea. “Well I really love the idea!” his Dad beamed. “We haven’t been camping for 2 years it’s long overdue.” Gloria seemed to gulp slightly. Both of them guessed that she’d never been camping before. They planned to grab their perfect chance to enlighten her on the subject of the great outdoors.

Part 2 coming soon…

“Abducted : Part 17” The conclusion…..

Beth was petrified, her mouth became dry, coming face to face with the realisation that she’d made a potentially deadly decision . It was worth the risk.  She simply had to see Eddie again, one last time. She encountered a long sleepless night  pacing up and down the carpet in a terrified state. She prayed with all her might that Eddie would be returned safely to her. Beth desperately wanted to notify the police, it’s impossible she thought. Harrison is tracking everything.

At 11.30pm Beth hastily pulled on her coat. Not taking any chances she slipped a small, sharp kitchen knife into her deep pocket. How Beth’s heart raced, her palms grew clammy and her breathing increased as she crept cautiously towards Connexions filled with pure dread. Just like Harrison had said, there stood a large man heavily clad in black. His identity was hidden by a black woolen balaclava. Beth jumped as he muttered “This way”, grabbing her arm with his strong hand leading her into the back seat of a car. Beth noticed that the registration plate had been covered. How strange Beth thought, she had expected to be blind folded. ‘I must memorise the route’ was her initial instinct. The envision that she might never leave the building they were approaching, didn’t even cross her mind.

The car came to a quick halt screeching slightly. They stopped at a large, ugly office type building. Beth quickly exited the car and was briskly taken down a flight of stairs towards the cellar which Eddie was being held captive. Eddie heard the sweet sound of Beth’s voice. Who was she talking to? She seemed so calm despite all of this. His heart momentarily danced for joy at the thought of seeing her, but then it sank to the pit of his empty stomach. This would be the last time that he would ever see her beautiful, radiant face. The door of the cellar clicked open and a blinding white light was switched on. It hummed and flickered gently filling the whole cellar. It stung Eddie’s eyes. He had been used to the darkness for so long. Harrison stood in the doorway, Beth trembled. “You have only 10 minutes! ” Harrison barked in his control freak manner. Beth ran into Eddie’s frail arms and gently sat down upon the poorly sprung mattress beside him. She stroked his thin cheek and kissed his bone-dry lips. They closed their eyes, thinking of happier times. Silvery tears ran down both of their cheeks as they cradled each other gently. The pain in Eddie’s ribs was excruciating, but he didn’t care anymore.

“I thought I’d never see you again” Eddie whispered, his voice sounded raspy and dehydrated. Beth nodded. “Me too. Eddie I love you with all my heart.” She rested her head upon his bony shoulder. “All this is my fault, I spoiled our wonderful relationship with my baggage, now we’re in this horrendous mess.” “Shhhh, what’s done is done” Eddie soothed “I don’t blame you, not for one second. I’d go through all that again just to be with you.”  He stroked her hair. Beth could feel his ribs standing out prominently through the material of his shirt “God Eddie! You’ve lost so much weight. You’re just skin and bone, what else did that he put you through?”  Her eyes were flowing with unstoppable tears. “Don’t fret, we need to be strong” Eddie calmed her, he always knew how to comfort Beth, she raised her head and looked into his exhausted eyes. “Eddie I can’t thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought to me. You lead me out of  a dark place and taught me how to love again. You proved to me that I’m not the worthless creature that Harrison made me out to be.” 

Eddie nodded and smiled which stung his dry, cracked lips. “And you Beth, you helped me find my confidence and put joy into my heart. Not to mention the happiness you brought to my Mum. You’re a wonderful person, Never ever forget that.” He kissed her forehead. She hugged him once more. Was it to be their last embrace?“That’s it now!” Harrison re-entered the room strutting like a sadist. “You’ve had your time.” In his hand he clutched a shiny pistol. Both Eddie and Beth wiped away each others salty tears. Beth’s fingers ran over the smooth handle of the knife in her pocket. Dare she risk it? Eddie squeezed Beth’s shaking hands and whispered in her ear “I’ll always be with you.” She nodded “We’re ready”  They stood up, still holding each other .

As quick as a flash Harrison aimed the gun, rapidly pulling the trigger. A single shot rang through the air. Eddie collapsed lying face down upon the cold flagstone.With no warning, Beth pumped full of adrenaline, lunged towards Harrison plunging the knife deep into his chest cavity. Through his sheer shock he dropped his weapon.  He did not struggle but his body seemed to jar as he gasped and a strangled last breath escaped his lips. Harrison’s dead body hit the floor with a heavy thud. Beth ran to Eddie’s side convinced he was dead. She gently turned him over, pillowing his limp head in her lap, his lips were slightly parted revealing Eddie’s white teeth. His skin was so cold to touch. The movement released a red stream of blood, which flowed freely from the gunshot wound which had mercilessly pierced his chest. She checked his carotid artery for a pulse, a soft beat faltered ever so slightly. Perhaps for Eddie, there was a faint flicker of hope.

…………………………………………………..THE END……………………………………………………………….


Beth sat at home alone. Eddie’s disappearance had made the local news and the search for him was on going. Things were so difficult. She’s tried everything in her power to help find him. They had traced his route home and phoned his mobile countless times, all with no avail. The phone rang a few mornings later, waking her. She put on her dressing gown , walked downstairs cautiously and picked up the phone filled with dread. The voice on the other end of the line made her blood run cold. She needed to sit down.

“You know who this is. We have Eddie here, he’s currently not doing so well. His time is running out. Here’s what I propose to do: I say we make a little deal, you leave him and come back to me and we won’t lay another finger on him. However, if you refuse then I can assure you that his hours are numbered” Beth had to put her left hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. What could she do? She was powerless.

“I’ll do anything” she wailed completely dropping her composure. “If its money you want, I’ll give you all I have. Please, I’m begging you don’t punish Eddie for my mistakes,  I was in the wrong. Let him go and take me in his place!” Harrison laughed mockingly. “For what avail? I’d rather watch you being tortured by your own guilt. Make your choice!” “PLEASE!” Beth begged desperately “Don’t take away the one person I care the most about!!” Harrison ignored her plea. “I’m waiting, oh and by the way Beth if you contact the police again I shall know. I have means of finding out and I know people you wouldn’t want to find you, which unfortunately, Eddie has already discovered.” Beth paused and decided to try her luck “Can…can I speak to Eddie? PLEASE!” she begged. There was a pause momentarily.

“Beth” a very weak, broken Eddie  answered in a lifeless voice close to a whisper. “Eddie oh my god! ” Beth uttered through her flooding tears. “Beth don’t worry I’ll be fine” came his reply. “I love you so much . Don’t cry, I only wish I could be there to hold you my darling Beth.”  

Beth became extremely distressed “Eddie are you badly hurt, what has the twisted bastard done to you! where are you? Please tell me! ” Eddie wept and did not reply, his voice too choked with tears. Harrison held a sharp knife to his throat grasping his hair and thrusting his head back. The force caused him to startle. Eddie could feel the blade grazing his neck. “You DARE say!!” he threatened whispering in a malicious tone in Eddie’s ear. Eddie was engulfed by a wave of nausea, he willed himself not to faint, holding onto a protruding stone in part of the uneven wall for support. “I can’t say, I’m not hurt too badly” that was a white lie, the pain was agonising, but didn’t want to terrify her further. “I love you so much Beth, you are always in my thoughts and always will be no matter where I am.”  Harrison snatched the phone from Eddie forgetting to end the call, putting the knife back into his pocket slowly. “Devoted little love birds aren’t you. Tell me Eddie why was it YOU that Beth wanted and not me?” Eddie shook his head in disgust. “Maybe if you had shown her a little love or kindness, you’d still be together” he snapped. Eddie froze, oh god I’ve definitely overstepped the mark! He thought. Harrison continued “Do you have any requests before I put you out of your misery?”

Eddie nodded. “I’d give anything to see Beth just one more time. That’s not possible.” Eddie shook his head  “I wouldn’t trust you. You’d try to hurt her, I just know it.” Beth’s voice rang out from the end of the line “Eddie I have to see you again. I’d rather be dead than to never see you again. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Harrison PLEASE  show some compassion!” Harrison’s reply came as a shock. “Fine, tomorrow night. Mike will meet you outside Connexions at midnight and bring you here. Oh and Beth, don’t notify the police… I shall know.”  Eddie panicked. He saw Harrison’s plan clearly. Oh god no ! not Beth. “Beth no!” Eddie cried in pure desperation   “Please you don’t know what you’re doing.  BETH, please don’t do it!”  Harrison had already ended the call and swiftly left.

“SHIT !” Eddie cried and turned very pale. Beth was in grave danger, what had he done?!!!……

The final part will shortly follow……..



“ABDUCTED-part 15” – story continued….

Beth felt trapped like an animal in confinement. The idea that she too was in danger made her too frightened to slip away from the safety of her own home. Things were so upsetting and difficult. Every inch of the house was a reminder of Eddie, the photographs of them holding each other in happier times pained her heart. She cautiously paced upstairs and ran her fingers through Eddie’s side of their wardrobe. Beth pulled out one of his jumpers, it was soft and comforting and smelt like him. She hugged it. The tears flooded uncontrollably down her cheeks . Beth picked up the photograph of them at a night out with work friends . How young and care-free they looked then, Beth thought with a heavy heart.

Beth confided with her friends at the care home for support. Eddie’s Mum Anna flew over to England, she had been living in New Zealand for the past 6 years. Eddie missed her with all his heart Beth knew that more than anyone else, he always talked about her with so much fondness. His Dad had died 6 years previously from terminal Cancer, he was only 45. Beth and Anna immediately clicked, but would Anna think so highly of her if she knew that is was certain that Beth’s ex-boyfriend Harrison was responsible for Eddie’s disappearance? Probably not. Anna was in her early 50’s and still looked beautiful, with curly bobbed raven-black hair and dazzling hazel eyes. Her radiant facial features held  a strong family resemblance , making it hard for Beth in a way. Anna reminded her of Eddie everyday. They would often go out for coffee and chat, in attempt to distract themselves from the hell they were going through. The police investigation continued with little evidence being found to prove what had really happened that night. Anna and Beth attempted to keep each others spirits up.  They had started their own search, continuing to do all they could.


Time was running out rapidly for Eddie like the grains in a sand timer, he was growing weaker each day. My days are numbered, he thought, I wonder how Beth is coping? Harrison rudely burst into the room interrupting his reverie. “Get up now!” he ordered. Eddie cautiously rose to his feet in a shaky manner. “You’ll be wanting a shower or bath won’t you?” Eddie cautiously nodded, Harrison handed him a faded towel and some clean clothes. What was he planning? The bathroom was grim with peeling striped 1970’s wall paper and damp patches in the ceiling. Where the sealant had peeled away, the bath was growing a line of black fuzzy mould. Eddie eyed the soap dispenser in the corner. He turned on the squeaky tap and the water began to splutter in bursts from the shower head. His head began to swim and he sat down in the bath to prevent himself from falling. Eddie winced, the water was bitterly cold and quickly turned red as it rinsed away the congealed blood from Eddie’s body. He washed rapidly and used the soap to cleanse his matted hair which was in much need of conditioner. Eddie felt strangely better, as if the coldness of the water had revived him a little. Sitting on the edge of the bath, he rough dried his hair and himself and put on the clean clothes. They hung loosely on him like items belonging to a scarecrow.Eddie stared at his reflection in the rusty mirror, it came as a bit of a shock. He looked terrible; gaunt and exhausted but at least he was no longer covered in dried blood.

Realisation hit him. Oh god I’ve just washed away the evidence! He put his hand to his face and closed his eyes. There was a banging at the door. “Right your 10 minutes are up!”  The voice startled Eddie and he quickly exited the room. Harrison looked angry “Any funny business and you’ll pay do you hear!” “S-sorry” Eddie stammered. He felt quite faint once more, and held onto the banister as he walked down the stone stairs with Harrison closely following behind. His cuts stung. What was in the soap? It must have been something citrus Eddie thought to himself. His skin looked quite red and agitated in the dim light, the consistent itching keeping him awake all night. It was intended psychological torture.

He laid upon the old mattress and gazed up at the ceiling which was damp with flaking patches of paint. He missed Beth so much and felt somewhat guilty, she must be really fretting by now, he thought. There had been a tiny window in the bathroom Eddie recalled. He decided to write a message on something in hope that he would be found. Surely there would be a search taking place by now.In the room he noticed a small pile of cardboard boxes. He just needed some sort of writing implement. Eddie was able to dislodge a small piece of slate out of the wall. He ran his index finger over the edge. It was certainly sharp enough. He carefully etched a message into the cardboard.


He held it up to the light, it was certainly readable. I may have a tiny chance the thought. He later asked to be escorted back to the bathroom and was given 2 minutes. The tiny window would only open enough to provide a small slit, he posted the message through. He quickly exited the bathroom to be walked back to the room. He couldn’t recognise the person’s face as it was hidden with a balaclava. Eddie prayed that someone might find the note and wondered if there was going to be some sort of rand-some for him. Probably not, he told himself and put his head into his hands in devastation.