Beth almost instantly thought of a potential prime suspect. Her ex-boyfriend Harrison was a perfect specimen of the word ‘bully’ ,making the past year of her life a living hell. Beth had lived in utter fear of his unpredictable irrational behaviour. He had a drink problem and the alcohol provoked his dangerous temper. Only recently had she learned of his previous criminal record which involved crimes such as burglary and domestic abuse. Many a time had he swaggered home from the local pub after carelessly spending his weekly wages,then purposely caused a heated argument often slapping her over petty things. Beth was sick of being told that she needed to lose weight or that she should wear her hair a certain way! gradually piece by piece he picked away at her self-esteem. She was never brave enough to speak out. Inside she was screaming desperately, but on the outside she kept her feelings hidden away under lock and key.

Beth’s family could be described as ‘well to do’, they were more than delighted when Harrison (who had rudely invited himself to dinner one evening) arrogantly announced that they were to be engaged. It was the first Beth had heard of it !! He could put on a very convincing show, her parents naively believed that he was ‘quite the gentleman’ when they couldn’t have been further from the truth!!

For a year she endured this hardship convincing herself that she was the one in the wrong , until gentle Eddie with his slightly shy but caring nature came along and taught her how to love again. He was a true gentleman and helped Beth find her feet with gentle reassurance, she had never been able to be this open with anyone before and it wasn’t long before they fell deeply in love. For the first time in her short life, Beth was treated like an equal instead of some insignificant child or lap dog. She knew in her heart of hearts that now she had found her soul mate.

Eddie felt the same. Beth’s self-esteem slowly but surely began to bloom beautifully and she began to take even more pride in her pretty appearance. Eddie promised that they would take things slowly as they were both damaged from their previous relationships, for the first time she was complimented instead of critacised and her spirits were lifted not crushed. This was to be a new positive chapter in her life, or so she thought!


In the gloominess of the cellar Eddie was ever weakening due to the sheer lack of food. His rapid metabolic rate meant that he was used to eating little and often, he tried to recall the last time he ate. It must have been breakfast the morning he was abducted. He regretted skipping lunch that day, but his busy office schedule had been jam-packed with vital meetings giving him no time for breaks, only the chance to have quick sips of cool water.

More time passed at last there was a clicking sound and a secret hatch was revealed in the side of the wall. Where on earth did that come from? he questioned. A tray of food appeared, Eddie eyed it suspiciously. He sniffed the bowl of vegetable soup which seemed to be of an odd consistency. The smell was no different, he was too frightened to try it but how hungry he was! This was psychological torture! He cautiously ran the edge of the metal spoon around the plastic bowl. His sinister suspicions were immediately confirmed. The edge of the instrument was covered in the remnants of a powder, some sort of poison perhaps?

Harrison’s motives became all too clear, he wanted Eddie off the scene. If it meant killing him then that’s what he’d do. Eddie felt hopeless, there was no way that he could warn Beth of the ever approaching danger !



6 thoughts on ““ABDUCTED : PART 3″ – Short story continued…

  1. got me intrigued…i’ll pick it up again tomorrow. looks like plenty to read here. thanks for checking out my story BTW.

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