Eddie’s attractive eyes widened as his suspicions were 100% confirmed! On pushing the bowl away in utter disgust some of the “Soup” had splashed onto the tray and ferociously began to sizzle eating away at the thin plastic! Was it sulfuric acid?! He shuddered to think of the damage it would have done to him internally had he been naive enough to taste some. Eddie had never felt so disgusted and significant in his whole life as he did now. Harrison had already committed attempted murder, once was clearly not enough to fill that mans twisted motives!!…. he was still trying !


Harrison hadn’t always been this evil, he had a fairly idyllic childhood and caring parents up until the age of 8. Then tragedy struck. Both his parents were killed after a truck had hit their vehicle, causing it to be partly crushed and spin madly out of control. There had been a fuel spillage, the car had been engulfed by horrific flames, they had been too badly injured to get out of the car and were burned to death. Unfortunately, Harrison decided to take a different route home from school that day and saw the charred remains of his parents in accident scene as their , unrecognizable bodies were removed from the car, he had understandably never recovered from the utter shock leaving him mentally scarred.

With no close relatives to care for him, Harrison was forced into foster care from a young age. His first set of carers were quite neglectful, often leaving him home alone and he found it very difficult to settle in with their family. He was a lost child, plunged into a cold world of misery and loneliness. Harrison refused any help or advice offered to him by councillors, neglecting their advice and failing to turn up to any pre-arranged meetings! Social services felt that a children’s home might be more suitable for him, giving Harrison the chance to mingle with children of his own age, recovering from similar tragedies. He wouldn’t hear any of it, all he wanted was to pull the shutters down upon his tragic life. His carers were concerned as he had an angry and violent disposition which was quickly spiralling out of control, Harrison was given the label of “problem child”

He liked to experiment as many young boys do. But these were concerning actions, not ones stereotypical of young boys.  Early on he decided to put baking soda from the classroom store cupboard into the tank of colourful, unsuspecting tropical fish at the end of a long school day “just to see what would happen.” Of course the next day they fish were floating upside down, dead as a door nail at the top of the expensive tank. They’d slowly suffocated.

The other children grew frightened of him as he began to threaten the younger ones and very quickly he became involved with theft. Firstly it was food from the class snack tray, it was too easy as it was kept out-of-the-way in the corridor. All he had to do was asked to be excused to go to the toilet and then swipe something from it, leaving his poor victim to go hungry. He’d steal pocket-money or birthday money from the younger ones in the children’s home. “Well it’s their own stupid fault for leaving it lying around” he thought selfishly to himself. Of course when questioned to whether or not he’d taken the money after lingering about the coats hanging on their pegs he’d think of some clever lie. Stealing at school and in the children’s home quickly turned to shop lifting. He only decided to stop after a group of them got caught on the local shops CCTV camera and he was given a police warning.

Harrison was turning out to be an attractive young man with sea blue eyes and carefully styled sandy blonde hair. Girls would do a double take after passing him in the street, he LOVED the attention. As it is said beauty is only skin deep, his heart was as cold and as hard as an iceberg . His mind was twisted containing more dangerous thoughts than could ever meet the eye.!! When he had decided on something he stuck to it, like his obsessive infatuation with Beth. He was besotted with her beauty, she had fallen for him too and soon became his “trophy girlfriend.” He took her out to expensive parties, she found his flighty behavior off-putting and told him so. Harrison was far too possessive. Beth recalled the time when they’d gone out to dinner and the waiter had smiled at her, of course she’d smiled back and he hit the roof. It caused a full-blown argument and they’d had to leave. That was only the start of things. His depression hit rock bottom, when Beth suggested that he should talk to someone he became furious and accused her of implying that she was crazy, the evening ended with a trip to casualty.

Further events occurred, like Beth’s suspiciously explained black eye. She claimed that she had tripped and fallen, when of course she’d been pushed. Beth foolishly suffered in silence like a terrified wild animal locked away in a lonely cage being, driven closer to carrying out drastic measurements. It was then as if by some miracle, her prayers was answered. She met Eddie……



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