Eddie closed his heavy eyelids, hoping to put the shutters down to block his fears. He managed to doze for a short period of time, dreaming restlessly and dreading what horrors the breaking of the new day might bring. As the room lightened slightly in the early hours of the morning it became apparent that it was a cellar with thick stone walls. The sheer density of the design made it completely sound proof. He tried very quickly to gather his lost thoughts from the frightening night before, quickly realising that his I-phone was in the pocket of his jacket not that there would have been any signal anyway he thought.

Eddie’s head pounded as he tried to recall the moment in which he was attacked but only had very vague, sketchy memories of the incident. Why on earth was he here?  He was suffering from lingering effects of concussion caused by the sharp blow to the head he had received. His body was covered in cuts and bruises; he was frozen to the bone, badly shocked and shaken after the frightful trauma he had endured. Placing his bound wrists over his knees, he scrunched his body up into a ball. This proved to be painful as he had unknowingly cracked some of his ribs during the stair fall earlier; he winced letting out a cry of pain and was forced to return to his previous position. Another memory struck him like lighting BETH !!! Oh god she would wonder what on earth had become of him he thought, and began to panic desperately searching for an exit.

There were no windows or doors to be seen. He had no idea of his destination or of the time, more than likely it was the early hours of the next morning, but Eddie couldn’t be exactly sure. The side of his head felt odd, slightly swollen perhaps ? Eddie could sense the congealed blood which had gathered in his hair causing it to become slightly matted. The dried blood upon his cheek and neck began to itch. He let his chin drop and rest upon his painful chest. A salty tear trickled down his chiselled cheek.

At their home, Beth paced up and down the narrow hallway of their London flat awaiting further phone calls from the police. When Eddie wasn’t back by 11pm she had begun to fret. It wasn’t unusual for him to work later into the evenings but never this late ! She had made many attempts to call his phone with no reply, only to hear his chirpy pre-recorded answer machine message. She began to devise reasons in her head to why he was so late. Maybe there was something that he wasn’t telling her and that was the reason why he wasn’t coming home. She mentally scolded herself for ever thinking such a thing. Eddie wasn’t a cheat, he was kind and thoughtful, but this was getting beyond ridiculous now. Sleep was not on her side and as the hours passed she sat up fully awake in bed, with her phone resting next to her on the pillow on the empty side where Eddie would normally be slumbering peacefully. Beth smoothed his slightly crumpled pillow and stretched across to lay her head upon it. It smelled like Eddie, fresh and soothing with a slight gentle aroma of his expensive shampoo, tracing the creases of the material with her fingertips. As she did she attempted to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together in her confused mind.

The next day was dreary and she spent all of her time fraught, answering useless phone calls which held no news or any glimmer of hope for finding Eddie. She wiped away a frightened tear. Beth had to stay strong, sobbing wouldn’t help anyone find Eddie but neither would to solely rely on a half-hearted police search. It was time to take matters into her own hands!



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